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Chapter Four

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For redballoon, I'm almost at that part with those baby making devices that won't be used by pete and jenna (wink wink)

Chapter Four

Dreams are images that you see when sleeping, either to make the sleep worthwhile or wake up in the middle of the night dripping in sweat. Then you get those dreams that are so good that you emit a small sound of satisfaction from your mouth or something more. Unfortunately for men, their discretion is not as well as a woman’s.

Becca’s eyes shot open. She could feel something poking her ear slightly. She couldn’t quite register where she was, but once her eyes got rid of the blurriness and she saw the TV was still on. She looked down the couch and saw her position had changed; she now had her head on Joe’s lap. They must have fallen asleep while watching the second movie, which was Dumb and Dumber. She felt the small jab to her ear again and snapped her head up to see her friend sleeping soundly with a smile on his face. Becca’s eyes widened, she bolted up from her position and gaped at Joe. She slowly dropped her eyes to see the slow arousal in his pants and looked back at him.

“Mmm…B, mmm,” he moaned softly that it was almost inaudibly. Not wanting to hear more, Becca slapped his thigh, making him wake up.

“What the fuck B?” he groaned.

“Would you care to explain that?” she asked, pointing down to the now visible tent in his pants. Joe looked down and fired up in red.

“Oh, um yeah I-” he stammered until Becca cut him off.

“Aren’t you going to do something about it?” she asked, not taking her eyes off the bulge.

“I…I don’t, I…”

“Here, let me do it,” Becca softly grazed him, watching as his eyes widened. She sat up on his lap and leaned her head down, whispering in his ear.

“You like that don’t you,” she grinned, quite seductively. All Joe could do was moan as her hands rubbed him through his pants and her breath tickled his neck. Becca pulled her head back and gazed into his eyes, both of their eyes were completely full of lust. Seeing as Joe was incapable of doing anything from being completely stunned, she took the liberty and kissed him passionately on the lip, the ones she has been dying to kiss since she first laid eyes on him. Her hands roamed down his zipper, pulling his pants down freeing his arousal. She took a peek down and then back into his eyes again, placing another kiss on his mouth before she trailed the kisses down his neck.

She then moved off of him, kissing her way down his chest then his hips. Becca flickered her eyes up at him and smiled as she saw the breathless look on his face. She stuck her tongue out and flicked her tongue on the tip of his penis, earning a loud moan from the man himself. She giggled, loving that she could do this to him. She lowered her lips on him, adding pressure with her tongue on his sensitive areas, making him almost buck his hips. Joe placed his hands on the back of Becca’s head, guiding her to his pleasure.

“Please…do not stop,” he murmured, throwing his head back as he could feel himself close to the edge.

“Oh, Becca, oh my…”


Joe shot up right as he heard his named shouted by a female voice. He looked to the side and saw Becca’s face, which was filled with fury.

“What the hell man?” he croaked, still in slumber.

“What the hell? You’re the one who woke me up with your penis shoving itself into my ear,” she said, livid. Joe’s eyes widened as it dawned onto him.

“Shit, it was just a dream,” he thought to himself. He looked down and surely the evidence of a wet dream showed in his pants. Luckily, Becca woke him up before he made a bigger mess.

“Shit, I am so sorry,” he apologized.

“You best be sorry,” she stood up angrily. “You can’t go having fucking sex dreams of Jen while I am on your fucking lap what the fuck is wrong with you?” she shouted, walking off to her bedroom and slamming the door behind her.

Joe couldn’t help but just stare at her as she walked away angrily. Surely he was having a sex dream that he wished would absolutely come true, but he definitely was not sharing it with Jen. Heck, they haven’t even had sex yet; Joe didn’t feel she was the right person to have it with. Then again, being the non-virgin he was he did have a list of the ‘girls I wasted my orgasm to’ but this time he didn’t want to add another candidate. He wanted the right one to share it with.

“Yep, I gotta go talk to her,” he muttered to himself after his thoughts. He stood up and felt his pants tighten uncomfortably. He looked down to see his member still erect.

“Not before I get you down boy,” he sighed, walking off to his bedroom to relieve himself.

“Hey Patrick,” Becca greeted as she sat in the pool chair next to his. It was a few days since the morning she and Joe had ‘the fight’ about ‘his dream’ and they were all now having a small barbeque to celebrate Andy’s engagement to his long time girlfriend Jamie. Bex was still upset about the dream. Even though he had repeatedly told her he wasn’t dreaming of Jen, she still didn’t want to imagine him dreaming of other girls instead of her. Becca had come to terms with herself that she had serious feelings for Joe and if she wasn’t going to act up on them anytime soon, she was probably going to lose him to some trash whore.

