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Argumental Annoyance

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this this and this happen. :) its really interesting. :D

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As Davey walks away I knew my only chances with the one I want is walking away as well. I hesitated slightly but quickly ran after him, leaving Adam and Hunter standing at the bar.

"W-wait!!" I got to him quickly, but he didn't stop walking.

"Why?! It's obvious you want Jade, not me!!"

"Davey just stop! You don't even know me, let alone my name, and you're already judging me! That's not fair!"

"I've got news sweetie, life's not fair, better get sued to it." He smiles sourly, walking briskly towards the backstage area.

"Will you at least get to know me first and let me get to know you as an actual person before you can be certain your completely in or out of my 'datable' list?"

"Nope, sorry." He refused to slow down, nor did he even look in my direction.

"Just stop!!" My voice became higher pitched and shrilled as I grew to be annoyed and slightly pissed. Although he seemed to be enjoying it in some sick, twisted way, I grabbed onto his forearm firmly and pulled him to a stop.

"Now that you've so rudely made me stop walking, what do you want?" Although he was calling me rude, he seemed to be the icing on the cake.

"Just give it all fucking time and just get to know me!!"

"But why should I, you want Jade, not me. And I, sure as hell, will NOT be your connection to him."

"You must be one cocky-ass son of a bitch to think someone would be that shallow and desperate to play you like that. Take a look around this fucking place, no one here has the time, nor the urge to do that!" I had just met him and I was already fed up with his bullshit.

He glares at me slightly, finally defeated. "Fine. You win. But you might wanna get yourself put back together."

I give him a weird look filled with confusion, "What?"

"HE'S on his way over here to talk to us."

Oh Fuck.

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