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A Little Bit Later...

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T.G.I. Fridays

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It is the next day, and I just called Stephanie and we are heading to the airport right now. We are in my car with the windows down and the music blaring. This would probably be the first time you will ever hear us noot listening to MCR. We were listening to Metro Station.They are likee one of my other favorite bands.

A little bit later, our plane was finally called so we got our stuff, got on the plane and went to find our seats. When I looked up, I saw someone. But there was no way that it was no i though it was.

"Are you okay?" Step asked me.


"You sure?"

"Positive" I said as I looked back



As the plane took off, the back of the plane got louder and louder. The next thing was paper balls flying out of no were and ending up hitting us. That scared the both of us.

"Sorry about that." The boy with black thin rimmed glasses said looking at us

"Its okay." We both said at the same time.

"My brother can be a dork at times so yeah."

We both smiled.

"Oh hey, I'm Mikey Way just incase you don't know," he smiled.

"Oh we know." We both said at the same time smiling.

"Thought you would, you are were are wearing our shirt. So you have to be a fan!"

"Yeah we are really big fans."

"So what are your names?

"I am Jade and this is Steph."

"Well then, hello Steph and Jade."


"So are you going to our concert in California?"


"What row do you have?"


"Then we will probably see you there" Or possible even sooner he though to himself as he looked at Stephanie.


About a Week later

After our concert, Mikey and Gerard came over to us. it was kinda starange how they found us though all of the people.

"We were wondering if you would like to go on tour with us?" Mikey asked.

"We would love to!"

"Okay good, follow me."

We followed Mikey into the tour bus and sat down on the couch. We looked around and this bus was really cool and big. Gerard showed us our beds and showed us around the bus. Then we went back to sit down on the couch and Stephanie looked up at Mikey and started to blush.

I noticed Steph blushed and when she looked at me I smirked.


"Who's hungry?" Mikey asked.

"I am!" everyone said at the same time.

"Then lets go to T.G.I. Fridays!"
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