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Eloise gets a makeover. Michaela and Crampy owns, lol.

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His hands had cupped my face as our lips were pressed together in heated passion, my eyes closed as I was held up against the wall harder and I brought my hands up as my fingers ran through his hair. His tongue traced my bottom lip and I opened my mouth slightly just as he lifted me up on the wall and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He broke away suddenly and began to place kisses on the side of my mouth, then down my chin to my neck. I smiled and lifted his head up, kissing him again.
“Oh my GOD!” We pulled away suddenly and he set me down on my feet as we frantically made ourselves look presentable.
“Yo.” Frank said. Gerard laughed.
“You idiots.” Frank looked at me and grinned, grabbing my hand.
“Where’s Eloise?” He asked.
“Here!” We heard her call from behind Gerard. I laughed and ran over, embracing her in a hug.
“Come with me.” I told here, linking my arm with hers and leading her into my room. I heard some shuffling behind us and I stopped for a moment.
“Not yet guys, stay back.” I said. I heard them groan as I walked in and closed the door behind us.
“Alright, you ready?” I asked, she sighed and nodded. I smiled and took her into the bathroom, where I had previously set up some hair dye, piercing kits and make up. I saw the look on her face and laughed.
“And.” I said, pointing out into the other room, where there was a box on the lounge. She ran out and looked inside, before running back to me and giving me a hug.
“I got the ones you wanted and it came in this morning.” I said. She smiled and walked into the bathroom again, where I told her to sit on the bench as I pulled out some scissors and a comb.
“Okay, do you trust me?” I asked. She bit her lip and nodded, obviously nervous. I smiled and leant forward to begin my masterpiece. I cut and layered her fringe first, letting it fall over her eyes slightly but pushing her bangs to the right. I then started on the rest of her hair. Okay, to tell you the truth I just hacked at it. I cut it so it was still very long, but now looked completely chopped from her shoulders and up. I smiled at my work and turned her around to show her in the mirror. She looked shocked at first but then smiled and nodded. I grinned and then pulled out my dyes, setting them in color order in front of her.
“Okay, what colours?” I asked. She looked at them all and pondered for a while, before finally settling on pink, green and black. I laughed at her choice and began my work on her hair again. I started by dyeing the whole thing black, before giving her fringe green tips and did the same with all her layers. I finished by giving her a couple of pink and black coon tails and as stupid as it sounds, her hair looked fucking amazing. I grinned at my work but suddenly heard a knock on the door. I frowned and moved over to open it while she looked at the finished product in the mirror.
“I got bored sweetheart.” Frank said, walking in. I laughed, and pushed him by the shoulder.
“wow.” He said, looking at Eloise with wide eyes.
“You look so different.” She blushed.
“I hope in a good way.” He nodded and walked over, inspecting her hair.
“Gerard’s gonna love it.” I nodded and watched as he inspected what I had put on the bench.
“What piercings are you going to get?” he asked. She sighed and shrugged slightly.
“I was thinking a small nose stud and a lip ring..” She trailed off. I smiled and walked over.
“That’s great, but I only know how to do the nose stud.” I said. It was now Frank’s turn to smile.
“I know how to do lip rings!” He said. I sighed.
“Fine, you can do her lip.” He grinned and kissed me on the cheek as we both set to work at her piercings.
It took us half an hour, yes, half an hour to do two piercings. I think it was because we were playing around with the water in the sink for a while and some detergent got in Frank’s hair, and yeah. We get distracted quite easily apparently.
“Come into the bedroom and get dressed, Frank get your ass out of here.” I said, pulling them both out and pushing Frank toward the door.
“Can I help you get dressed when you’re done?” He asked, poking his tongue out. I laughed and shooed him out, locking the door behind him. I sighed and walked over to a nervous Eloise and helped her pick out some wicked clothes.

Gerard’s POV
I sat in the room, waiting as patiently as I could. Okay, that’s a lie. I was going mental, but tried to keep my cool as I saw Frank walk back in.
“What’s happening?” I asked. He grinned and sat down next to me on the bed.
“Your girl’s getting a makeover.” He said. I gaped.
