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Chapter 01

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"How long have they been at it now?"

"About an hour."

"Hmph. How much longer do you think this will go on?"

"Not a clue."

Patrick yawned as Pete stretched beside him. The two were watching as Andy and Joe made out, and groped each other, for the past hour. And either they were unaware of their audience, or they just didn't care, because not once did one of the two seem uncomfortable by the fact they weren't the only two in the room. If they had even noticed of course. Patrick shrugged and looked at Pete, who only shrugged and jerked his head towards the door. The two nodded and left Andy and Joe to themselves in the back room as Patrick and Pete went up front, where Bailey, Andy's now ex-girlfriend, now typing away on her laptop.

Bailey had know the guys for nine years and had been dating the drummer for the past two; up until their break up last month. The entire time she had known the guys, she had suspected he was bisexual, and it didn't bother her, as long as he didn't sleep with men or women behind her back. And he never did. But last month, her suspicions were proven wrong when came out as gay, not bisexual.

- - - - -

Andy chewed on the back of his lip ring post nervously as he waited for Bailey to get to the room from getting her bag off of the tour bus. The bus had stopped for the night, and as much as he hated to hurt her, he would use the hotel stop to come out to her about everything. When she walked in and gave him a kiss on the cheek, he frowned, feeling guilty. “Bailey?”

“Yeah Anders?” She said as she set her beg on the chair by the table.

“Um, can you sit? I need to talk to you about something that’s sort of majorly important...”

Bailey fixed a confused look on him as she sat next to him on the bed. “What’s wrong Anders?” She asked, noticing he was chewing on his lip ring post. Not good, she thought.

Andy looked down at his hands that he was twisting in his lap. “I want you to know that I’ll understand if you hit, and or hate me, Bay,” he said, keeping his gaze downcast. “Bailey, there’s something that I think you should know about me, that I’ve only half known for the past few years...”

Bailey frowned, swallowing the lump in her throat. “Andy, are you sick?”

“You might think so with what I’m about to tell you,” he whispered. “Bailey, I’ve thought I was bisexual... I’ve thought so for several years, and I was fine with that, because I liked girls and could someday have a family with the one I would end up loving...”

“You... You liked girls... Andy?” She questioned.

“Bailey...” He sighed, knowing she was hurt, likely to cry, and was more than likely about to hurt him. And he would deserve it. “I’m gay...” He swallowed hard. “I do love you, just not in the physical way. I’m so sorry Bay.”

Bailey looked down as she felt the faint prick of tears. Her chest felt like the tour bus had parked on it and the room suddenly felt too confined. “An-Andy... How long have you known that you were fully gay?”

“About two months,” he muttered, feeling even more guilty when he had heard the crack in her voice. “For years I thought I was just bi... But I’m sorry, I’m gay...” He sighed, trying to find the courage to even look up at her. “As I said, I’ll understand if you hate me.”

Bailey gave a shaky sigh. “I don’t hate you Andy,” she said softly as she blinked back her tears. “It’s not your fault Andy. It’s not anyone’s fault and I understand that.”

Her words gave him courage as he lifted his gaze and met with her green eyes. “You... Understand?”

She nodded and reached out, giving his hand a small squeeze. “I’m not mat at you... Hurt by it, but not mad, because it’s not your fault. You’re still my friend if you want to be... Andy? Did you ever... With anyone else?”

Andy was quick to hug Bailey tightly. “Oh God no Bay!” He exclaimed. “I never cheated on you Bay, never. I never wanted to hurt you, but I just couldn’t deny it any longer.”

Bailey wrapped her arms around Andy and pushed back a sob that she knew would only bother him. The thing was that she didn’t know which brought on the sob. The fact that he was gay and she was losing the best guy she ever dated, or the fact that he stayed loyal to her even when she was no longer what he needed. Maybe it was both.

- - - - -

That night she had slept in Patrick and Pete’s room, needing some time to clear her mind. She was fine the next day, even though she was sad over the break up, and now the guys were shocked, but at the same time relieved that she was taking this so well.

Pete and Patrick had both thought she would leave and that Andy’s coming out, and their break up, would damage the friendships she had with everyone. Andy thought for certain she would hate him, was expecting some type of lash out, but neither came an he was happy to keep his friend. Joe was happy, but felt bad for his friend. She lost one of the best she had dated, and he gained an amazing guy.

The day he and Andy had decided to give a relationship a try, was the day he expected to be murdered. But, they were given good wishes and a good luck hug from Bailey herself.

Feeling a pair of eyes on her, Bailey turned and smiled at Pete and Patrick. “Hey guys, they still at it?” She asked with a small chuckle.

Pete sat next to her as Patrick sat on the couch. “Yep,” Pete answered as he looked at her laptop screen to see a blog entry going. “Whatcha working on?”

“The usual,” Bailey answered. “Talking about this and that, with the occasional inventive idea thrown in.”

Pete chuckled as she went back to her typing, her fingers flying skillfully over the keys. “Hey, you up for a movie at the next stop?”

“Only if it’s in the hotel,” she murmured as she started to slip back into her blogging mode, which would make it hard to talk to her. Like watching an interesting movie, or reading a good book, writing a blog zone her out to the world and she become virtually unreachable.

“Why in the hotel only?”

“Bad storm tonight,” she answered. “Don’t want to be out in it...”

It was no secret that Bailey feared bad storms. She had ever since she was a little kid and had to go to an Aunt’s basement to be sheltered from sister tornadoes that hit the town. Now she could barely deal with thunder or heat lightning. Rain alone was fine, but throw in thunder and lightning, or thunder alone, and a panic attack was sure to happen.

“Okay little Ms. Weather, we’ll catch a movie at the hotel,” Pete said with a chuckle before he laid his head on the table with a yawn.

[Author's Note: I found this in my closet and I want to see reactions to it before I continue with it. Maybe if I can continue with it, it can unlock my writer's block.]
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