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3. Chase: i'm waiting

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As we find out, five six six was covered as Carmen, Chase was her date. Chase waited for her, even when his mom told him to forget it, even though things in his life are sucking at the moment he he...

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Chap 3. Never talk again
I was lazing on the couch in the apartment, flipping threw channels on our 8 by 10 TV, I was trying to distract myself from her, but my mind would walk right back into the topic. Does she miss me? Does she remember me? Did she really like me? Why hasn’t she called? Was I set up? Maybe she lost my number. Why hadn’t she given me hers? But the one that keep coming back was how much I miss her…and how she had looked so beautiful in the black dress that was to mid thigh in the front, and how it had flown down in ripples to her ankles in the back.
I dug out my wallet; it was empty, except a quarter and 2 pictures, one of my mom, dad, and me. The other one of her and me at the prom, my hands on her hips as I stood behind her in front of the big water fountain with the unicorn spurting water. That night she had let her hip long hair down from its usual high pony tail. She was breathe taking, not just in outer beauty, but in her inner beauty as well, she was so…human but yet she was so perfect she couldn’t be….My mom had been supportive of me waiting for her to come back just after leaving only a week of living here. But soon as the first 2 weeks turned into 4, then a month, then 2, them 3 and my mom said forget her, there are more girls like her out in the world.
I just nodded my head and tried to choke back tears as I choked down the meat loaf that after noon.
My mom just didn’t under stand, no one could be like her, no one had her smile, had her laugh, her sometimes lame jokes, her innocents…no one was her. I was about to remove the picture when the phone rang. I rolled off the light green couch, stepping on a dr. pepper can; summer was almost over, 1 more week, and I was enjoying by drowing my self in soda.
“Hey Chase.”
I almost choked at the voice “Carmen!” I shouted excitedly.
“Heh Heh, long time no talk, right?”
I was utterly speechless.
“Chase, are you mad?”
When someone with her voice, you couldn’t be mad. “Course not, you just were busy right?”
She conformed it with a uh-huh.
“Sorry it took so long, I missed you and you know, I had the time to call back.”
“Well, at least you called, right?” I said with a small laugh.
“Glade to hear you’re not mad.”
I could see her smiling with her blue eyes closed, even though her pale lips would be closed it somehow was a full smile.
“I have good news…”
“What?” I asked, getting excited, but still trying to keep my hopes to a minimum.
“I’m coming back to Holly Wood. But I don’t know for how long.”
I smiled and said “Can I put the phone down real quick?”
I set the phone down on the wood stand and screamed ‘Yes’ I was sure Carmen heard me. I picked the phone back up. I was greeted with a “Glad you’re that excited.” “And I’m glad I have a chance to be this glad.” “Wonderful, I’m going to have to get off the pone soon, so maybe I’ll stop by before calling you again.” “When are you coming back?” “Surprise…” “Aw, I hate surprises.” “If you want me to come by, you’ll pretend to love surprises.” “Alright, bye, miss you.” “Bye, I miss you too.” And she hung up the phone.
I hung the phone up to, “YES! YES! YEEEESS!” Right as I was dancing around cheering, my mom came in holding two brown bags with food in them.
“I’m cheerful you’re happy to help me put these away.” I shook my head and ran up to my mom, she was about 2 inches shorter than me, slightly plump with graying brown hair. “Then what can get a 15 year old boy, such as your self, so riled up?” She asked, waving her wrinkled hand at me jumping around. “Carmen’s coming back! She doesn’t know how long, but she knows when! And she won’t tell me, ‘cause she wants it to be a surprise!” I all but screamed.
“Slang Chase and you’re talking about the girl from your honors LA class with the white hair that you took to the prom, right?” I nodded my head. She shook her head. “I never thought she was coming back.” She muttered starting to put the grocers away. “I know, I’m so excited…I could…I don’t know…roll on the floor or something…” My mom turned her head to me and gave me a look “Don’t even think about it, Chase, this floor is as dirty as a cat’s week old litter box.”
“I was NOT even planning on it; I was just trying to explain how happy I am…” “Good. So why did she leave in the first place?” “She never said, she left right after school two days after the prom…now that I think about it, during the prom she had left right in the middle of it and came back 15 minutes later…it was weird, because her dress was torn and the other kid, um, what’s his name…oh ya, Rice, looked really freaked and left with his dad a few minutes later…” I said, knowing my face showed a confused frown.
My mom shook her head and folded the last paper bag, tossing it between the side of the fridge and counter. “Did she say why she was coming back?” “No, but who cares?!” I shouted, close to squealing like a fan-girl. I was just so excited; I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep to night! “Well, what if she doesn’t stay too long again? Then you’ll be all sad and gloomy. You should just find a new girl. There are plenty like her-“MOM! Come on! No one is like some one else! Carmen is too unique to come across another girl like herself.” “You should experiment then, go out with a few different girls, and see if she really is that special.” “I don’t need to ‘see’, I know, I can just tell, there’s something about her that separates her from every one else.”
“She can’t be that special.” I whipped around, my mouth hanging open. “DAD!” This time, I really did squeal. He set his bag down and hugged me. “Doesn’t any body ask before coming over?” My mom asked, scowling at my dad while picking up a towel I had knocked down in my rush to get to my dad.
“OH MY GOD DAD! CARMEN IS COMING BACK AND NOW YOU’RE HERE AND CAN ANTHING DISTROY THIS MOMENT OTHER THAN THE FACT SCHOOLS GONNA START SOON-“Slang Chase!” “Sorry! And she’s going to stop by when she gets here, and I don’t know when, she wants it to be a surprise, and I’m just so HAPPY!” I yelled looking up to my dad who looked to be holding back laughter, I really thought if he wasn’t holding my shoulders to get a look at me, I might really roll on the floor!
“Carmen’s the one who you took to the prom, right?” I nodded, still smiling. “I don’t know how long she’ll be here though.”
“She called a little bit ago apparently.” My mom butted in “When I got home, he was all over the place. I thought he might break something.” “I’m sure he wasn’t that excited-“John, believe me, he was.” He just chuckled in response, walking over to my mom, his army boots clumping against the floor as he hugged her.
Okay for those of u slow ppl...
CHaos bob: Chases dad was fighting in iraq, and jsut came home....
Me: Eve3n though they weren't that excited...
Chaos bob: John was gone for over 7 months...
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