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Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

Joe watched with his eyebrows raised as Becca rushed throughout the house looking a bit different each time she’d come out of her room. His eyes followed intently as he sat downstairs, rubbing his feet against the special rug that is the reason to why hundreds of Barbies are bald at the moment.

“Bex, are you going out on a date or something?” he asked curiously. Bex stood frozen from the spot she was the floor above Joe. She slowly turned to look down at him, his eyes piercing with wonder.

“Oh, I am going to Pete’s to um, compare ideas for the winter line for Clandestine,” she half lied. Yes, she was going to Pete’s but the reason was definitely not work related.

“Again? Why don’t you guys ever discuss this when you’re at the office?” he asked. He didn’t want to admit it, but it was starting to bother him how she would spend more time with Pete than him. Yes she had to work and he understood, Pete often told him how strenuous it was at the start of new seasons in the fashion world as that is when the industry fight for who walks down the runway to show off their new lines.

“A lot of work goes on during this time Joe. I’m sorry I know we hardly get to spend time together but you really wanted me to have this job,” she walked down the stairs and sat down next to him on the couch.

“Yeah but I wanted us to hang out tonight,” he whined, pushing out his bottom lip. Becca bit her lip trying not to give in, but failed.

“Fine, I’ll ask Pete to let me go earlier so we can watch a movie or something later tonight,” his pout stretched into a grin. Becca chuckled, shaking her head. She got up off the couch and walked back up the stairs to finish getting dressed.

“Hey-” he was cut off by Becca’s lips crashing into his hungrily. He was surprised at the urgency but didn’t resist it, however his curiosity took the best of him.

“Why the rush?” he asked breathlessly.

“I promised Joe I’d go out with him tonight so we don’t have as much time,” she replied, lifting his shirt off of his body. Pete pulled away from her.

“Wait, exactly how much time do we have?” Becca looked up at the clock on his living room wall. It read 18:30.

“About two hours,” she looked back at him. Pete shrugged.

“Ok,” he pressed his lips back to hers. He pulled her up onto him letting her wrap her legs around his waist and make their way to their love making room.

It was all a matter that the two parties didn’t want to be in a serious relationship. The both of them had just come out of one, this being another reason why Becca wanted to flee the country after catching her boyfriend of two years macking on another girl. Pete ended his relationship after realizing the girl he would basically do anything for wouldn’t reciprocate those feelings, leaving him to do all the work. There was also the big age gap between the twenty-eight year old man and the twenty-year-old woman. All they wanted was a not strings attached relationship where they could still have the benefits that came in one.

Pete gently but quickly dropped her onto the bed, snatching her breast into his mouth as fast. Already they had gotten rid of all their clothes expect his boxers and her panties somewhere in the house. Pete hovered over her, running his hands on her sides. Becca pushed down his boxers, not wasting time either by gripping his penis in her hand and stroking it. Pete let out a loud moan at the sensation. Knowing if she kept this he wouldn’t last long, he quickly discarded her panties and released her hand from his member. Becca moved closer to the headboard and opened her legs for him, moaning out as loud at her lover as he thrust himself into her.

“Oh…god Pete,” she shouted, enjoying the fullness he provided her. He could only grunt as he buried his head in the crook of her neck, breathing onto it as he moved in and out of her slowly. Becca met his thrusts, rolling her hips to the pleasure of Pete’s moans. With one hand rubbing her side, he let the other roam on to her breast, pinching and rolling her nipple until it was erect and pointing to the ceiling. Becca gasped at the sensation, tightening her walls around him. Becca never in a million years imagined she be engaged in such an activity with the bass player of her favorite band. She’d listen to her friends fantasize about the things they’d do to Pete Wentz if they had the chance, and after seeing those infamous pictures they had every reason too. Becca realized two years after seeing the picture that whoever posted that it used Photoshop® and made him small because otherwise it would have been impossible to feel what she was feeling now.

