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Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Becca scratched her head furiously as she tried to create the sketches for the fall collection for Clandestine, but at the moment she had everything in her thoughts but her work. Working at Clandestine wasn’t as hard and uneventful as she thought it would be, but every day she worked her creativity had to be at the utmost level. Plus, having a boss who happened to be Pete Wentz a rock sex symbol made it distracting.

“You’re going to pull your hair out if you keep doing that,” Joe chuckled as he walked into her bedroom where she was sprawled on the floor with sketch boards around her, pencil in hand. Becca looked up to see him leaning on the doorframe.

“I can’t get any inspiration,” she mumbled, staring back down at her sketches.

“Then take a break, come have lunch with us,” Joe suggested.

“Who's 'us'?” Becca asked, looking at her friend.

“Jenna and I, she just came by now,” Joe said. Becca rolled her eyes at the aforementioned girl. Joe and Jenna had been dating for almost three months now and Becca disliked every bit of it.

“Nope, I’m not going anywhere,” Becca shook her head.

“Oh come on Bex, what do you have against her,” Joe asked, exasperated.

“She’s not the smartest tool in the shed nor is she your type,” she said, picking herself up.

“Not my type? What the hell do you know about my type?” he asked, livid at what she had just said. Becca looked at him sarcastically, folding her arms.

“We’ve been emailing and calling each other before we met and talked about everything. I’ve been staying here for almost five months. You’d think by now I’d know a little more about you.”

“Oh so you think living with me gives you the advantage to choose who I date?”

“No but it gives me the advantage to look out for you,” she spat, picking her sketches off the floor.

“Oh you’re looking out for me? How about I date who I want without your opinion and I keep my comments to myself about your affair with Pete,” it was his turn to cross his arms. Becca froze and turned to him.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes Rebecca I know about you and Pete. Did you really think he would never let it slip? Or that I would go to his place and not notice it was your underwear on the floor of his bedroom?”

‘You keep out of it,” she threatened.

“Then you keep out of my relationship with Jenna.”

“You know what? If you’re just going to go out with her because she’s Jewish, then go ahead I don’t care. There are a lot of girls out there Joe just as Jewish as Jenna who could care for you despite that you are a rock star. She is using you Joe and when you figure it out too late do not come running to me because I will say I told you so,” she raised her voice.

“What the fuck so it’s okay if Pete uses you for his sexual desires but it’s not okay for me to be in a relationship with someone I love?” he yelled.

“Don’t kid yourself Joe you know you don’t love her,” she laughed sarcastically, shaking her head. Joe became furious, restraining himself from punching the wall.

“Fuck you, you have no idea how I feel and you have no right to say who I can and can’t love!”

“Fuck you too then,” she screamed after him as she heard the front door slam. Becca was furious. She couldn’t understand what Joe saw in the fake-breasted blonde who couldn’t tell the difference between a continent and an island. Yes, sure Jenna’s C-cups were more of a looker than Becca’s 34B’s but she could have sworn it was immorally wrong in the Jewish culture to have breast implants. Then again so were tattoos, which Joe had.

Becca screamed in frustration inside the empty house. She stamped downstairs and took out everything she needed out of the kitchen cupboards when she was in such a mood. She baked.

Joe sat dazed in the movie house, unaware of the moving pictures in front of him or the blonde holding on to him. Even though he was anticipating the day he could watch the latest Will Smith flick I Am Legend, he couldn’t keep his mind on it. He thought about his verbal brawl that took place not too long ago, and hated to admit that Becca was right.

He wasn’t mad that Becca evoked his true feelings for Jenna, he was just mad that she caught him on. He couldn’t for the life of him stand Jenna; he was just dating her to get his mind off of Becca, which, he figured, was almost impossible when every night since she had lived with him she slept in the bedroom right next to his. He would lie in his bed with an image of Becca while she showered, singing one of their songs out loud. There was something about Becca that he couldn’t help but fall for. She was beautiful, funny, incredibly smart and caring. Those were all the things Joe wanted in a girl.

“Shit, she was right about Jenna not being the right one for me”, he thought aloud to himself.

“What’s that baby?” Jenna asked softly to not disturb the other people in the movie.

“I said the movie is great,” he lied, faking his smile perfectly. Jenna shrugged it off and went back to concentrating on the movie. Joe watched her from the corner of his eye; there was nothing he could compare to Becca. Sure her boobs were big but they were fake and if his mother were to see him with her she’d be disappointed. But what about Becca? What would his mother think if he brought home a mixed heritage Catholic girl?

“Fuck this,” he huffed, getting up and squeezing through the people apologetically.

“Joe,” he heard Jenna call but didn’t turn back. Once he made it out the movie house he power walked to his car. Jenna caught up after him just as he walked out into the rain.

“Joe baby what the hell are you doing, the movie is not over,” she tried to grasp him by the arm. Joe turned and held her shoulders.

“I am sorry Jen but I have to do this. I’ll call you later if I can,” he let go of her and continued walking.

“Joe, wait WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” she screamed, stomping her foot in the rain, only to wet herself. She furiously walked back inside the theatre and watched as Joe drove away.
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