“Hey how is my South African beauty doing?” he smiled. Patrick and Becca had established a friendship in which they had more in common than anyone else. They were both really short, they had the most similar taste in music, they both had a thing for something Irish (Patrick was Irish, Becca loved the accents) and they were both really short. Becca smiled at his endearment.

“As fine as I hope my Irish luck is doing,” she said back. Patrick noticed the lack of energy in her voice she’d normally use in this.

“Come here,” he beckoned, lifting his arm for her to crawl under. She sat next to him on the chair, resting her head on his shoulder.

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” she whined after a long soothing silence thanks to Patrick massaging her shoulder.

“What did he do now?” he sighed, sad over the oblivion of his younger band mate.

“He had a wet dream of some girl who, by the way I am more than happy is not Jen, but the fact that there is another girl he knows and is having nocturnal emissions over makes me want to pull my hair out!” she cried.

“Baby dove,” Patrick started, making Becca laugh, “the mind of Joseph Trohman is forever hard to read and with all the smoking and drinking doesn’t help at all. What you need to do is make the first move. Yes normally it is the guy who makes the first move but coming from Joe and me we never make the first move if we really like the girl. Joe is a pretty quiet guy when it comes to someone he adores, and believe me when I say he definitely adores you,” he said, looking down at her.

“How do you know he adores me?” she asked.

“Am I Patrick Stump?” he asked, smiling.


“Then that is all you need to know,” he grinned, hugging her.

“Patrick you’re going to suffocate the poor girl,” Joe said coming from behind the two friends. Patrick loosened his grip and turned to look at Joe.

“Yeah you’re kinda stinky Tricky,” Becca laughed. Patrick looked at her in mock hurt.

“I thought you loved me,” he pouted.

“How could anyone not?” she smiled. Joe looked away as Becca and Patrick shared their friendly PDA. Even though Patrick was involved and already knew how Joe felt for Becca, he couldn’t help but feel awkward when the two best friends were together.

Yes, jealousy can be a bitch.

“That is why I have fallen for him,” Patrick’s girlfriend Emma said as she walked out of the pool and up to the trio. “Do you guys mind if I steal him for a while?” she asked, pulling Patrick up on his feet.

“Nope, not at all,” Becca smiled.

“Don’t forget to your wallet with your condoms in,” Joe yelled as he threw Patrick his wallet to him. Patrick caught it and disappeared around the corner after making sure Joe saw his finger. Becca and Joe laughed.

“They’re so cute together,” she smiled, resting her chin on her hands. Joe smiled and sat next to her on the chair.

“Did you enjoy yourself tonight?” he asked, looking ahead of him. Becca nodded.

“Yeah, I can’t believe Andy’s getting married. I didn’t even know he had a girl, he sure knows how to keep his life private,” Becca awed, looking behind her at the happy couple. Joe did the same and smiled.

“They look really happy,” he said with a glint in his eye. Becca watched him, seeing how even Jen could like this boy. He was adorable. Not only by his looks but also how he sincerely cared about his friends and the people around him. How he was passionate about his job and wouldn’t trade it for the world. The way his blue eyes sparkled when he talked about Star Wars or his mom. He loved his mother dearly and was not ashamed to admit he was a mama’s boy. It was the Jew in him.

Joe could feel her eyes on him and rolled his eyes to look at her. He turned his whole head to face her, only to have his face so close to hers that he could feel her breath. Joe leaned in, brushing his lips to hers but Becca pulled away quick.

“We can’t keep doing this Joe,” she whispered, looking down. Joe bit his lip, looking away.

“Do you want to go…now?” he asked. Becca nodded, standing up. Joe followed her actions.

They said their goodbyes and praises to the newly affianced couple before leaving for their home, only to sleep as soon as they reached their rooms.

That night neither slept. Becca sat up in bed, tears running down her face as she wondered if she would ever experience the love her parents shared, even if it wasn’t for the longest time. Growing up in a home with a black mother and white father wasn’t the easiest thing considering the circumstances they lived in back when black and white was more than just a color. Everything had to be controversial.

Joe laid his head on his arms, staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell was wrong with him. Every time he would get close to her he’d want to kiss her. No matter how hard he tried not to but he couldn’t pull himself away from the strong magnetic force she had on her. Joe didn’t even know why he was with Jenna. He wasn’t happy at all with her, but if his mother wanted him to marry a Jewish girl, then he would. He and Becca belonged to two totally different worlds, and it would take a miracle for them to get through the obstacles they would have to face if they were to get together.

But then again, love and happiness are the two main ingredients to get through anything.
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