Pete brought his lips back to hers, tugging at her bottom lip. Each time he would hit the right spot, she’d bit harder and slightly lift her hips off the bed, making him groan.

“Come on Peter, faster,” she breathed, her hands were clutching to the bars on the headboard. Pete followed her command and thrust in harder and faster each time. Pete lifted her left leg over his shoulder and reached behind her waist and lifted it slightly so she was halfway sitting up on his penis and lying down. That accomplished in him hitting that secret woman have that men sometimes find it hard to touch, sending her almost over the edge as her walls tightened around him. A few more thrust and she threw her head back as her orgasm washed over her. Pete joined her in ecstasy after a few more thrusts and they screamed out each other’s names.

Pete collapsed on top of her, trying to catch their breaths. After a few moments he pulled out of her and fell on his back next to her, bringing her closer to him. She laid her head on his chest, running her fingers up and down his tattooed abs absentmindedly.

“You’re going to make me hard again if you keep doing that,” he whispered. She let out a small laugh, stopping what she was doing.

“Sorry,” she smiled, kissing him on the lips.

“Don’t apologize, I mean it’s not like I’m not enjoying it,” he said, kissing her again.

“I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging,” she whispered back. She sat up, looking around her for her clothes.

“What you doing?” he asked, sitting up with her. She turned to look at him and smiled.

“I gotta go it’s already 8pm. Remember I promised Joe I’d go out with him,” she said, trying to get off the bed but Pete stopped her.

“Can’t you call him and ask for a rain check?” he pouted.

“I can’t sleep over. He’ll know something is up and the last thing we need is for everyone to find out about us,” she answered, stifling a moan as he placed kisses on her neck.

“It would be better if you took a shower so he wouldn’t smell the sex sweat you have on you,” he smirked. She rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but smile.

“And I am guessing you’re just saying that so you can have a round two?” she said, raising her eyebrows. Pete raised his head and wriggled his brows suggestively.

“You got that right,” he answered.

“Fine, but this time I am doing the scrubbing,” she smirked, jumping off the bed and running off to the shower. Pete was right behind her.

“Yay, you made it,” Joe said happily as she stepped into the kitchen. She smiled at him, hooking his car keys onto the key hooker. She looked at him, realizing he put something in the microwave.

“Are you cooking? I thought we were going out,” she said, walking up to him to understand exactly what he was doing.

“Yeah we were but I know how you always get tired after working on designs so I thought we could stay in and watch my movie collection,” he said, taking out the popcorn as the microwave beeped. Becca smiled at his consideration, thinking how right he was. She was really tired and doubted that she would have been able to stay awake in the movie. Becca realized $8 was also a lot to spend for a movie ticket compared to the equivalent R40 she’d have to pay at home.

“Aww Joesy you’re so sweet,” she cooed, wrapping her arms around his waist from behind. He chuckled.

“You know I’ve never really asked you why you call me Josie. Isn’t that a girl’s name?” he asked, pouring the popcorn in a large bowl. Becca didn’t let go of him and instead moved with him.

“Not Josie with an i.e., it’s Joesy as in J-O-E-S-Y,” she said, spelling his name out.

“Yeah, but still…Joesy?”

“Well everyone either calls you Joe or Joey or as your parents call you Joseph. So I want to be special and call you Joesy,” she explained. Joe let out a full laugh.

“You’re one of a kind you know that?”

“What can I say I do try,” she smiled.

“Are you gonna keep holding on to me like that?” he laughed, twisting his head to look back at her. She rested her chin on his back and grinned.

“Yes sir,” she saluted, making them both laugh.

“Fine, take you shoes off and jump onto my back,” he said, shaking his head.

“Yay, you’re the best Joesy,” she jumped.

“Here, hold onto these and don’t drop them or else you’ll clean up,” he warned, handing her two plastic cups of soda. She steadied herself before taking them, wrapping her legs tighter around his waist.

