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05 Epilogue

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Is it possible to love someone so much that you would kill for them? How scared would you be if you were to look out your window and suddenly see someone staring back at you from the other side?......

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Author: Strings393
Fiction Title: Psychotic Betrayals
Chapter Title: 05 Epilogue
Pairing: Benji/OFC
Rating: Hell if I know, let's do this by ear.
Warnings: Language, Violence, Sexual Reference
Summary: Is it possible to love someone so much that you would kill for them? How scared would you be if you were to look out your window and suddenly see someone staring back at you from the other side?...How scared would you be if you realized that it was your boyfriend with a crazed look on his face?
Disclaimer: I don't own Good Charlotte or the song /My Bloody Valentine/. This is all fiction and if it were real, well, then kudos to the guys for getting away with it. I own any characters you don't recognize. I don't have Study Hall, so I don't know what they do in there...just...go with it.

Benji's POV
*Two Days Later*
Flashing blue and red lights found their way in through the window of the living room while Joel, Sarah, Mom and I were all watching our little black and white TV. We all looked over to see what was going on when a knock at the door came. Our mom got up to answer it, but Joel and I were already exchanging knowing looks. "Hello Mrs. Combs. I'm Lieutenant Chase with the Waldorf Police Department. I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I came in for a second." the officer at the door said.

"What's this all about?" mom asked.

"Ma'am, Charlie Jacobs was murdered about two days ago and we were questioning everyone and anyone that might have had a hand in it. Your two boys, Benji and Joel, knew Charlie and some say that your son Benji is the one who did it for certain reasons." I forced a confused look onto my face just as Joel did.

"Come in, come in." mom said, opening the door a little wider for him.

"Thank you, ma'am." He walked into our living room while our mom turned off the TV, offered him the beat up armchair to sit in, and sent Sarah to her room. Joel and I lounged on the disgrace of a sofa while our mom sat on the armrest of it and the officer just looked at us.

"So..." I started. The officer eyed me and took out a tape recorder, turning it on.

"I hope you don't mind...evidence." he explained.

"Oh, by all means!" I replied. He arched an eyebrow.

"Mr. Combs," he started.

"It's better if you just say our first names, then there's no confusion." Joel said.

"/Benji/, I understand that you didn't get along too well with Charlie, did you?" he asked. I chuckled.

"No I didn't. I don't think any of my friends did to tell you the truth." I replied.

"Where were you February seventh around eight-thirty?"

"I can answer that." Joel said, raising his hand. "We were both here, home alone. Mom was out at work, Sarah was at a friend's house."

"You didn't leave the house at all?" Mom let out a light chuckle.

"My boys know better than to leave the house without consulting me when I'm not home." she said. I nodded.

"You don't want to see her when she's angry. Momma finds out /everything/." I said.

"I think you did leave that night, Benji. I think you left here, went over to Charlie's house and killed him." I laughed.

"That's all well and good if you think it, because I don't care what you think. But why, just tell me.../why/ would I waste my time doing that?"

"You and him always had fights at school, am I right?"

"Not fist fights, but verbal, yeah. They were actually pretty amusing."

"Did you not threaten to...flaunt him one day?"

"Benjamin!" mom exclaimed. Joel choked back a chuckle. I smiled myself.

"You can't tell me that if someone was making fun of your package almost everyday that you saw him, Officer that you wouldn't eventually get fed up and call him on his extremely false accusations." I shot back, receiving a slap to the arm from my mother.

"It's Lieutenant, and yes, I would get fed up..." I shrugged.

"There you go, /Lieutenant/."

"But that's not the only thing that got you angry about him, was it Benji?" I looked over at Joel with a 'you've got to be kidding me' expression.

"Actually, yeah, that was pretty much it." I said, looking back at him.

"You knew that your girlfriend, Terrie, was cheating on you with him, didn't you?" he asked, thinking he was being sly. I pretended to look surprised and let all the color drain from my face.

"She was what?" I asked in a strained whisper, repeating the conversation Aaron and I had when he first told me in my head. "No...she wouldn't do that to me."

"So you didn't know about Terrie and Charlie?"

"If I knew do you think I'd still be with her?!" I exclaimed.

"Benjamin, keep your voice down." mom scolded.

"Sorry Momma." I said quietly. Joel wrapped an arm around me.

"Well if there's a way to break news like this to someone...that was /definitely not it/." Joel said. The Lieutenant pulled out a piece of paper out of the pocket inside his trench coat and handed it to my mom.

"What's this?" mom asked. I got up a little, looked down at the paper and then back at the officer.

"It's a warrant, Mom. He wants to search the house." I said.

"I don't want to search your house, I just want the clothes you were wearing that night along with the shoes you were wearing that night and your kitchen knives. I have to take them back to the Crime Lab and have them tested." I nodded.

" do you want first?" Joel asked.

"We'll start with the clothes." I looked over at Joel.

"What was I wearing that night? I remember the 'Animal' shirt, but...was it the tan Dickies?" I asked him, heading for the stairs.

"No...hold on." Joel closed his eyes. "Animal shirt, black Dickies, black and white Chucks...white tube socks." I nodded and went up to get them. I came back down with them all in a heap in my arms, dumping them on the couch. My mom started to fold them, fussing about how sloppy I was.