“But she was beautiful as she was!” I cried. Frank laughed.
“Nice Mr. Romance, but she looks hot now. Just wait.” He said. Lying back down and closing his eyes. I nodded and rocked back and forth on the edge of my bed slightly, I was nervous. About 10 minutes later we heard the doorknob shaking and Frank shot up, looking toward the door. After a moment, it soon opened and Keira walked in followed by one hot.. oh my god. I stared, my mouth open as Eloise walked into the room. Her hair, was amazing. And she had piercings, and she was wearing a Misfits shirt with black shorts and black fishnets. I grinned at her bare feet and she smiled nervously. I could still feel my mouth wide open and I must have been staring because Frank burst out laughing and threw a pillow at me.
“Cover yourself man!” He kept laughing and I blushed, suddenly not caring and throwing the pillow back at him. I stood up and ran to her, taking hold of the back of her neck and kissing her hard. I felt her smile and I broke apart, taking her hand and leading her out into the hallway.
“We’re going to ah.. collect.. leaves..” I said, shutting the door behind us and turning her around. I lifted her up by the ass and pushed her against the wall. She smiled and we locked eyes for a moment, silence casting over us as blue met hazel. Then she brought her hands up to my face and kissed me, I smiled and kissed her back, leaning her up against the brick wall. She sighed as I deepened it, bringing her hands up and sliding them under my shirt. I began to place a trail of kisses down her neck when she suddenly pushed me away and I heard some coughing behind me. I turned and froze, being met with the yr 11 co ordinater. She was tapping her foot, and smiled quite evilly as my eyes widened.
“Detention Mr Way.. along with you Miss Karverson.” She said, pulling out her notepad and beginning to write us two slips.
“Miss, there’s no need to do that. See, it was all my idea and she had nothing to do with it-“
“Very noble of you Mr Way but you were both involved and are therefore both going to pay the consequences.” I sighed and looked apologetically at Eloise, though I was surprised to see her smirking. As soon as we had received our slips and miss had walked off, Eloise leaned over and gently pressed her lips to my own.
“Oh how exciting detention will be.” I smirked as she walked back into the room, swaying her hips purposely.
“Bitch.” I said, she laughed in response. I walked in behind her and shut the door, noticing that Frank and Keira had gone missing.
“Where are they?” I asked. Eloise silenced me and pointed to the door, where she tiptoed over and pressed her ear against it. She grinned and motioned me over too, I walked over quietly and pressed my own ear up against the hard wood. I could hear giggling and someone growling which forced me to stifle a laugh with the collar of my shirt. Eloise smiled and put her hand on the door.
“One… two…” she whispered.
“Three!” She pulled it open and I absolutely killed myself laughing at what was happening in Keira’s room. Frank was straddling her on the floor, his shirt already off and he was by the looks of things trying to undo hers but she had her hands around Franks wrists, holding them above her head.
“Oh smooth Frank.” I said inbetween laughs, clutching my stomach. He rolled his eyes and stood up, grabbing his shirt.
“She’s a bitch I tells ya.” He said.
“I was the one meant to get her back, not the other way around.”
“I owned you.” She said, redoing the one button Frank had somehow managed to undo. Frank laughed and ran back over, pecking her once more before running back into our room and closing the door behind us. Eloise smiled.
“Girls win.” She said proudly. Frank rolled his eyes, smirking and I laughed.
“She’s right man, you got owned badly.” I felt someone touch my arm and Eloise was gesturing toward the door.
“I’ve got to go, my room mate is going to kill me if I wake her. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said, I nodded and leant in, kissing her gently and giving her a small wave as she made her way through the door.
“Mr. Romance isn’t so bad is he?” Frank commented from behind me. I rolled my eyes and sat down on my bed.
“Better than Mr. ICan’tGetSome.” I said, closing my eyes. I heard him laugh and I yawned, sitting myself up and finding myself some pajamas.
“What are you doing tomorrow?” I asked Frank. He shrugged, slipping his pants off.
“I might stay up here for lunch if you don’t mind.” He said. I nodded.
“Not at all.”
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