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I Promise…

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who helped save hilary? was it mandy? THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER PLEZZ REVIEW! The trilogy isnt over yet! theres a 3rd one!!

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Ch. 14
I Promise…

Hilary moved



“Mommy please wake up…”

“I’m awake…”

“Don’t bug your mommy sweet heart”

“Wha… that voice…”

“But she moved…”

“You don’t need to wake her up…”

“So how are you going to explain yourself?”

“I did already. They think I was hiding out. That’s what I told them anyways…”

“That can’t be! That voice is not real…”

Hilary moved again and started to open her eyes, hospital light beamed down into her eyes, she squinted

“Look! She’s awake!”

Hilary looked over, “Mandy…” She said weakly

Mandy smiled, her face was scratched up a little and she had a bandage around her head and some on her arms and legs other than that she looked wonderful, “Hello mommy!”

Hilary smiled, “Oh Mandy…” She said thankfully, there was someone by her, she blinked and looked up, her eyes widened, “No way… you can’t be…”

Billy was standing there

Billy smiled, “Hello Hilary… you know it wouldn’t have been a good thing if you killed yourself… I wouldn’t have been in heaven to greet you…” He said grabbing her hand

Tears stung Hilary’s eyes, “You… you are alive?” She asked

Billy smiled and tightened his grip, “Yes love… I’m here for you…”

“But how…” Hilary asked sitting up

Billy smiled, “Megan had me in a wrap, but I escaped and ended up coming back somehow. Man when you started that house on fire I was upstairs on the shelf of the closet in the end room.” He said smiling

Hilary blinked, “Then what?” She said anxiously

He sat down, “I got out not knowing the house was on fire until I ran to the railing and saw that the fire spread through the hallway and was on the steps. I couldn’t get down that way my only chance was to jump down. So I sat on the railing and jumped down and saw you by the doors. I freaked out and ran forward and grabbed you and when I did I ended up tripping a little and we smashed through the sliding doors to Mr. Cornwell’s old room. So going through them doors was not my plan, but instead of wasting time going out and risking getting killed by flames…”

Hilary started laughing

He blinked, “What?”

“Some hero tripping and smashing into the doors!” She smiled innocently

He shook his head smiling, “As I was saying, instead of going back and getting killed by the flames I went through the glass doors. And that’s when you woke up then fell right back out. And the funniest part was that you thought I was Mandy!” He laughed

She blinked and shook her head, “I don’t remember that…” she said tilting her head

Billy shook his head, “No problem. But Hilary…”


“Can we get a job at a restaurant or something next time please?” He laughed

Hilary smiled and nodded, “Sure…”

Mandy blinked, “But what if that place is haunted mommy?” She smiled at them

Hilary sighed, “Then we will burn down our job and live like peasants!” She started laughing

Mandy laughed

Billy shook his head, “Geez… well I was more looking forward to music…” He said

Hilary blinked and smiled, “Awesome!”

Billy smiled but then looked down, “But I wanted to be in a band… with Benji and Joel.”

Mandy grabbed his hand, “It’s ok daddy. Joel and Benji are in a good home… heaven… it’s really nice there..” She said trying to make him feel better

Billy nodded, “Yeah I know it’s a good place. But everyone died cause we didn’t get rid of that house earlier.” He looked down and sighed, “I guess they are happy. Considering they did kill many people.” He sighed and looked up, “I just don’t know why Megan loved me.”

Mandy blinked and looked down

“Didn’t you say? I thought you said it was because of your father Rick.” Hilary looked at him, “She loved your father but had no way to get to him so you were in reach and she went for you… do you think?” Hilary asked looking at him

Billy shrugged, “Who knows. I just don’t want a dead creepy girl after me every again, if it happens then I will like totally flip!” He said smiling

Hilary smiled, “Totally flip? You still haven’t changed.” She laughed

Billy and Mandy started laughing

The room went quiet very fast

Mandy sighed deeply

Billy shifted in his chair

Hilary looked down, Hilary sighed and looked at Billy and opened her mouth

Billy looked up at her, “Hmmm…?”

She looked down and shook her head

Mandy sighed and looked at Billy, “Will we have a great family?”

Billy looked at her and nodded, “Yes I know we will Mandy… And think about it, Megan wont come back.” He smiled

Mandy smiled and looked at Hilary, “Right mommy?”

Hilary looked up, “Hm?” She asked looking at her

“Daddy was right, right? We can live happily cause Megan is gone…”

Hilary smiled, “Yes.” She sighed, she looked at Billy

Billy is looking down at the floor

Hilary leaned forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Hey, Benji and Joel… They might come back like you did. When the house started to fall. They might come back when it’s done. Right now lets just be happy that the haunted memories of Megan Love and Rick Love is over. Alright?”

Billy smiled, “Yeah and like I said, she wont be here to bug us anymore!” He said and nodded and hugged Mandy and Hilary, “I love you guys and no dead women will ever take that away.”

Mandy and Hilary hugged Billy, Hilary smiled thinking, “And this time we will be together Billy. I promise…”

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