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Chapter 12

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and we're changing our ways taking different roads

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Patrick, Andy and Joe sped down the road in Andy's car, looking down every road and every street. They had no idea where Pete would have gone, or how far away he had went. They had only hoped they found him before the found the vampires.

"I can't believe what's happened." Joe said, sitting quietly in the backseat.

"I know. It's tragic. Pete's parents were such nice people. I can only hope he hasn't gotten into trouble." Andy replied.

"Hey! There's the car!" Patrick yelled out as he turned into the desserted street.

The three friends exited the car quickly and made sure to grab the wooden stakes for protection. They approached the car and looked inside.


"He's not here." Joe said in a dissapointed tone.

"Shit! Where'd he go?" Patrick kicked the side of the car.

"Dude, look." Andy pointed to a small piece of paper taped to the inside steering wheel. He read the letter.

You know we've taken him. It was only a matter of time before we would suceed.Think about what your going to do next. Take great consideration that he WILL die if not found. Let the hunt begin...

"This is bad guys." Andy handed the paper over to Patrick and Joe.

"Fuck!" Joe hollered.

"How are we sopossed to find him now?!"

"I might have an idea...." Patrick mumbled. He reached into the car and pulled out an old fashioned top-hat. On the inside was scribbled 37th street.

"Those fuckers are leaving us clues. Let's go." Andy replied as he hopped into the car. Patrick and Joe followed.

37th street was only a few blocks away so it didn't take them long to reach there destination.

Patrick got out of the car and looked around. He then saw another hat, much like the first one, sitting on the top of a trashcan. He picked it up. It read, Rosevelt park. He got back into his car drove, alerting Andy and Joe where they were headed too next. It was like playing hide and seek, except this time when you lose, someone dies.

When they arrived at the park, all three of them got out and went looking for the hat. It took them awhile to find it, but eventually Joe found it stuck up in a tree. Suddenly, there was a rustling behind them. They quickly turned around to find two of the Dandies approaching.

"Shit." Joe lisped. He held his stake tightly in his hand and prepaired for the worst ass-kicking of his lifetime.

"Looking for your friend, are you? One of the Dandies asked, licking his fangs.

"Yes I believe they are." The other Dandie replied.

This was it. The moment Patrick would finally be able to live up to his manhood. He hated bully's. He was always picked on as a kid. This was the time for him to get revenge for every bully that ever called him......Chubby.

He ran towards one of the Dandies and punched him square in the face. The Dandie fought back, but Patrick had his game-face on today, so he kicked him to the ground. He pulled out his stake, and stabbed it violently through it's heart. The vampire's limp body turned to ashes in a split second.

And then there was one.....

It was Joe's turn to get in some massive whoop-ass action. He grabbed the last Dandie and headbutted him. As much as it hurt, it looked way cool to everyone else. He then picked him up by the shirt and shoved the stake through it's heart.

"That's right! Who's da man? We da man!" Joe yelled, a little louder than they would have liked.

"Wow. Way to go guys. Maybe i'll just stay in the car the next time this kinda thing happends." Andy said blankly.

"Awww. Does Anders feel left out? Well that's ok little buddie." Joe patted Andy on the head.

"Because you can be my apprentis. I'll teach you all of my jedi powers. And maybe...Just maybe, you can use the force."

Patrick rolled his eyes and got back into the car.

"Morons." He mumbled.

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