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“Why don’t you blow me a kiss before she goes?”

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My Chem's back and on stage!

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12. “Why don’t you blow me a kiss before she goes?”

The rest of the night was pretty much a blur to every one. Soul Purpose stepped off the stage and retreated to the back – pleased with the reaction of the audience, happy knowing that they had managed to win the crowd over.

Back in the tranquility of the dressing room, they were congratulated heartily. Receiving encouraging slaps and shoves on their backs and also a few witty comments about how they totally lost it towards the end of the show.

And then, it was My Chemical Romance’s cue to show up on stage. The guys repeated their usual ritual of high-fives with the crew, including the other band this time, and jogged off towards the stage, their ears throbbing with the ever-rising chant of “MCR” coming from the worked-up audience.

The lights went down… and the crowd started to scream.

They lived for this moment. Maybe not only for it, but a huge part of their minds, bodies and souls (even if those three really didn’t need to be named separately ) was addicted to this snapshot of time in the entire space-time continuum. They craved that first adrenaline rush, that clenching of the insides, that fastening of the heart beat, sweating of the palms, the constant flopping of the stomach and all the other pleasant and not-so-pleasant feelings that were caused by mere biological reactions going on inside their bodies because of the adrenaline. Oh, yes, they were addicted… to that anxiety-hormone. Some people drove at 180 mph to reach that high, some did bungee-jumping… and they did this. And neither of them, actually no one that has ever gotten a dose of the stage, would be willing to give this up for riding motorcars or throwing themselves off of high buildings – besides some of them were a touch afraid of heights. And just maybe, maybe that’s because it’s not just about the adrenaline, maybe it’s something in their blood. Under their skin. Something that no one is ever going to get over. Never.

Ray walked to the left end of the stage, grabbing his Les Paul and putting the strap over his head, placing it securely on his shoulder and holding the guitar tight against his body. His fingers ghosted over the fret board, anxious to start the rock.

Bob sat down at his stool, clasped his drumsticks firmly, flicking his wrists every now and then. He placed his feet on the pedals carefully and started playing with his lip ring. He tugged at it with his upper teeth constantly, chewing on his lower lip at the same time.

Frank grabbed Bela, wrapping his body around the guitar intimately. It had been a while since he last took her out for a show so that he could almost feel the excitement radiating off of the guitar. His face broke into a grin at the sight of the crowd before him and he started fingering the pick in his hand.

Mikey handled his Fender delicately as usual, positioning it against his body. His fingers traveling up and down the neck, stroking the instrument lovingly, he moved in front of Bob’s drum kit and stood behind his brother silently. His heavily made up eyes wandered around the stage and over the audience.

Gerard looked at the crowd and just for a moment he thought “Fuck, I can’t do this”. The feeling washed over quickly as he grabbed the microphone and let out a deep breath, the sound of the air coming out of his thin lips audible to the entire venue. The crowd went wild with anticipation. He smiled. It definitely wasn’t the biggest crowd he had seen, but still there was no denying that it was pretty vast. He couldn’t help but smile, feeling like this was where he was meant to be from the beginning.

His right foot automatically started tapping to the rhythm Frank had started creating. He entered the song at just the right moment, his voice a deep growl.

“Well it rains and it pours
When you’re out on your own”

He sang in the dark, his head hanging low, dark hair covering half of his face. His head, hands and feet moved in perfect harmony with the beat. He could hear the little squeaky sounds coming from the rhythm guitarist’s fingers sliding effortlessly over the frets – oh that sound was priceless, he could never get tired of it.

“If I crash on the couch
Can I sleep in my clothes?”

The spots came on and shone on his face at that moment. The crowd cheered louder. His body slowly started moving on its own accord, as if subconsciously knowing that the word “dance” was coming.

“‘Cause I’ve spent the night dancing
I’m drunk, I suppose
If it looks like I’m laughing
I’m really just asking to leave”

He started pacing around the stage, first walking to one side, and then almost running towards the other end. His voice rose up a few octaves, gaining that signature melodic wail-like undertone, that unique intense quality which always made him stand out.

“This alone, you’re in time for the show
You’re the one that I need
I’m the one that you loathe
You can watch me corrode like a beast in repose
‘Cause I love all the poison
Away with the boys in the band”

The tension had slowly but surely started to build, now. Everyone’s movements had become sharper and more frantic. The pre-chorus rang out in the venue.

