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five six six

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Megastone children, are undercover everywhere you look, there main job is to kill anyone who trys to open the seal, and this time it's...more inside

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Auhor note: kay, here we go...I own everything in here, it's origonal, if i find anyone has claimed as there own, i will hunt you down, kill you, and feed you to my wolves. SO back off, it's all MINE! ENjoy, coment, rate, but all nicly, constructive critsisum is exsepted. so here we go.

I don’t have a name. I have a number. My number is five six six. I’m an agent that works for a secret company. We are not known to anyone but who is in it. Our main reason for existing is to stop any who try to break the seal, but we get our money from protection jobs and assassin missions as well.
The seal is something sacred. Only a handful of people or machines know what it is. I know what it is, because this time…it’s my turn to stop any who try to kill anyone who tries to open them. The seals’ main job is to hold evil spirits from escaping where ever they were sealed. There is a main seal, the one I am trying to protect, that can open all the others. Who ever releases them can control them, holding the down fall of the earth, or the up-bring of evil upon us.
He Is trying to open them up, to control the earth for him self. No one has seen him, but we’ll know if we see him, we’ll sense it. When I find him, it’ll be my job to murder him, for he is the most dangerous predator to the seal of all records.
I am five six six, I am an agent.
I am a child of Megsatone.
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