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What did he say?!

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Previously on Down We go...

"I love you"


I took her hand and held it tight. Tears were streaming down my face hitting the bed.

"If you can hear me I want you to know that you are the most amazing girl I've ever met and I know I've only known you for like 2 weeks but its been the 2 weeks of my life." I told her and quickly brushed my lips against hers.
I was really surprised when she kissed back!
I quickly pulled away to see her beautiful chocolate brown eyes.
It felt like a lifetime since I've seen them.
She gave me a weak smile.

"I love you too." She whispered.

Tears had now began to escape my eyes as I stared in shock at her.
I had no clue what to say so I kissed her again. It wasn't a big kiss. Just a simple brushing of lips. But enough to let her know I missed her.
I pulled away and stared back into her eyes.

"I missed you..." she whispered.
She said it in the same way you say 'I love you'.

"I missed you too." I said softly, hugging her.

"I have the worst headache." She said closing her eyes.

"No shit! You're uncle threw you pretty hard into the chest of drawers. They said if the cut was any deeper you wouldn't have survived it." I said holding back more tears.

"I heard. I could hear everything. I just didn't have the strength to see it." She said.
At that moment Gerard ran in.

"Amy!" he screamed. She giggled and opened her arms to hug him.

Way to ruin a moment Gerard!

Amy's POV

Gerard came running in giving me the longest hug I've ever had.

"Omg I missed you guys so much!" I said.
They both smiled.

"Is Casey out there?" I asked.

"Shit Casey." Gerard said softly.
I looked at hm confused.

"She's super deppressed. Im gonna go call her" He announced and left the room.
So now it was just me and Mikey.
Mikey just sat there staring at me.
I smiled at him and he smiled twice as big back.
"What?" I giggled.
He took my hand.

"I love you." I said softly.

He leaned in and kissed my left cheek.
"I love you too." He whispered in my ear.
Gerard walked back in and Mikey and I quickly released our grip on eache other.

"She said she'll come as soon as she can." He said not noticing our hands.

"Awesome." I smiled at Mikey.

"So... what did you feel when you... umm.." Gerard mummbled.

"Died?" I finnished his sentence.
He softly nodded.

"I couldn't feel anything. I could hear the doctors saying I had no pulse and crap but that's it." I explained.

Mikey's phone rang from his pocket.

"Hello?" he answered.

Gerard and I just looked at each other puzzled.

"Umm. Okay I'll be there. thanks." Mikey said before hanging up and putting the phone back in his pocket.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"The police station. We have to go in for questioning tomorow." Mikes said.

Gerard groaned.
"I'm gonna find out when you can go home." Gerard announced and left the room.
Pretty much as soon as he walked out Casey ran in screaming.

"Omg! Amy!! Are you okay?!" she squeeled.

"Im fine." I giggled.

"Im gunna go get a drink. You girls want anything?" Mikey asked.
"Water?" Casey said.
"I'll have 3 Dr. Peppers please!" I said sarcasticly.

Mikey giggled.
"Okay... see yah soon." He said and left us alone.

"So? What have you been doing in this boring place?" Casey asked me.

Do I tell her what happened with me and Mikey? We has a right to know.

"Well umm... not much... but ummm. Mikey and I sorta... kissed?" I said nervously.
Her eyes widened.

Her jaw hit the ground.
"Mikey?" she asked shocked.
Oh no!
I nodded.
"Mikey Way?" she squealed.

"Umm... yeah?" I said.

"That is so awesome! He's never been very comfortable around girls. So are you guys like together?" Casey asked.

I shrugged.
"I don't know. Gerard came in before anything could happen." I told her.

"How did he get the nerve to do that?" she asked.

"Well I was asleep at the time but woke up in the middle of it."

"Awh! That's so romantic!" she squeeled.
I giggled and quickly changed the subject.

"So anything else happen between you and Bob?" I asked shyly.
She shook her head.

"Nah I don't think I want to speak to that lying, cheating jerk again." She said angrily.
Then Mikey walked back in.

"3 Dr. Peppers for the lady and some bottled water for the other lady!" he tried to sound formal.
I started laughing.
"Mikey I was joking when I said 3 Dr. Peppers you know!" I squeaked at him.

"Yeah I know but I figured me and Gee could have the other 2." He said and sat on the bed next to me.

"So Mikes..." Casey smirked. "Amy told me about you're little 'encounter' before."

"Oh good." He said holding my hand.

"So you aren't together?" she asked.
I looked at Mikey who was smiling at me.

"Well..-"I started but was interupted when Gerard came in. Mikey quickly let go of my hand. I gave a really quiet moan so only he could here and he did. He looked down and smmiled.

"So the doctor said you can go home tomorow." Gerard sung.

"Awesome. Do you want me to stay with you tonight?" Mikey asked sweetly.
"Oh you don't have to. You can go home." I sighed.

"Awh. Its okay I'll stay!" he said.
I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Well I had better head home to Frank then." Casey getting up.

"Yeah I think I'll go too. See yah guys." Gerard said walking out.

"Bye! You two have fun!" Casey giggled and then exited the room.

"So it's just me and you then?" Mikey winked.


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