“I’ve really been
On a bender and it shows
So why don’t you blow me
a kiss before she goes?”

Gerard and Frank jumped at the same exact moment, the guitarist slamming hard on his guitar, riding it with a fierce need – his picking instantly becoming more rapid and forceful – while the singer twisted and tossed his head furiously, shouting at the top of his lungs.

“Give me a shot to remember
And you can take all the pain away from me
A kiss and I will surrender
The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead
A light to burn all the empires
So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
In love with all of these vampires
So you can leave like the sane abandoned me”

Moving onto the next verse, Gerard caught sight of Ray – beating his head furiously, his afro following the abrupt movements of his head rather smoothly. He looked like a metal-god right then, his guitar braced against his left thigh, his feet farther apart from each other, comfortable and seeming weirdly predatory in a cave-men-like stance.

And Mikey was pacing around, his head nodding up and down in time with the beat. His body had found its very own graceful way to move to the song – that was the thing about Mikey: He was skinny, thus he usually looked so fragile but that also made him somewhat graceful, in his own bizarre way. Whenever you’d try to get him to dance, he would just stand there and look at you with that boyish embarrassed expression on his face and wouldn’t be able to lift a finger matching the music. But just hand that boy a bass, let his fingers travel around on it and his body would soon find a way to dance on its own. Not an actual dance but yet… It was weird, really.

Bob had already started sweating a bit, bringing down his drumsticks forcefully to connect with the drums and create a fierce beat. His cute blonde fringe was flying around in the air as he banged his head violently. His hands and feet working in heavy coordination, though easily with years of experience of being a jazz drummer especially, which depends more on hard work rather than perfect skills.

When the chorus kicked in once again, Frank had already dropped to his knees twice, got up, thrashed around a bit, and almost fell down hard on his ass, tangling in a web of cables at the very far right end of the stage. He was always violent on stage, but it all felt different, now. He felt freer than he’d felt in such a long time. He wanted to fuck around, because My Chem fucked around on stage. The Black Parade didn’t, not usually, anyway. And he certainly felt like abandoning the alter ego, right then and there. They’d had enough of it, already. And he was pretty sure they’d all realized that not even an hour ago, at backstage. Those weird shared looks were enough to say that they were changing, yet again. And he wanted to change into this. He wanted to lose control completely.

He made his way – jumping and twirling around – to where Gerard had propped up his left foot on an amplifier, leaning on it. He had totally given himself over to the song, singing, screaming with all his might. His cheeks were flushed from all the jumping around and his breaths were accelerated. There was no denying he looked hot. Frank wasn’t bothered by that thought – he had come to terms with his feelings for his best friend, a long time ago. Gerard was incredibly hot on stage and there was no way Frank could keep his hands off of him, especially with the high of the stage riding him. Of course, the fact that it made the fan girls go crazy and the fucking homophobes get uncomfortable was a huge bonus. He knew that Gerard felt the same way, that he knew how it felt to go completely nuts on stage, to just let go and act on sheer impulse. To feel like you can do anything and everything. To feel invincible. That’s why they didn’t mind having “Frerard” moments. Yeah, he knew that that was what the fans called the two of them getting it on.

Gerard had closed his eyes for a moment when he felt Frank’s hot breath on his neck, blowing on his sweat-coated skin and cooling him off. How he knew that it was Frank and no one else? Hah, he just knew!

Soon, he felt the tiny guitarist’s fingertips ghost over his upper arm slowly, leaving his beloved guitar for a moment. He registered the slight pressure on his right shoulder as Frank rested his head against it momentarily, placing a chaste kiss on the sensitive skin right where his ear met his neck. He had plastered his small frame against Gerard’s back, Bela forgotten completely, trapped between their bodies.

As Gerard threw his head back to scream the chorus one last time, Frank let go of his friend, his body falling backwards. He landed hard on his ass but kept playing, giving a cry of pain that was muffled by the loud music.

His ass hurt where it connected with the floor, his fingertips tingled where they pressed against the strings, his heart beat so loud and frantic that he could literally hear the blood pumping in his ears.

He had never felt so alive in such a long time.


Defne’s eyes were transfixed on the stage as she moved with the music. Her lips ghosted over the lyrics unconsciously. She had never been to a My Chemical Romance show before and she regretted it profoundly, now. She had missed out on a lot…

She was standing close to the front with her friends, all of them pressed against each other firmly. They were a pretty cozy bunch – packed up together so hard that when one person moved, the action made the others move, too, resulting in making the crowd look like one gigantic organism living and breathing on its own.

