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"HEY, what a great weapon!! I’ll stick it right up his ass!”

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Its Chrriiistmasss! Corrected spelling mistake in title! Thanks for pointing it out!

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“Geee!!! Wake up!” Frankie squealed as he shook Gerard’s dozing body violently.
Gerard lifted his eyelid delicately, as an image of Frankie almost shaking with excitement filled his vision, he smiled to himself.
“Frank… it’s 6AM !” Gerard Stated as he looked across at his clock at his bedside, “Just because you can walk as far as my room now doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of it! I’ll have to start locking my door…” He said Jokingly, laughing as Frank started waving his arms around wildly.
“Yea, But Gee… It’s CHRISTMAS!!” Frank Shouted, Shaking Gerard again as he grunted in disagreement, “Aww, C’mon! Don’t be such a… a…. Scrouuge!”
That was enough to get Gerard out of bed, in one quick movement he scooped Frank from his feet and slung him over a shoulder, he then jogged downstairs, ignoring Frank’s lame attempts to struggle through his laughter. Gerard came to a stop beneath the Christmas tree and placed Frank under there, next to his present, wrapped neatly in red paper, with penguins on the front.
“Awwwh! Gee! I’ve left your present upstairs!” Frank said, slightly disappointed.
“Don’t worry baby, I already have my present, Its under the Christmas tree already!”
Frank looked around, but only found one present under there.
“Well… Gee, the idea of presents is that their for other people!” Joked Frank, assuming that Gerard was referring to the box next to him, which actually contained Frank’s watch.
“No Silly, you! You’re all I want for Christmas!” He said romantically whilst bending down to kiss his lover on the lips.
Frank’s cheeks tainted pink and he smiled.
“Imagine…” He said, speaking his thoughts more to himself than Gerard , “This time half a year ago, I didn’t even know if I’d pull through to see another Christmas….”
“Baby, don’t say it like that! Just think of how lucky you are.” Gerard planted another kiss on Frank’s cheek.
“So, baby.” Gerard continued, “How’s about we phone the guys so we can all open up our presents together??”
“Yea! Great. But… first off, I wanna be sure this present here.” Frank said, indicating to the box to his left, “/Isn’t/ going to mentally taint your brother’s respect or image of you!”
They began to laugh, more than naturally, maybe it was just the good Christmas spirit, or maybe the pipes were leaking happy gas, but the couple were just happy to have each other together for Christmas. Phone calls were made to their three band mates, who all showed up within an hour, clutching their presents tightly and running up the path towards the house. After exchanging greetings and hugs the present giving commenced.
Nothing out of the ordinary really, the guys never really extravagant in the present factor of Christmas. Everyone had a name printed t-shirt from Bob, Video Games from Mikey, Remote Control Aeroplanes from Ray, Fingerless gloves from Frank and each had their own portrait drawn by Gerard.
Gerard’s portrait of Frank was by far the best. Every single detail of his beauty had been captured on the paper, every single strand of hair had been put in its place, a smile plastered on his face and his eyes filled with joy. It was perfect.
“Oh..” He breathed out, eyes watering in delight, “/Gee/”
“So… do you like it??” Gerard asked nervously.
“It’s beautiful, absolutely gorgeous.” Ensured Frank in all honesty, reaching around Gerard’s neck and kissing his cheek. Their friends all let out an “Awwwh” worthy for a pantomime.
“So.. Do any of you guys want a drink or anything to eat?” Piped up Frank.
Everyone automatically turned to Ray who stood there with an expression of horror on his face.
“Me?? Accept a drink from you?? To be honest I’m surprised I accepted your presents after what you did to my drink last time!!” Everyone roared in laughter as Ray struck a dramatic pose.
“Look, I apologized!’ Defended Gerard as Bob rolled around on the floor gasping for air.
“You pissed in my cup Gee! How could I ever forgive you??” Ray was playing the classic Damsel in Distress act.
“Well, If its any consolation… It was Frank that pissed in the cup…”
“Ohh! And that makes it sooooo much better.” Replied Ray, his voice thick with sarcasm. They all knew Ray was joking, he had actually taken the whole joke light-heartedly, even though he had drunk his fellow guitarists urine.
“Uhhm, Sorry Guys.” Mikey butted in, “But, Gee, we’ve got family to go to..”
Suddenly, the rest of the band leapt up, realizing they also had to spend time with their parents and random aunties and uncles they had never heard about before, and get smothered in kisses.
Frank had a ride with Gerard and Mikey to his house. Even though Frankie was improving in leaps with his walking, he still couldn’t walk very far, resulting in Gerard waking him to his door and giving him a short kiss.
“So.. what time shall I come get you, baby?”
“Uhhm, Actually, Gee. Ray will come and collect me later. Okay?”
“Oh, ok, sure!” Gerard brushed it off, but it still struck him as odd, “You sure?”
“Yea.” Frank replied, and kissed Gerard softly before entering his house.
As Gerard clambered back into his car and met the gaze of his younger brother, who was looking at him in respect and happiness.
“You really love him, Don’t you…” He observed.
“Yeah… yeah, I Really do.” Gerard replied, “I love him so much, it hurts to imagine life without him.”
Mikey squeezed his brothers hand softly.
“You won’t have to, he’s crazy about you, and he’s not going anywhere. I’m so happy for you two.”
The brothers sat in silence, acknowledging each other in their happiness.