"I will get these back, right?" I asked. "You're not going to permanently ruin them or anything right? These are my favorite shoes and this is my favorite shirt. Dickies...I could always wear Joel's." I said. Lieutenant Chase forced a smile.

"Yes you'll get them back and no, nothing will happen to them." He started bagging them in individual bags. "Knife, please...use this to pick it up." he said, handing Joel a handkerchief. Joel took it, returned with the knife and dropped it in the bag that Chase was holding open. "I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with results. In the meantime, we've talked to Terrie, is there anything else you want to say about that night?" I looked at Joel.

"Aaron was over here...we got bored around ten and invited Paul and Terrie over...hung out...that was it." We gave him Aaron and Paul's last names and he headed out to their houses next. Aaron, Joel, Terrie and I had all talked about what we were going to say...Paul really didn't know anything, so he could tell the truth and be untouched by the law. We were smarter kids than they thought.
*The Next Day*
Lt. Chase came back with my clothes and the knife. "We didn't find any suspicious evidence on these." he said, handing them back. "Just your mother's fingerprints, but no blood." he said. Mom had used it to make a salad the day after everything happened. We said our goodbyes and he left. Later that day, Joel and I invited Paul, Terrie and Aaron over. We watched the evening news with my mom and Sarah and a report on Charlie's death came on.

"A local boy named Charlie Jacobs was murdered two days ago. Police say that they've found nothing new. They think that the killer was a professional and had killed before due to how well they cleaned up the scene after the crime. There wasn't even the slightest bit of evidence, a fingernail or a hair even, to give them leads. Investigators say that it was raining so hard that night that any chance of a footprint being recovered outside and any chance of there being eyewitnesses are gone. Any leads that they did have were proved wrong with scientific evidence. Charlie's case is still unsolved, but with no where to go, police regret to inform us that there's nothing more they can do and they're officially closing it." the news anchor said. Benji, Joel, Terrie and I looked at each other discreetly, smiling at each other with our eyes.

"That poor boy." mom muttered and took Sarah off to bed.

"Parents are outraged that there's a killer on the loose that is murdering children, but police and officials are assuring the parents that their children are in no danger as long as they keep a friend around and use the buddy system." the co-anchor continued. Mom turned off the TV.

"Enough of that. Paul, Terrie and Aaron, I think it's about time you all went home. Come on, load up and I'll drive you." she said.

"Thanks Mrs. C." Paul said, heading out to the garage.
The next day at school, Brad slammed me up against the wall of the school, lifting me a good few inches off the ground. "You killed him, you bastard! You fucking killed him and you lied to the fucking cops about it!!" he shouted. I pretended to look angry and offended.

"I didn't do shit! Put me down." I said. He slammed me into the wall again.

"YOU KILLED HIM!!" he yelled.

"I DIDN'T KILL ANYONE!" I yelled back. Everyone that was outside and around us was now watching.

"Put him down, Brad! Benji couldn't kill anyone, he's too nice." a girl I knew from French said. Mumbles of agreement started to go around, getting louder and louder as more and more people joined in. Some people responded with protests that I was guilty, but my defenders outnumbered my attackers ten to three. Brad dropped me and started wailing on me, tears of anger flowing down his cheeks.

"YOU KILLED MY BEST FRIEND YOU BASTARD!" he yelled. I fought back, fists connecting with anything and everything of him I could reach. Other kids jumped on both of us, prying us apart. Soon the whole of the people that were standing out there with us that morning were split in two; people on my side and people on Brad's side. We were yelling back and forth at each other about how I was innocent and how Brad was full of shit or how I was guilty and how Brad had the right to kick the shit out of me. The crowds were so loud that I couldn't even hear myself yelling anymore. Teachers came rushing outside thinking that a full fledged riot was taking place and tried to calm us down and break us apart. Best friends turned on best friends because they disagreed with who was right about the situation. It took more teachers to break up my side because when you're an asshole jock that makes fun of nearly everyone, people are going to tend to think that you're full of shit and take the other person's side of the argument. In this case, that was my side. Parents weren't called, but kids were giving each other full out death glares as they passed each other in the halls. More people started walking with my friends and I from class to class in case anyone tried something. The school was split down in two in savage chaos...and I didn't care. Joel, Terrie, Paul and Aaron didn't either. We didn't support the separation, but we didn't care enough to stop it either.
*Years Later*
Mom sold the house after Joel and I graduated. The house bounced around from owner to owner. The newest owners decided that they wanted to extend me and Joel's old bedroom a few feet, but in order to do that, they had to knock down the old wall that I used to have my Billy Idol poster on. They found the garbage bag and opened it out of curiosity, but when they realized what was inside, they turned it in immediately. I laughed. It had been sixty-six years since I had committed that murder and no one ever found out until now. I was eighty-three years old as I laid there in the hospital, waiting to die. I had had a heart attack a week earlier and the doctor said that I was too unstable to go back home. He didn't think that I would live much longer. Joel had already passed leaving behind his wife, kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. Terrie, my wife, had passed two years before. I hadn't talked to Aaron in years, but I'd imagine that he was dead as well. Now it was my time. Just as I breathed my last goodbyes to my children, my children's children and their children, two police officers walked in. I closed my eyes and let the black take over me once more. Just faintly I could hear my granddaughter asking my daughter; "Mommy, did Grandpa go to sleep?"

"Yeah baby..." was her tearful response.

"When will he wake up?"

"Not for a very, very long time."

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