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Couldn't Hold Back Anymore.

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They go in 4 questioning.

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Thanks for reviews... only the 2 that did and always do... Emmi and emily! Lol you r BOTH awesome! And I have absoloutley no clue why Mikey was daydreaming bout bananas... the chick I was imagining made me think of a banana... I don't know why but great minds think alike! Just for anyone that doesn't read the reviews and is wondering... lol!

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Okay with out further crap from me....


An hour later, after checking out and buying medecation and all, we were at the police station.
We sat in a little seating area while we waited for Frank to be interviewed. We sat in a line. Me, Amy, Gerard, Casey and Ray. I secretly held Amy's hand in between the chairs.
You could tell she was nervous. Her eyes were closed and she was silent.
Gerard obviously thought so too because he stretched out his arms and hugged her.
I couldn't help but to get a bit jelous. I let go of Amy's hand so she could hug him back. But she didn't. All she did was looked at me with her gorgeous chocolate eyes. She had no emotion in her face. I smiled softly and took her hand again.

"What's wrong?" I asked quitetly.

"Im thinking of what's gonna happen to my uncle. To you..." she whispered.
Gerard had stopped hugging her but he still had his left arm around Amy's shoulder.

what was going to happen to me? I mean I did it for self protection... but still. I could go to jail!

"You okay?" Amy asked quietly.
I nodded.
Frank walked out of the little interview room and gave us a smile.
Musnt have been too bad.

"Amy Bell?" one of the police officers asked.
She took a deep breath and stood up slowly making her way to the little room.
As soon as she was in Casey quickly stood up and sat next to me.

"Hey." She whispered.

"Hi." I said emotionles.
She looked over at Gee who was now talking to Ray the seat over.

"So... I've been meaning to ask. Are you and Amy together?" she asked quietly.
I shrugged.
"I dunno."

"Well didn't she say anything?" she asked a bit louder.

"Not since you were at the hospital." I replied.
She sighed softly.

"How the hell did you get the nerve to do that?" she asked.
I shrugged again.

"The fact she was still knocked out was half the reason. I wasn't expecting her to kiss back."

"And the other half?" she asked.
There was a slight pause as I thought of how to put it.

"I couldn't hold it back anymore." I said. I think that sums it up.
She smiled.

The rest of the 15 minutes were pretty much silent apart from the occasional 'so?' it wasn't and awkward silence. It just didn't need words.
Amy finaly came out of the room with tear drops on her face.

"Michael Way?" the police oficer called.
I slowly stood up and walked to the room making sure to brush shoulders with Amy on the way.

The room wasnt like you see on tv. There wasn't a swinging light hanging from the celing or a mirror that people usually spy from. Kust a simple room with 2 chairs and a table.

"Take a seat Micheal." He said.

"Mikey." I corrected him. I hated being called michael. It sounded too formal.

"Mikey. Im steve." He said sitting down.
I just smiled weakly. I want in the mood for small talk.

"Okay then. So tell me forst of all what you know about this man." He said.

"Well all I know is Amy's parents were murdered when she was 6 so she was sent to australia to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Her uncle was an alchoholic and whould sexualy asult her Auntie and violently abuse her and Amy. Amy's auntie called her about a week ago and told her that he had found out and she needed to hide. And me and my brother were going to Bellville for a week so she stayed with us. When she came back we had found out 2 of our best friends had broken up so she was planning for her and Frank to have like a sleepover to help her forget about it and then her uncle came in. All that is what I've been told. The first time I had seen him was when Casey came screaming that Frank had been knocked out." I explained.

"Mmhhhmmm... so you hit him after he had hurt Amy?" she asked.
I nodded.

"Why?" ah! The unanswered question he had asked.

"I was scared if we didn't get the police in he would've hurt me or Amy more. There was no way I could hold him down so I knocked him out until you came." I answered.

"So Amy is you're girlfriend?" I groaned at this question.
I wish.

"No. Just a friend." I sighed.
He nodded.

"Okay. That should be all then." He said standing up and walking out the door. I followed and sat back down next to Amy again, while he called Gerard in.

"How'd it go?" she whispered.
I shrugged.

"Not bad." I answered and hugged her. "How bout you?"

"Good. Nothing to hide." She smiled.
I sighed from tiredness and rested my head on her shoulder.

"Come to the bathroom with me." She whispered in my ear and I imediatly shot up.
She giggled as I heped her up and made our way into the stations tiny bathroom.

"Thanks." She said when I held the door open for her.
I stood there with a goofy smile, twisting side to side.
She giggled and pationatly kissed my lips but pulled away after about 10 seconds.

"Is that all?" I pouted.
She giggled and closed the door on my face.
I love this girl.


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