“Okay you may want to give little Joesy a some breathing space there,” he wheezed out as she added stress to his baby-making department. Becca immediately let herself loose, enough to make her lose balance and drop the cups from her hands which made Joe slip and Becca almost head locked him making Joe send them both to the floor. The only lucky thing was the popcorn, which Joe hadn’t yet grasped from the table.

“Oww,” they both cried simultaneously. Joe laughed as he tried to untangle himself from Becca.

“I told you not to drop them,” he whined.

“Well you’re the one who made me move suddenly,” she retorted.

“Yeah but you were the one who almost killed my balls.”

“Stop complaining,” she said. “You’re being overdramatic.”

“Um, I plan to have children in the future thank you very much,” he scoffed; lifting himself up to a sitting position so Becca could get up. Just as she was about to stand straight up she slipped again, landing on top of Joe who fell on his back once again. They could now feel the fizzy drink drying up on their clothes and visible skin as they stuck on to each other.

“I’m all sticky now,” Becca pouted. Joe said nothing as he watched her. Noticing the lack of speech from her friend, Becca looked down at him, their eyes connecting.

Joe brought his hand up to her face, tucking a wet loose strand of hair behind her ear. Becca’s breath hitched up into her throat, as she watched his face lean closer to hers. Joe looked up at her lips, trying to see what was it about them that made him want to feel them against his, despite that he had a girlfriend. He looked back up into her eyes just as their lips brushed. They embraced into a soft kiss but just as slow as it started it ended much faster, thanks to the ringing of Joe’s cell phone.

Joe pulled back fast, realizing the ring tone was his girlfriend’s. Becca pushed herself up fast, wiping her hands down her shirt. Joe grasped the phone that was on the clean part of the counter and sighed before he answered it.

“Hey babe,” hey greeted, trying to sound excited. He mouthed a ‘sorry’ to Becca who just waved him off with a smile as he walked down to an empty room. Becca groaned silently, wiping her face with her hands. She stopped abruptly as she felt the stickiness and groaned more. She walked over to the oversized sink and washed her hands and face, ridding the irritating feel. Once she closed the tap she leaned her head over the edge of the sink, staring at her sock-clad feet.

“What was that about?” she asked herself.

Shaking her head, she wiped the mess on the floor with a mop and took on the task of pouring more soda in the newly washed cups. She contemplated taking beer. Even though she was under age, she convinced Joe and the boys (especially Patrick) that she’s already over age in SA and it wouldn’t make sense if she had to wait another year to have any alcohol again. She took two bottles of ice-cold beer out of the fridge and skillfully made her way to the TV room with one cup held up between her teeth, the two bottles she held in the hand that balanced the bowl and the other cup in the other hand.

It took ten minutes for Joe to end his conversation with Jenna before he could go and join Becca at the TV room. Already halfway with her soda, she looked up when she heard his soft footsteps on the floor.

“Sorry about that,” he apologized, lifting her feet up and putting them back on his lap as he sat down next to her.

“It’s all good,” she smiled weakly.

“So what movie are we watching?” he asked, sensing the disappointment in her smile. He already started shoving some popcorn his mouth. Becca snorted and looked at him, almost grinning.

“I was waiting for you so you could put it in,” she grinned. He shook his head in amusement.

“You’re such a lazy ass Ms. Smart,” he said, lifting him off the couch.

“Anytime honey, anytime,” she laughed. Joe rolled his eyes.

“Okay so are we in the mood for a laugh, a cry, s scream, all the above?” he said, shuffling through his rather large DVD collection.

“How about a scream? I haven’t done that in a while.”

“And I was quite happy about that. The last time you screamed Patrick and I couldn’t hear for a whole week!” he exclaimed.

“You can’t blame that on me because I told you I get frightened easily.

“It was a fake spider B,” he moaned.

“Yeah and I told you I am a huge arachnaphobiac.”

“There is no such word,” he snorted, pulling out Candyman.

“Shut up and put the movie on,” she whined.

Joe did just as she asked and claimed his seat next to her again.
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