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Training for a Megsatone child

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Five six six is training, Carp is being bipolar almost, more inside...

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Author note: Lol, it gets better as it goes, i swear on my black nail polish it does. KAy, remeber, i own it, so no taking it. Rate nicly, put on alert, review nicly or sonstructive critisum is loved.
Chap 1. Training for a Megsatone child
As I was thrown into a car, I could hear the glass shatter, the pieces that didn’t jab into my skin were scattered into the newly paved road. I rolled off the car top, to the ground on all four, I jumped up.
I ran, and kicked the bald man in the face; he stumbled 5 steps back then started to fall forward. I added punches to his abdominal. He clutched it and tried to run.
I jumped onto his leather vest clad back; wrapping my arms around his neck I jumped and flung him over my head and onto the cold road. His neck collided with the road; he was going to be out for a long time. Looking up into the dark blue sky, I watched the hologram unfold to reveal Carp in the watching window. He gave me thumbs up and came rushing out the door and down the 2 flights of thin, glass stairs.
I pulled off my black leather gloves, the long scar on my pale, tan skin revealed. Hoping Carps grass green eyes would focus on my lavender purple ones. He tried to, I could see.
“Great job, but you should have seen yourself being thrown into the window. Are you okay? I can help you pick out the glass if you want…” I pulled down my high pony tail, and then wrapped my white hair again with my black hair tie.
“Naw, I got it.” Carp nodded and handed me a pair of scratched up tweezers. I sat down on the pale green marble floor; crossing my legs I started pulling small shards out of my toned arms.
For once I was glad I wore the black leather sport bra-like tank top, it’s sleeves were thick, and the zipper in the back that had one leather strap, holding it close in case the zipper breaks (or un-zips) in a fight. “Hey, do you think you’re ready for this?” Carp asked, with a hint of doubt in his voice. It took me a second to realize he was implying the question to me. I looked up to his round, dark skinned face. He never used my number; he thought it was rude to label people with numbers instead of names. Even though I have repeatedly told him I was okay with it, since it’s as close to a name as I have ever known. “Yes, I have been an agent for long, Carp, it is all I know. I can handle it.” “I was just making sure, I’m positive someone else could do it if you…weren’t sure.” “I can handle it, anyway it’s a way to prove myself, get them to stop giving me such easy missions.” “I know…it’s just…” He paused, with a slight pained look on his face. “You’re so…young, you may not look it because of the Megsatone drug…But you are.” “Carp, I know you care, but I can take it, I need to do this. Anyway, I have one more day before I set off, I’m leaving tomorrow at 12:00 a.m. I need to go over how the seal is to be broken and some other things so I can prepare myself for the worst.”
Carp sighed; he gave me a fake hurt look. And said in a whinny voice “Aw, but I thought you wanted to spend the time with me…it could be over a year till I see you again.”
“Take it like a man, Carp, you are an adult, and she is mature enough to take care of herself. She was raised on Megsatone, she will be fine. Will you not?” I stood up, saluting him and said in a strong voice, almost like a solder “I will be fine, sir. All is well.” Marks thin line of a mouth curved open into a grim smile. “Wonderful, I take you have studied well enough?” I nodded, trying hard not to make a discussed face at his unhealthy, yellow teeth.
“Remember, five six six, to bring only one small bag with enough weapons and a pair of spar close.” And Mark walked out of the huge ballroom like room.
When he was out of sight, Carp made a gagging noise with his finger in his mouth. “Man, his teeth look like a smokers teeth from birth!” I just smiled and shook my head at his child ness.
As I opened my eyes, I saw Carp become lightly serious. “I’m going to come with you to your area.” I nodded and headed out of the empty room, Carp at my heals.
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