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Feeling Weak

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Edith does not do well in the sunlight as she returns to her home to find someone waiting for her. (rated for brief violence)

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the following fanfiction, except for Eddy. Pretty much it's all property of Laurell K. Hamilton and I am simply entertaining my own fantasies(in the mildest sense). I also apologize for any OOC's, for I am merely an LKH fan and not LKH herself.


Chapter Eight

Eddy spread her black wings open on either side of her, soaring on the wind and soaking in the sun's rays. She flew at such a speed that could not be detected by the eyes of humans. Within minutes she was back home in New York, where the sunlight was swallowed by smog and a stench of gasoline was thick in the air.

She concealed herself in the shadowed alley between her place of business and the condemned building beside it. Flapping her wings repeatedly, she gracefully landed on concrete beside a garbage bin. With the crunching of bones and stretching of skin, she felt herself morphing back into a form that resembled a human girl.

Her head swam as the transformation was finished. She fell against the wall, exhausted from the harsh light of the sun. She looked at her hands, remembering how, in her impatience, she had punched through those glass doors. Her knuckles were still bleeding. Blood also spattered along the burn on her wrist. She held it, running a thumb over the hand-shaped scorch that had not yet healed.

"Bastard," she cursed unblushingly, hissing at the needle-like pain that shot through her wrist when she touched the burn.

She used the wall as leverage as she got to her feet, slumping towards the building's entrance. The front door was unlocked, and she let herself in.

Her feet felt heavy as she walked the dimly lit corridor to her office. She held onto the wall, fighting against the urge to faint where she stood. Smears of blood were left behind from where she walked.

"Godjammit... I've passed out enouvin the... last twentyvour hours," her words slurred as she grabbed onto the handle. She turned it, falling into the dark room. It was aglorious relief from the harsh sun.

However, she could see nothing in the pitch darkness. Due to being in the sun, her fully dilated eyes were forced into being small black dots surrounded by irises. She staggered towards the center of the room, searching for her queen-sized bed. It was buried in tousled sheets, her only refuge against the day.

But instead of finding her bed, she walked straight into something. It was hard and cold, yet soft at the same time. And it was breathing.

A vice grip wrapped around her wrists.

"You have displeased me, worm." Prince Cel's bitter words danced on the sweet breath in her face.

He shoved a knife into her abdomen.

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