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Chapter 13

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He spent 15 years getting loaded, 15 years til his liver exploded. Summaries are for losers.

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William circled the small, dark room, keeping an eye on his newest prey. This was his chance to add another member to his vampire clan. Of corse, if he agreed to it in the first place. He knew It was only a matter of time before he would give in.

"Peter...Don't you want the pain to end? Don't you want the suffering to stop?" He asked, stepping closer to the collapsed figure.

Peter didn't reply.

"No? Ok then." William kicked Peter in the chest.

"All you have to do is say yes. Join me. Join me and you can live like a true vampire. I see the pain in your eyes. You don't have to feel pain anymore, Peter. I can help you."

"Fuck off." Pete mumbled, knowing those words would only make things worse.

William leaned down and picked him up by the neck. "You don't understand, do you Peter? I'm stronger than you will ever be. I can make you suffer for as long as I like. You will give in, eventually. You'll see." He dropped Pete to the floor.

"I'll give you some time to think. Your friends should be along very, very soon." William laughed and left the room.

Pete laid very still on the floor. He couldn't bare to move. It hurt too much. He needed to find some way to escape and go back home. Right now it seemed impossible, being in the condition he was in. But he knew if he stayed there any longer, William would find worse things to do to him.


Patrick, Joe and Andy drove through a brand new street. They had never been to this side of the city before, and had never planned on coming here if it wern't for this "special" occasion. This part of the city was where you could always find vampires. After the city was divided years ago, the vampires made this there territory and no one elses. It was insane for anyone to even think about coming here in the first place. Unluckyily, Patrick, Joe and Andy had no other choice.

They exited the car, keeping their stakes clutched in their hands. The building in front of them was very very tall, and old. It looked as if it could fall over the next time the wind blew. Just from the look of the building, they could tell they were in the right place. It just so happened to be in the creepiest part of town, on the creepiest road, in the creepiest building. But of corse they didn't expect a big mansion with blue shingles and a large porch. That would be quite unusual to say the least.

"You guys ready?" Joe lisped.

Andy and Patrick nodded and approached the building. Going inside they knew they had to be careful. This was deffinately not a very friendly place.

The room they were in was very dark. Cobwebs filled every corner of the room, along with the large amount of dust floating through the air. Andy was bound to have an allergy attack any time now.

They walked down the long hallway in front of them, and made sure to be quiet.

"You fellah's lookin' for something?" Joe, Andy and Patrick turned around the find four vampires looking right at them.

"C'mon guys we can do this." Joe said.

"Pft, you guys can do this. Remember me, in the park? I sat. That's right Joe. I sat. Maybe you guys can take care of this one." Andy replied, knowing all too well he didn't have a chance at fighting for himself.

"Andy, your my apprentis remember? You have to help me now." Joe said in return.

"No, Joseph. I never agreed to be your aprentis! Aprentis' slave over a hot stove all day long, and tend to your every need. I will not do that.

"Nu uh. I ment you can help me fight the long hard fights ahead, and yes, occasionally bake me cookies."

"Guys." Patrick said quietly, trying to get his friends to pay attention to the large group vampires in front of them.

"I'm not going to be your aprentis, i'm not going to be Patrick's aprentis, i'm not going to be Donald fucking Trumps apprentis! Ok?!" Andy Yelled back.

"Well fine! I never wanted you anyway!....And I bet you make dry cookies." Joe said loudly.

"Guys. Hello?" Patrick said again, this time a little more louder.

"I DO NOT make dry cookies! My cookies are actually quite moist if I bake them at the right temperature!" Andy said angrily.

"Yeah, i'm sure. Whatever Andy. Tell me all you want about your moist cookies, but i'll tell you, the last time I had your cookies,I nearly choked..THREE TIMES!







By this time, the three of them had been carried off into the back of the building.

I wanna thank the people who read and reviewed. I was super close to giving up on writting altogether before I got your lovely letters of enocourangement. You are, and always will be, the peanut butter to my jelly.
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