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Staring Contests

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As I looked across the room and past the crowd of people, dancing and talking to the ones around them, I could easily see the one I had my eye on the entire time. But seemingly the person next to him, seeming to be his best friend, was the one exchanging glances and winking to me. They happened to be the ones standing on the towering stage, allowing their music to fill the room. They were my favorite band, AFI.

Generally I'm sitting in my room with AFI blasting out of my stereo speakers and dreaming about events that would never come to pass. I had already figured that most of my life has been spent as a stupid dream to which meant nothing after it ended. I only hoped the night that lay before me doesn't end like my dreams.

The band was huddled in a circle on the stage as I remained engulfed in my thoughts, I assumed they were discussing what songs to sing next, oh how wrong was I.

Suddenly Davey, the main singer, steps up to his microphone and states with a clear, crisp voice, "We will be back momentarily, we're in dire need of a break." He was unfortunately staring at me the entire time. As he steps from the microphone, Smashing Pumpkins screams out of the various speakers around the tops of the walls, scattered around the room; suddenly filling the room with harmonic tones of various instruments. It was then I noticed I was surrounded.
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