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Chapter Six

by falloutbaby89

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Chapter Six

Redballoon (Ally), here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Hope you enjoyed it cause it took a lot of work and blushing coming from me

Joe sat in his black Range Rover Sport 2006, contemplating the words to say to Becca. It was never his strong point admitting to mistakes and being wrong, but he knew he desperately had to make an effort to get back into Becca’s good books.

“And maybe get into something else,” he mumbled to himself, widening his eyes as realization dawned on what he just said.

“Ahhh, Trohman get your mind out of the gutter,” he banged his head on the steering wheel. He rested his chin on the wheel, listening to the raindrops pounding onto his car and staring before him through the dim lit house as Becca’s shadow moved around in the kitchen mixing something furiously in a large bowl. He couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

“She’s so cute,” he smiled.

“That ass named Trohman best not think he’s going to get away with much for calling me a slut,” Becca fumed, adding more pressure to her whisking. Baking was her favorite pastime whenever she would be upset at her parents or the fact that her sister deserted her, which she was still not over. Her mother taught her to bake when she was only eight, bored out of her mind because her siblings had to write exams every damn day. Now, three trays and thirty cupcakes later Becca was still trying to figure how her mom’s ingredients to her marvelous double chocolate brownie cupcakes.

“Right now I am sure he’s fucking the brains out of Jenna ‘Double G cup’ Greenberg,” she mocked, shoving the cutlery drawer closed after taking out a spoon…the fourth one to be exact. She snapped her eyes up when she heard the door close, after a loud moan of appall.

“Did you almost burn my house down?” Joe smiled as he appeared into the kitchen. However, once he saw the death glare she gave him he wiped that smile on his face faster than how he ran from Jenna.

“The first batches always come out like shit, which you look like right now,” she said, giving him a sarcastic smile.

“I’m so-”

“Don’t start with me Trohman,” she fought, not wanting to hear his excuse. Joe expected her to be mad at him.

“Well what do you want me to say?” Joe asked, tired of fighting with her. She stopped her activity and stared at him, hurt.

“Well what is there to do Joe? You just called me a slut which you know is not okay with me considering my past,” she started again with the whisking, almost injuring her hand.

“Becca stop,” he walked up to her and held her wrist. She pulled it out of his hold and moved away from him slightly, not daring to look at him.

“Becca look at me,” he said more aggressively. She folded her arms and turned to him. Then she shook her head and started to wake away but Joe grabbed her elbow.

“Leave me alone,” she spat, trying to get out of his hold.

‘WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT ME TO DO BECCA? I’M TRYING TO FUCKING APOLOGIZE BUT YOU WON’T GIVE ME THE CHANCE!” he boomed, making Becca jump a little. He let go of her and walked over to the other side of the kitchen, running his hands down his face.

“I WANT YOU TO LEAVE JENNA OK? I WANT YOU TO TELL ME YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAN HER AND FOR REALLY SELFISH REASONS THAT I HOPE WILL BENEFIT YOU ALSO I WANT YOU TO TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME BECAUSE I LOVE YOU JOE!” she screamed, almost crying. Joe turned and stared at her glossy eyes. Next thing they knew they felt each other’s lips together, biting and nipping.

Joe started unbuttoning her blouse as she hurriedly took off his rain soaked shirt, breaking their kiss apart as she pulled it over his head. She threw the shirt somewhere but didn’t care as she attacked Joe’s lips hungrily, pulling his head close as possible to hers. Joe finally got her blouse off and unclasped her bra, throwing it behind him and just as fast grabbed her breast in his hands, making her moan. Becca’s hands found the button of his jeans, pulling them down and grabbing his buttocks firmly, thus emitting a groan from him. Joe pushed her against the kitchen counters, pushing her pajama pants down leaving her in her lace French knickers.

“I’m so sorry for what I said,” Joe panted through kisses. Becca, just as much out of breath as Joe, pushed his boxers down freeing his erection, dismissed his apology.

“It’s okay, just make it up to me now,” she pulled him back into a kiss. Joe pulled her panties off and carried her onto the counter, delaying no time in entering her.

“Oh my god,” they both cried, feeling the penetration and warmth they gave each other. Joe left Becca’s lips and started down her jaw line and onto her neck, biting on her sensitive spot that made Becca sigh in contentment. Becca rocked her hips meeting his thrusts, throwing her head back as she felt Joe take one of her nipples into his mouth sucking hard onto it. She ran her hands up her back to his head, pressing his face into her chest, moaning at the feeling as he bit her.

“Fuck, Bex,” he let out as he felt her tighten her walls around him, bringing him one step closer to orgasm. Bex could only whimper, as he slammed harder into her, hitting her cervix. She let go of his head and grasped for the handles on of the cupboards, opening her legs more. Joe wrapped his arms around her waist to bring her closer to him making her ass rest on the edge of the counter. Such a position made Becca buck her ups suddenly as he hit the right spot and Joe let out a loud moan.

Becca’s breathing become shorter and harder as he kept hitting the same spot that drove her wild over and over, crying out his name as if he was some god.

“Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph,” came babbling out of her mouth. Hearing his name like that made him thrust her faster and harder. He let one hand in Becca’s as it held onto the handle, holding himself up so if his legs were to let go he would still be up.

It could be easily said that these two were not making love, and they both knew it. They were just letting out their sexual frustrations out on one another as they were the ones that caused it, no one else and they were taking full advantage of it. There will always be the next morning or night to be wrapped in the sheets with sweat dripping from passionate love making, but not now.

“I’m almost there Joe,” Becca squirmed, holding on tight to the handles. Joe held her tighter and carried her body off the counter, slamming it into the nearby wall. They didn’t miss a beat as he continued driving himself into her again and Becca rocked her hips into his, her back pounding into the wall with each thrust. Joe’s lips went back to her neck, nibbling on it each time her walls tightened around him, feeling that amazing sensation in his lower abdomen as he thrust one last time and felt his load shoot through his penis into her while her orgasm washed over her, coating around him, Becca screaming his names out while he could only grunt. Joe’s legs quivered as he held her to the wall, letting himself finish and wait for her to come back to the world. He kept his head in the crook of her neck, enjoying the feeling of her chest rubbing against his. He kissed her neck, moving to her jaw and finally on her lips.

They let their lips play together, Becca giggled as he softly tickled her sides. Joe pulled out of her, letting her down off the wall still kissing her.

“So we’ll talk about this tomorrow morning?” he said in between kisses.

“Yes,” she kissed.

“And you’ll be sleeping with me tonight?”

“Definitely,” she smiled in their kiss. Joe picked her up again letting her wrap her legs around his waist, her arms around his shoulders. Becca squealed when he squeezed her ass and made their way to his bedroom.
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