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What Just Happened?

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Time to go home.

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Here's another chapter of my crossover. This time; it's time to go home.


"We're going home?" Lilo was practically bouncing.

"That's right," Major Davis answered, trying not to sound too relieved. The elevator doors opened at the surface level and they got off. "We reached an accommodation with your... foreign friend. She explained everything, and we reached an agreement."

"Foreign friend?" Lilo asked, confused. Then it hit her. "OH! You mean the Grand Councilwoman." She nodded sagely and gave an exaggerated wink.

Davis sighed. That could have been worse, he allowed. The arrival of the tall, reed thin alien through the gate had made quite an impression on the SGC. Much to Davis' surprise, she had filled in all the blanks for them and convinced General Landry to allow Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley to return to Kauai. Davis hadn't been present and wasn't sure how she had done it. For the first time in his life, he had an appreciation for the expression 'fly on the wall.' He certainly wouldn't have minded being one for that meeting.

Landry had his share of conditions, of course. Stitch had to submit to certain medical tests, to make sure he wasn't carrying any nasty diseases, and the Air Force would be checking in regularly. Earth would also be establishing diplomatic relations with the United Galactic Federation. This worked to the advantage of both, so the Grand Councilwoman readily agreed.

"So where is Stitch?" Lilo asked, looking around.

"He'll be along soon. Our doctor just wanted to give him a thorough checkup and make sure he's okay."

"Jumba can do that when we get home," Lilo waved off his explanation. "Don't trouble yourself."

"It's no trouble, and it is required by the general." He saw the girl's face clouding up and hastened to reassure her. "By now, they should be done and just waiting on test results. Not long."

"I want to go home," Lilo pouted. "If all you're doing is waiting for test results," she pointed out, suddenly cheerful, "there's no reason Stitch can't wait on Kawai." She turned and looked around the room they'd just entered. "Do those vents run through the entire base?"

Major Davis glanced at the air conditioning vent, thrown by the non sequitur. "I believe so." Then it clicked. "I doubt he can hear you, and he wouldn't be able to get out that way, even if he could fit through the vents. You watch too many movies."

Ignoring him Lilo leaned over and shouted into the vent. "Come on Stitch! Time to go home!"


Twenty-odd levels below, General Hank Landry was wrapping up the business that had brought Thor to Earth. He was pleased with the results of their mutual efforts and was saying as much to their small gray ally when his phone rang.


"Sir we may have a problem. Check the monitor for the isolation room."

Frowning, Landry picked up a remote control and aimed it at the portable terminal that had been brought in earlier for the meeting with the Federation representative. The small blue creature was bouncing around the room excitedly. "What's the problem? He's contained."

"It just started, sir. It was perfectly well-behaved when the doctor was running her tests, and dozing the rest of the time. Then, for no apparent reason, it started doing..." on screen, Stitch gave and extra high bounce and opened his mouth wide, giving his audience a good view of his formidable teeth. "...that."

"Has anything changed in the isolation room? Anything that might irritate it?" Before Walter could answer the little beast reared back and spat on the camera lens, obscuring their view of the room. The audio pickup still functioned, though, and Landry could clearly hear the shriek of tortured metal that could only be the door of the isolation room being ripped from its frame. That was followed by startled shouts, some muffled thuds and, a moment later, a base-wide alarm. "Oh great."


"Lilo," Davis pointed out. "Even if he could hear you, there are over a dozen levels of high security between him and us."

"Oh. Good point." She leaned back to the vent. "Don't hurt anybody, Stitch!"


A small furry bowling ball rolled out of a side corridor and under the feet of the soldiers running toward the source of the alarm. It changed direction several times, neatly avoiding becoming part of the pile of colorfully swearing marines. One managed to pull himself free just in time to see their assailant unroll and jump to the wall of across-corridor. "Strike!" it shouted gleefully, before disappearing as quickly as it had come among them.


"What's the situation, Walter?"

"The thing in the isolation room broke out, Colonel Mitchell. We're not sure why. It just went berserk."

"Terrific. It'll be headed for the surface and there are only so many ways out of this base. We need to make sure they're all covered."

"The shaft to the surface is the most direct," Sam reasoned. "I doubt it could know about that, though."

"We should post guards anyway." They organized and deployed as quickly as they could.


"We've spotted it, sir." It's on level 22, corridor E. We're in pursuit, man that thing is fast!" The last came through in a mutter, not meant for his superiors.

"That's not going to lead him anywhere useful," Landry frowned, looking at the others in the control room.

"Actually, sir," Carter corrected there is a..." the lights suddenly cut out, "junction box there." The lights came on a moment later as the backups kicked in.

"Sorry sir," the airman reported. "We lost him."


Airman Hall caught a glimpse of blue fur out of the corner of his eye and turned to run after it. Racing full tilt with three others at his back, he approached the corner. "Fisher's squad is coming from the other direction," he told his men. "We've got it trapped." Rounding the corner, he could see Fisher and three others coming from the other direction, at speed. No rooms. No other corridors to duck down. Not even an air vent. "Got you," he muttered, still moving fast toward the creature. For some reason, the little beast didn't look all that worried. It was just sitting there, drooling. Hall didn't have time to wonder why before his feet went out from under him.

Cooper, Dickson, and Richards joined him on a floor that, he realized now that he was face down, sliding along it, was covered with the creature's saliva. An attempt to push himself up ended abruptly when Fisher landed on top of him.

"Eeww!" Someone called out from the pile. "I've been slimed!" Hall never saw where the creature went.


Landry scowled at his watch, as they headed for the briefing room. "Well, colonel Carter, you no longer hold the record for quickest escape from the SGC."

"Yes, sir," Sam answered automatically, too busy reviewing in her mind how exactly that had happened. Stitch had proven every bit as formidable as Bubbles, and she still couldn't quite get past that name, had claimed. The security footage was downright embarrassing, and could have easily taken top prize on America's Funniest Home Videos.

"We're ready to go after him," Mitchell assured the general, surprised that the order hadn't already been given.

"We were going to release him anyway," Landry sighed. "Besides, do you really want him back here?"

"Um, good point. So, he goes back with his... family?"

"Yes, and the other two aliens as well. They're to be left alone, provided they stay out of trouble and keep a low profile. Bubbles has been given the job of watching them."

"He has my sympathies." Teal'c's words drew startled looks from the others. They had all been thinking it, but no one had expected the stoic Jaffa to be the one to voice it.

"Indeed," Daniel agreed, after a moment. They entered the conference room for aformal rundown of the afternoon's debacle only to received another surprise. Thor was still there, and sitting across from him was General Jack O'Neill.

"Jack?" Landry asked glancing back and forth between the two. He noted that Thor seemed unusually agitated about something.

"Hank," Jack nodded in greeting. "What just happened?"

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