Defne, Zack, Devon, Chris and Matt had all gone out to watch the show and blended in with the audience once they’d had a moment to catch their breaths. Some of the kids had recognized them and complimented their performance with sincere “Great show!”s or “Dude, you rock!”s and similar things. They were all so glad to be appreciated. That had helped the high of the stage to linger a bit longer, resulting in them being a lot jumpier than usual.

The crowd might have enjoyed their show but the reaction they gave to My Chem was… priceless, to say the least. They went wild with the first song, jumping up and down, banging their heads violently and shouting the lyrics along with Gerard.

As Frank hugged the singer from behind and kissed his neck, all the girls screamed at the top of their lungs – no, Defne tried not to and succeeded, but she couldn’t help the grin that permanently placed itself on her lips. No one had expected a Frerard moment so soon. Yet, the lucky ones were still able to capture the moment with the cameras of their mobile phones. Defne also noticed that Matt averted his gaze at that exact moment and she quickly wrote it down in a twisted little corner of her mind to give him trouble about him being a homophobe, at a later and more appropriate time.

The thrill of the concert climbed up and up and up with every other song they played. Defne lost herself for the second time that night, capering about wildly. Next to her, Zack didn’t miss the chance to use the excuse of banging his head mindlessly to hit Defne with his shoulder. She didn’t let him get away with that of course, she gave him a few effective body shoves sidewards, making him tumble against poor Chris, who was minding his own business, on the other side of him.

No one saw that coming… Oh, absolutely no one… In the middle of You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison... it was rather ironic that it happened during that song – considering the implied meaning of the title. Gerard stalked over to where Frank was playing his guitar passionately, his hair flying all over the place. He grabbed the guitarist’s hair roughly, forcing his head back to claim his lips violently. Frank seemed to be dumbfounded for a moment, than he abandoned his guitar completely to hug Gerard close and respond the kiss forcefully. Their bodies melded against each other, ignoring the fact that there was a guitar squashed between them, or there were thousands of people staring up at them. The kiss wasn’t the least bit chaste or romantic. It was wild, passionate and primeval almost in an animalistic sort of way. Their arms locked around each other, holding so tight, if they stayed like that a little while longer, they surely would have been bruised. But they separated so suddenly and quickly, just like they had come together in the first place. Gerard broke off their contact abruptly, detaching his lips sharply from the younger man’s. He shoved Frank away forcefully, making the tiny guitarist tumble before finding his balance again. In a moment, he was slamming on his guitar violently again, like nothing ever happened. And Gerard was back to pacing around, singing like a man possessed, screaming his throat out.

The crowd went nuts, the squeals of joy and screams of amazement were so loud that Gerard’s own voice couldn’t be heard over all the noise for some time. Girls shrieked, jumping up and down, hugging each other. Boyfriends got jealous of their girlfriends getting so hot and bothered over two guys kissing…

Defne was a little embarrassed that she hadn’t been able to prevent the little squeal that had come out of her mouth at the sight before her eyes. Devon elbowed her in the ribs, laughing madly. He surely was going to give her a hard time about it. She shot him a heated look and went back to enjoying the show. She’d deal with him later. She cast aside, with great effort, the sudden visions of Gerard kissing her like that. But that was really hard, especially after what she had just witnessed. It was… she couldn’t think of one word to describe it effectively. Gerard and Frank were just… wow…


Towards the end of the concert, Gerard walked over to Frank and whisper-shouted in his ear, holding the microphone away from his mouth.

“Did you see how much energy there still is in my young strong body?”

A/N: A Frerardful chapter in a story that is not actually a Frerard story. I guess it’s strange, but I just couldn’t help it. This scenario was playing around in my head for some time.

I’m sorry if the chapter doesn’t flow smoothly, I had to write it and beta-read it with two kids constantly talking, nagging, asking stupid questions, wandering about in my room, touching things they shouldn’t be touching (like my guitar, my comic books and my DVDs). They’re not gonna be leaving very soon and I just couldn’t wait to write and post this.

And I totally stole the famous Pro-Rev kiss and pasted it in my story. “I was just getting even with him.” Gerard had said later, talking about that kiss. It just seemed to me like it would fit in here.

Any type of feedback is thoroughly appreciated. Review, rate, criticize… Anything. Just let me know what you think about this =) (Sorry for the overly-long author’s note, too.)
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