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Dawn Arrives

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The prisoner attempts to escape.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the following fanfiction, except for Eddy. Pretty much it's all property of Laurell K. Hamilton and I am simply entertaining my own fantasies(in the mildest sense). I also apologize for any OOC's, for I am merely an LKH fan and not LKH herself.


Chapter Six

She awoke in complete darkness. Her eyes adjusted themselves immediately, revealing to her the inside of a small closet.

"What the hell?"she grunted, rolling over.

She was no longer bound to the chair, but she had been laid carefully on the inside of this cupboard. Shirts and pants hung above her face, and a few pairs of shoes were lined up neatly against the wall. As she sat up, she wondered how she got here and was trying to remember the last thing she had done. One minute she was planning to put her hand through that sidhe with the eye patch, and the next he was kissing her. She could remember the kiss very well.

He was the only sidhe who had ever kissed her since the time Cel had given her a taste of his blood in the heat of passion. It was a symptom of most humans who had been with a sidhe to later go mad without their shining touch. She had been with him once, and had tasted his blood once, but she did not hunger for it the way breathers hungered for oxygen. But that didn't mean he wasn't the most exquisite thing she had ever fucked or tasted.

And whoever the sidhe with the eye patch was, he had used the temptation of his tantalizing flavor against her. He sedated her with his glamour. She thought, perhaps, the glamour would have worn off by now, but the vision of him in her head filled her with that tranquil feeling once more. She could remember every caress of his lips against hers, and, afterward, the mashing of mouths in the heat of her attack. Why had he done that? The way he had caused her pain from a distance could have easily been done with pleasure. He could have used glamour to calm her from the other side of the room, rather than kneel before her with her face in his strong hands.

She remembered how he looked when he had been on his knees, making her stare into his face-not that he needed to force her. He was beautiful and his body was unimaginable. His carved muscles that looked as though they were formed of marble. She had seen the crest of white hairs, like frost across the skin above the button of his jeans. He had only been wearing pants, nothing under them but himself.

She groaned, feeling very much like slapping herself for giving up like that. He knew her name, he had seen her face, and perhaps he had her aura too. Maybe he could sense her from a distance? She didn't know the extent of their powers, but she did know that she had been caught. She was dead meat. She might as well give up.

Although, it might not be too late. She could flee Americaforever. Just like the sidhe couldn't find her when she assassinated Prince Essus, she doubted Prince Cel could find her either. On the other hand, he was the only one who knew about the former prince and he could give the authorities a clue on who had killed him. But then, wouldn't they be suspicious about how he was the only one who knew? Wouldn't they wonder why a vampire, of all things, took the prince?

She sighed, slumped against the closet's door. There was no other choice, was there?

Sucking it up, she got to her feet and rattled the door's handle. It was locked. She closed her eyes for a moment and felt herself vaporize. The floating particles danced idly in the still closet air, then slid through a crack under the doorway. She materialized again, finding herself in a small bedroom, pitch dark and empty.

Just then, the bedroom door swung open. It was the miniature sidhe that she had seen from before, the one with the blue snake eyes. He closed the door behind him, and when he turned around he found no vampire, only vapor that melted into the room's dark shadow.

He slumped down on his bed, curling up in its covers. She floated silently above him, creeping towards the door. After sliding herself through the bottom, she ended up in adimly lit hallway. It was tiny and empty of doors. She kept moving, searching for a window or a door, anything.

However, the house seemed to be very new, and very large. There were no cracks in the walls or floors for her to go through. As she drifted through the mansion, she found that the place was littered with sidhe. Of course, they were all members of the princess's harem. Whenever hovering over one of them, she tried her very hardest not to think. She was very good at hiding herself from the eyes of magic.

That was, until /he/came a long.

She had finally found a room with windows, big ones that let in the morning sunlight. Judging by the refrigerator and stove in the corner, she guessed this was the kitchen. There was a row of white counters on one side, concealing a dishwasher and mini-bar. There were white and brass bar stools on the other side of the counters. And, sitting in one of them with a bowl of cereal, was the sidhe with the eye patch.

She let go of her concentration for a moment, her mind no longer blank. His guard was not up, so he at first didn't notice. But, as if he had heard the faint scuttle of footsteps, he glanced over in her general direction. He let down his shields and felt her energy. After swallowing a mouthful of cheerios and milk, he put out his hand, focusing magic on her. Once again, she felt her form twitch. He was forcing her molecules together. She wanted to scream for it to stop but she knew fighting back would make it hurt worse. Finally, she let go, making herself turn back into flesh and blood rather than letting him force her.

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