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Chapter 11

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Peter drove down the road as fast as the old car would go. He didn't know where he was going, or how far he would have to drive to get there. He would drive forever if he had too. As long as he found him.
After awhile, it began to get dark, and grey clouds filled the sky. Rain poured soon afterwards which made it harder for him to see. And it made it worse because not only did he know where he was going, but he could barely even see the road in front of him.

Suddenly, he heard a voice in his head.

"Stop the car." It whispered.

He did as he was told, grabbed the wooden stake, and exited the car. The rain continued to pour which only enabled him to see in front of himself. He took a few steps forward and let the rain come down on him.


Pete jolted around, but saw nothing. He held the stake tightly in his shakey hand, ready for anything that might come his way.

"Peter...Come closer."

"Where are you!?" He screamed.

There was no reply.

Suddenly, the rain came to a hault. It was silent once again. He could now see alot better. It was then it occured to him. He had been here before. This was the same alley where he had been turned into a vampire. The place he was the night he was attacked. The place where it all started.

"Hello Peter." A voice said.

Pete turned around and saw him. It was the same man in all of his nightmares.

"I presume you got my note. I did try to spare them some agony by killing them faster than I usualy would with my other victims. I guess they got lucky." He flashed his razor sharp fangs.

Pete ran towards him and continuously tried to stab him with the stake. The vampire, called William, looked as bored as ever. Pete's attempt to kill him was a failed one. With one swift motion of his hand, Pete went pumling to the ground.

William laughed. "Poor poor Peter. If only your little friends were here to save you." He grabbed Pete by the neck and lifted him off of the ground.

A moment later, two more men, presumabley vampires came to Williams side.

"Whats should we do with him boss?" One of them asked.

"Take him with us. I might need him later." He replied, letting the two other vampires carry Peter off.

Pete tried to break free. He kicked and punched, but it was useless. The two vampires had a good grip on him, and he wasn't going to go anywhere.

Dun dun duunnnnnnnn
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