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04 And We'll Start a New Life

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Is it possible to love someone so much that you would kill for them? How scared would you be if you were to look out your window and suddenly see someone staring back at you from the other side?......

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Author: Strings393
Fiction Title: Psychotic Betrayals
Chapter Title: 04 And We'll Start a New Life
Pairing: Benji/OFC
Rating: Hell if I know, let's do this by ear.
Warnings: Language, Violence, Sexual Reference
Summary: Is it possible to love someone so much that you would kill for them? How scared would you be if you were to look out your window and suddenly see someone staring back at you from the other side?...How scared would you be if you realized that it was your boyfriend with a crazed look on his face?
Disclaimer: I don't own Good Charlotte or the song /My Bloody Valentine/. This is all fiction and if it were real, well, then kudos to the guys for getting away with it. I own any characters you don't recognize. I don't have Study Hall, so I don't know what they do in there...just...go with it. For this specific chapter, I kind of took a quote from JTHM, so credit goes to Jhonen Vasquez.

Benji's POV
I went downstairs and grabbed a new roll of paper towels, shoving the plastic the roll came in, in my pocket. I went back upstairs and wiped down the doorframe where I was leaning as well as the door where I pushed it open. I took out the knife from Charlie and wrapped it in the plastic that I had shoved in my pocket as well as some extra paper towels. Ripping off another towel, I wiped the mud from outside off my shoes. I used a different towel to pull the tap on in the bathroom so I could get some more paper towels wet to wipe up the mud tracks I brought into the house. While I was downstairs, cleaning up the tracks I had made there, I noticed something. Charlie's family had the exact same set of knives that my family had. I looked at the twin of the knife that I used and a grin spread across my face. I took out the knife I used from my pocket and washed it, soap and all, in their kitchen. After I wiped down the knife, sink, soap bottle and whatnot to get rid of prints, I switched the two knives, leaving the one I used at Charlie's house and taking the clean one back to mine. I wrapped it in layer upon layer of paper towels so I wouldn't get stabbed and I wouldn't get blood from my clothes on it.

I went back to cleaning up everything and anything I left behind; fingerprints, footprints, I combed everywhere for a stray hair that might have fallen off of me. Seeing nothing and being satisfied with my work, I shoved the roll of paper towels up my shirt, took out the bandana again and slipped back out the sliding door. I took the back woods to my house, sticking to the shadows. When I got back home, I entered through the back door that was in my kitchen, startling Joel who was in the middle of making a sandwich. When he saw the state of me, his eyes went wide. "Benj, what did you do?" he asked barely above a whisper.

"I did something bad, Joel." I replied. I took the knife out of my pocket, wiped it off of prints and put it in the knife block. I went to the pantry and grabbed a garbage bag, putting all the paper towels I used that night, including the roll, in it.

"Benji...what did you do?" Joel asked again. I looked up at him.

"I killed Charlie." I answered.

"You what?"

"Joel, sh. I need for you to lie and say I was with you all night. I need for you to do that. Please, Joel." I said quickly. He nodded.

"Anything, Benj. Do you need help cleaning up?" I looked down at myself.

" No, I've got this..." I said, shaking my head and turning to go upstairs. I paused as I heard the rain start to get heavier as it pounded on the roof, but went on, knowing that I had one less thing to worry about. I took off all my clothes in me and Joel's room, making sure that I didn't touch anything with them. I threw them in the garbage bag along with my shoes. Luckily, they were a pair that I hated and not my Converses. I grabbed a towel and wiped all the blood off of my skin...I flipped it over and dried my hair, hoping to get out what ever I might have had in it out. After I felt I was rid of all the blood, I threw the towel in the garbage bag. Just to be safe, I threw the bandana, my socks and my boxers in the bag as well. I poked my head out of our room and yelled down the stairs; "Joel! You still down there?"

"Yeah, do you need me?"