“-I mean… A walking stick! A fucking walking stick!” Frank Raged as Ray aided him towards Gerard’s house.
“I’m sure he didn’t mean to offend you…”
“Oh Yea…. Of course, Uncle Shitface! I can’t believe he would get me a walking stick! A walking stick….. HEY, what a great weapon!! I’ll stick it right up his ass!”
“Well.” Ray interrupted as they got to the doorway, “Good luck with Gee’s present, dude!”
They both nodded in goodbye and Frank stepped through the door.
“Frankie Baby?? Is that you??” Came Gerard’s voice from the front room. Frank stumbled in and flopped next to Gerard, cuddling him and taking in his sweet scent.
“Hey, You okay?” Gerard asked, stroking Frank’s hair softly.
“Yeah, Now I am. With you.”
They remained snuggled close to each other for a while, before Gerard broke into the silence.
“I heard you shouting outside, what was up??”
“Uggh, My uncle bought me a walking stick! I mean… a walking stick! Who does he think I am?? My Grandfather or something!”
“Aww babe,” Gerard lulled, “Maybe my present will make you feel better..”
“You’re present is great, Gerard, it’s beautiful” Frank insisted.
“Not that one, the other one. The one we left under the tree”
Frank snapped up his head and looked under the tree to the familiar box he had seen this morning.
“Oh, god, Gee! I’m so sorry! I totally forgot about it!”
“It’s ok, I was hoping we could open ours together.”
Frank shuffled over to his present and gazed up at Gerard, who was sat looking at Frank, eagerly awaiting his reaction.
“Gee, could you fetch your present from upstairs, please?”
Gerard obliged and brought down a box, similar in size to the one under the tree. Frank opened his first, to find the watch inside, he turned it over to see the engraving and then leapt into Gerard’s arms in an embrace.
“Oh, gee! It’s amazing! Thanks so much!”
Gerard then proceeded to open his present, inside the box lay a silver chain, with two dog tags on it, on one the word Frank was engraved, on the other, /Gerard/.
“Oh… Frank.” Gerard was too happy to convey his emotions, a tear fell from his eye and onto his hand, “This is beautiful I love it! I love /you!/”
“Yeah.. That’s not the main present though! The reason Ray had to get me from my house was to get /this/” Frank said as he peeled his T-shirt from his body and displaying his tattooed torso. Immediately Gerard noticed the change in his friends appearance.
On his chest, in the exact place his heart would be, was a new tattoo, Gerard leaned in for a closer look, it was a heart, with a ribbon tied around it on the ribbon it read
Gerard, always and forever.
At this point, Gerard was to overcome with emotion that he just clung to his loved one declaring his love and kissing him lovingly in any exposed area.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you, so, so much!”
“Baby. You deserve everything you get. I love you.”
Everything that night was just…. Perfect.
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