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We get to see Them!

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Jade and Steph are going to A My chem concert!

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So here is the thing. Steph and I are best friends. We have been since like the second grade. We have like a lot of things in common. Music is really big to the both of us. We are both in love with the band My Chemical Romance. We have posters and shirts and everything. We are like obsessed with this band, and thats why I bought two tickets to go see them live all the way in California. So we will be flying half way across the country to see our favorite band. So if you haven't noticed, Steph is coming with.

So here is a little bit about us. Steph and I were outcasts in high school. The popular people hated us and they always had some stupid coming out of their mouth. They would come up to us and grab our wrists and check them to see if we have and cuts on our wrist. And one time when Steph had a cut on her wrist from her cat, those dumb asses decided to make a rumor up about it and say that we cut our self and all that happy-go-lucky shit.

So after I told her that we were going to California, we both went to there apartments and got everything that we needed ready and put by the door. As I made sure I had everything packed, I was listening to music. It was obvious who I was listening to.

I already had the plane ticket to go to California, but I didn't have on coming back because I didn't know when we were coming back. So I thought that I would get them when I need them. Thinking about the plane tickets made me think about money. So, I grabbed the wad of cash that I saved up and threw it in my bag.

It was around midnight when I finally fell asleep. I was just way to excited to fall sleep but I eventually did.
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