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Bad Impressions

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Category: AFI - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Published: 2008-02-02 - Updated: 2008-02-03 - 269 words

I looked at the two, soon to be three, faces which consisted of Adam, the drummer, Hunter, the bassist, and closely followed by Davey. Jade, the guitarist and the one I would die to meet, was nowhere to be found, or at least not in my line of vision.

Adam spoke for all of them in that instant, "Would you care to join us in the back room for an amazing, kick ass orgy?"

My eyes narrowed slightly as an expression of discust crossed over my face, I awkwardly shifted in my chair, "I'll pass."

It was then that Davey appeared and pushed his hips between my legs so that my kness were on opposites sides of him. His hands traveling up my legs, "You don't want me and yet you couldn't keep your eyes off of me not even a minute ago." His grip on me tightened, pulling me closer so I could feel his boner between my legs.

"Hah! I was staring two feet two your right." I tried to squirm away, not liking the sick feeling I got from him being that close to me. Luckily he let go and gave me a confused look.

"Y-you were staring at Jade?" I could tell his heart broke slightly as jealousy flashed over his face. I felt a pang in my own heart, I didn't mean to hurt him, I just don't like him like he thinks. That event most likely killed any chance I had at getting closer to the one I wanted, Jade.

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