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Figured out..

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So dinner went OK, I know it might sound weird but I don't think Ger wants me to cook, he fucking tries to turn me into you. Cause you could cook shit, I shouldn't cook either...
I should just surrender, if he wants another you it shouldn't be that hard.
You weren't that complex or hard to figure out...Easy formula, rebel a little, swear after every other word, use excessive amount of eyeliner, and act like you care about no one. It's easy to fake...Maybe cause it's easy to fake a fake...Maybe Gerard didn't actually love you that much, maybe he just loves to be treated like crap, maybe he's a low self esteem masochist that doesn't think his wife should treat him well...I could do it, I'll ignore him and leave him to dwell in misery for a while and then we'll see who chase who.

Oh Frank and Janet stopped by after dinner.
I don't really enjoy Frank's company, he's polite but that's about the only thing he'll be to me, polite.
Did you know they weren't at our wedding? No one but Ray came, not even Michael, I don't know how Gerard can still be friends with them after that but he is, I however, don't want anything to do with them.
I know they say I'm a stuck up bitch behind my back and Gerard says I should be nice to them cause they are his friends but what he really means is that they are yours and his friends, that's why I never hang with them.
Janet is nice though, we became good friends. She says Frank took your death hard, that it was a while and he still didn't go back to being completely normal, I suspect you had something with him but I don't want to say anything because as always I'll be the evil other woman, they keep forgetting I'm his fucking wife!
I don't think he remembers sometimes.

It'll be our two years anniversary in a few weeks, you know where he spent the first one? In the cemetery.
And you know where he spent the second? In the cemetery.
And you know how I spent both? Crying. Alone.
I hope you're happy. You couldn't make him happy in you life and you made him even more miserable in death, kudos to you, your mere name spreads unhappiness when mentioned.

People often thinks that I'm married based on the ring but they're completely wrong, we're married on paper.
Oh I heard how you didn't file for a marriage certificate the first time around, how stupid is that?! I laughed so hard when I heard it!
But he didn't let me enjoy it for long, he got mad and said that it's funny how you weren't legally married but you were married more then we'll ever be. It stung.
Sometimes I don't even know why I stick around, maybe he's not the only one who's a masochist.

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