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Pretty obvious.

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Soz I haven't updated in a while.... 2 days..... hehe I wrote a onshot! Woo! It's called Ghost Of You. So read it! It's sad...ish... awkayys enjoy!


Amy's POV

I stared at myself in the mirror. I didn't need to go to the toilet. I just needed to be with Mikey. Even though it was just for a brief 15 seconds.
He made me so happy. I don't know why but he felt different from any other boyfriend I've had. Maybe because he actually cared. He didn't hit me or cheat on me. Yet. But he's not the guy that would do that shit. he's too sweet.
To be honest I didn't really have those type of feelings for him before he kissed me. I had a little crush on Gerard but it's not a crush with Mikey. Its way more. And I don't even know if he's mine. It's a question that had to be asked sooner or later.
I ruffles my hair and fixed my eyes before heading out to Mikey again.

He was standing in the middle of the hallway staring tapped on the ground.
He looked up and smiled the second our eyes met And I couldn't help but to smile back.

"All good?" he asked.

I gathered up all my streangth and ran over to Mikey and kissed him as hard as I could, pushing him up against the brick wall.
I don't know why but I had a sudden erge to do it. Like I was possesed or something but he kissed back. So I guess that was a good sign.
He smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer.
We were interupted my a tap on my shoulder.
I was going to kill who ever it was.
I pulled away from Mikey and turned around to find Ray and Casey giggling.
I nervoulsy smiled and gave Casey a 'what-the-hell?!' look.
She took a deep breath and tried to push the laughter aside for a moment.

"If you two are do-haha-ne," she couldn't help but to laugh again.
I looked back at Mikey who was blushing like crazy.
Soon after that Ray stopped his giggling and continued Casey's sentence.

"We're ready to go." He smiled.

"Umm.. Ray... it's umm... not..." I stuttered.
He giggled again.

"I won't tell." He winked and made his way back to the others.

Casey who was pretty much crying from laughter slowly made her way back to normal again.

"You guy's are so cute!" she giggled and turned to follow Ray.

I smiled at Mikey. He kissed my forehead and we followed the Casey and Ray back to the others.

"What's so funny?" Gerard asked looking at a still giggling Casey.
She looked at me.

"Mikey and Amy..." she started, grinning at me.
she wouldnt

"Told us a joke." She lied.

I shook my head smiling.

"Riiiight..." Fank said.

"Kay, let's go." Gerard said, standing up and walking out the door of the police station.
We all followed and went back to NJSC.


Hehe kay... soz nothing really happened... im home sick so I'll update again todayy...

R& R pleaase!
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