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The Escape

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Could the assumptions that Edith is a vampire be wrong? (rated for violent action sequence)

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the following fanfiction, except for Eddy. Pretty much it's all property of Laurell K. Hamilton and I am simply entertaining my own fantasies(in the mildest sense). I also apologize for any OOC's, for I am merely an LKH fan and not LKH herself.


Chapter Seven

It was morning. Rhys didn't feel much like sleeping, not when the princess could be in danger. He trusted what Doyle was telling him, that the vampire would not be animate in the day time, but for some reason he wasn't sure if it was true. He didn't think his captain would lie, but there was something about that Edith creature. His memory was hazy, but he had, in fact, met vampires before. Yet there was something distinctly different about this one.

He decided not to stress over it, and, when the princess was awake, he went to go have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Rhys was alone in the terribly white, sparkling kitchen. He sat at the bar, spooning Cheerios into his mouth as he stared out at the rosy dawn sky. He thought of nothing, relaxing, just eating some breakfast.

"What kind of aname is Edith?" he muttered through crunches of cereal.

He felt his senses prickle. He could tell it was Edith, floating somewhere nearby. Thinking fast, he forced a transformation on her again. In an instant, she stopped resisting and morphed herself into her fleshy form. He abandoned his Cheerios, intending on binding her up again-later asking how the hell she could come out here in the sunlight-but he was stopped. She stood before him, in the morning's light coming through the windows. It didn't fry her to ashes, but glittered off her skin in an array of colors. The sight was painfully bright, burning his one eye with her radiance.

He covered his eye for a moment, blinking it again and again until he could see her through the light. Not knowing what to do, he stepped towards her, grabbing her shoulder and intending to knock her out again.

"What's going on, Rhys?" It was Merry, who had just entered the kitchen. Doyle was behind her.

Doyle's black eyes widened. "This cannot be."

Rhys was suddenly knocked to the ground, stripes of red slashed across his face. The entrance of his princess and his captain had distracted him, leaving the vampire to take advantage. Merry ran to kneel by him, but he was on his feet.

Doyle stepped forward, swinging a fist of emerald flame at the vampire. Brandishing long talons and sharp teeth, she took swift strides to avoid his attacks. She hissed at him and appeared at his back, hacking at his spine. He spun around at lightning speed, grabbing her neck with one hand and her wrist with the other, slamming her against the wall. The fire scorched her dazzling skin, causing her to scream in the immense pain. She raised her free hand to cut him across the face, but Rhys grabbed her other wrist. In two swift kicks, she freed herself from the two of them, and then ran for the French doors that lead out into the pool area. She shattered the glass with her fist, cutting her hand on shards. She literally flew out the window, a blur of black against the orange sky of dawn.

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