"Um, no...just stay down there...I'M GOING STREAKING!" I yelled as I made a break for the bathroom. I got into the shower and scrubbed all the evidence off of me. There was no red water swirling around my feet and down the drain, so I assumed that I was fine. After I got out and got dressed in some fresh clothes, I put on some gloves that my mom used to clean with and tied up the garbage bag. Where was I going to put it? Surely the police or whoever was investigating would search my room. I looked around, my eyes flitting from place to place.

Behind the dresser? No, too obvious.

Underneath the mattress? No, way too obvious. Think, Benji, think! My eyes landed on my Billy Idol poster as I stared off, trying to think of something. If I tried to throw it out with the rest of my stuff, they'd search the garbage. They'd expect that. So where could I put it? Then it hit me. "Thanks, Dad. Who would have thought that you'd ever help me in life?" I mumbled. I walked over to my Billy Idol poster and took the tacks out of the top two corners, letting the poster flop over to reveal a huge hole in the wall. When dad left us, I got so angry, that I started punching walls. To hide the holes from mom, Joel and I would put up posters over them. No one knew they were there except for me and him. I shoved the bag into the hole and then pushed it down further. After brushing away the powder from the dry wall, I tacked the poster back up. I stood back and looked at it; it looked like it hadn't even been touched. Joel came up the stairs and before entering, asked if I was decent.

"Terrie and Aaron are here." he said.

"Yeah, bring them up, come on in!" I said happily. I had a good feeling about this. Joel stood back and let the two pass. "Hey guys!" I said.

"Benj...I told you to talk to her." Aaron said. I shrugged.

"Don't worry about it. It's all taken care of." I told them, sitting on my bed. Terrie broke down and hugged me.

"I'm so sorry, Benji! I'm sorry." she sobbed. I brought her onto my lap and rocked her.

"Hey, it's alright...don't worry about it. Like I said, it's all taken care of."

"What about the evidence? It's all going to point towards you." Aaron said. "You had motive." I grinned.

"I did?" He looked at me as if I were crazy.

"Yeah...she was cheating on you with him. That's a motive." I pretended to look surprised and looked down at Terrie, pulling her a little bit away from me.

"You were cheating on me??" I asked. She looked at me confused and got off of me.

"You're insane." she murmured. I laughed and shook my head.

"No I'm not. We lie. That's how we get out of this. We all play it cool and we lie our asses off." I told them. "How could I have motive, if I don't know the motive? We could all pretend like I had no clue that Terrie was cheating on me. Everything the jocks say could be a lie. I've got tons of friends all over the school that could say I had no idea. Joel's going to say that I was here with him all night and Aaron could say that he was over here too." Aaron nodded.

"That could work. My parents are still at work and my brother's been gone for a week with my grandparents, so who's to say I wasn't?" I smiled.

"Terrie, you could say that you got home at a certain time before I killed him. You're mom's not a stickler anyway, so she'd go with you on it. I love you guys, all of you, with all my heart and I know that you would never turn me in. I know that because if any of you were in my position right now, I wouldn't turn you in for the world. Right now, as much as I regret it and hate to tell you, you're all guilty by association. Terrie, you watched me kill him. Aaron, you knew I wanted to kill him, and Joel, you saw me come in and offered to help cover everything up." Joel nodded.

"If you go down, I'm going down with you." he said. I smiled. I loved my twin. I reached up and stroked Terrie's cheek with the back of my hand.

"We can start all over." I said. She put her hand on mine and smiled.

"I'm sorry I cheated on you." I shrugged.

"That's in the past. I say, we all just...forget about what happened tonight and just...have fun for now." I said. They all agreed and Joel went to go call Paul to invite him over. No one told him about what went on, so he was just an innocent mind.

Somewhere, about ten blocks away, a mother and father were coming home, calling up to their son that they were back. When their son didn't answer, they went up to his room to find him lying on the floor in a pool of blood with a look of surprise frozen to his face. A mother screamed in pain and horror and a father comforted her.

Ten blocks back from there, my friends and I were having fun, forgetting anything that ever happened that night.
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