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I Need To Pee...

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Amy can go home?!

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Thank you funnyCHICK! Hehe I got your name right! But I think I'll just call you Emily becaause next chapter I would've called you funnyguy so anyways thanks 4 reviewing... but I wanna see MORE!!!!!!

Okay then...



I woke up and tried to find the alarm clock that was covered with cards from the guys. Even one from Bob. I gently moved my hand over the top of Mikey who was lying next to me in my small bed and moved a card that covered the alarm clock.
2:12am it read.
I REALLY needed to go to the bathroom but I needed help so I had to wake Mikey...
But he was so peaceful. I couldn't. He's gorgeous eyes were shut. His left hand under my neck and on my left shoulder and his right hand holding me tight around my waist.
I could stay like this forever. But I had to pee...

"Mikey..." I whispered.

"Mikey... wake up!" I whispered again tappung him lightly.
His eyes slowly opened.

"Amy, are you okay?" he asked sleepily.

"Umm. Yeah sorry I woke you. But umm... can you help me get to the bathroom..." I asked softly.
He softly nodded and started to untangle himself.
He helped me up slowly. It hurt to move. Even blink.

"You right?" he asked putting his hand around my waist to support me.
I looked into his beautiful light eyes. He was so sweet.
I nodded as we began to walk out my ward.
We arrived at the bathroom.
He opened the door and led me in.
He just stood there.

"Well... umm... nature calls!" I giggled.

"You don't want me to stay?" he pouted.
I gave him a "get out!" look and he did exactly that.

I fell down on the toilet and put my thumb on my un-bandaged temple and massaged it.
My whole body ached.
I don't remember most of it. Just my uncle punching Frankie in the face.
I stood back up and walked to the mirror. A/N I tried to leave the toilet details out!

I had circles around my eyes from my eyeliner and one was half covered by my bandage which was tilted to the right.
I looked like shit. I don't know how Mikey could even look at me. Mikey... thoughts concumed my mind about this subject. Are we together?
There was a knock at the door desturbing my thoughts.

"You right. Can I come in?" Mikey asked quietly from outside the bathroom.

"Uh. Yeah." I replied and he opened the door and took my waist again.
He kissed the top of my head lightly and we walked back into my ward.
He helped me back into my bed slowly and sat on his little chair.

"You not coming in?" I pouted holding the blankets up.
He shook his head.

"I can see you better from here." He smiled.
A few moments later I had fallen asleep.

Mikey's POV

I watched her sleep from my chair next to the bed.
I just watched.
I watched her chest move up and down as she breathed.
I watched her fingers twitch in my hand.
I watched her slightly parted lips wishing I could kiss them.
Before I knew it I had fallen asleep too.


I woke up around 6:30 the next morning.
The morning Amy could go home and the morning we had to go to the police station for questioning. The morning we might put the evil man who put Amy in the hospital in jail.
I had just sat and stared at her for about 10 minutes before her eyes opened.

"Morning sunshine." I whispered.
She replied with a smile.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Better. Still sore but a whole lot better." She replied.

"Aah. Mrs. Bell. Glad to see your awake." Dr. Pierre said happily walking in the room.

"Mikey." He nodded in a hello.
I smiled.

"So with the way things are going you should be able to go home today. We just have to take a few blood tests before you do. We could do that now if you want." He said.
Amy nodded.
"Great." He said pulling a needle out of a pouch in his coat.
Amy was calm but took my hand because she could tell I was scared.

"Now this won't hurn too much." The Dr. Said poking the needle in the inside of Amy's elbow.
She watched the needle enter her vains and smiled.
I don't know how she is so brave. I would have been on the floor crying by now.
She looked over to me and saw I was scared so she squeezed my hand tighter and mouthed the words 'I love you'
I smiled in responce.

"Not too bad?" the doctor asked as he pulled the needle back out.

"Not at all." Amy replied happily.

"Well then you can go home." He smiled and left the room.

"How do you do that?" I asked Amy.
She smiled widly.

"I was thinking of you..." she replied softly.
I couldn't help but to blush.
Then the door opened and in came Casey, Ray, Gerard and Frankie hapily smiling.
Amy didn't let go of my hand. Instead she just covered it with the sheets and pillows.

"Amy!" Ray and Frankie screamed in unison.
Amy giggled.

"Hey guys!" she exclaimed.

"You ready to go home?" Gerard asked.
Amy nodded and I helped her stand up.
Gerards handed her a pair of jeans and a misfits top and Amy left for the bathroom.

"Now she can only go home if she has a carer for the next wek or so." One of the nurses said.

"Okay. I'll do it." Casey said.

"I think it's better if one of the boys do it. Just so they cab carry her or help her if anything goes wrong. Maybe you Mikey?" she said in the nicest way possible.
I poked my tougne out teasingly at Casey who just smiled back.

"Okayy." I said.

"Well um I'll need to tell you the basics then..." she trailed off. I was just day dreaming about bananas. I don't know why but she made me think about a banana.

"So are you okay with that... Mikey?" she said looking confused at me.

"Ah. Yeah!" I covered.

"So how many pills should she take every morning and night?" she asked testing me.

"2?" I took a wild guess.
She nodded and walked off.
Thank god.
Amy walked out of the bathroom and a quickly ran and supported her again.
Casey winked at me and I just smiled.

"You ready?" Ray asked.
She nodded and we waited until everyone had turned around and I kissed her head softly again.
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