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Where Is Your What?

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Something important is missing.

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We're coming up on the conclusion of this story. I think I've stretched the plot lines of both shows far enough. I considered putting in a chapter about the visit with the Galactic Federation Rep., but Ijust couldn't see Landry agreeing to anything that I needed him to agree to, so I handled it another way. Here is the next chapter. Something important is missing.


"Where is your what?" Landry felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and a need to sit down. He was already sitting.

"My ship," Thor repeated. "It is no longer in orbit."

Landry glanced at Jack, who looked uncommonly grave. "What happened?" he asked, although he had afeeling he already knew.

"We're not sure," O'Neill answered. "It didn't crash, we know that much. When Thor tried to return to his ship, he just found that he couldn't. No warning, it just... wasn't there anymore."

"The /Prometheus/?"

"That's how I got here. They're scanning the area now."

"Jookiba?" Landry asked, voicing the disturbing possibility that had occurred to him earlier.

"I cannot tell," Thor answered. "My ship has safeguards, and I should have been alerted had anyone tried to bypass them or had anything catastrophic happened to the vessel, but I received no warning. My systems failed to respond when I signaled for transport."

"That's when he contacted me," Jack picked up the story. "You were, ah, occupied."

"Getting our butts kicked by a blue space koala," Landry admitted sourly.

"The Prometheus hasn't been at it long, but they haven't found anything yet." Jack looked at Thor. "Is there any chance that this Jookiba actually stole your ship?"

"The odds are against it, O'Neill. The technology of the Galactic Federation is considerably inferior to that of the Asgard. However," he admitted, "I see no other likely explanation."

"I'll call Bubbles, see if he can give us some idea of what Jookiba is capable of." The Grand Councilwoman had been amused by Thor's handling of the alien scientist and suggested that he be left where he was during their discussions. Landry didn't know the source of the animosity, and she hadn't been inclined to enlighten him. She had managed to convince him to allow Jumba and Pleakley to stay on Earth, though, under supervision. He was beginning to believe that that had been a bad idea.

It wasn't as if the two could blend in anyway, Landry reflected. Neither looked remotely human. The sisters may not have talked to Davis, but Nani did, as part of the agreement with the Federation, send reports on Jumba. The Councilwoman had told Landry that, while the people of Kawai had been wary of them at first, they had, for the most part, bided their time and taken the measure of their new neighbors. Both had been accepted after a while, and now, none of the islanders paid them any mind.

He thought the situation untenable, but he had agreed to let matters stand for a time while the military studied the arrangement. Definitely a mistake, he decided.

Before he could reach the phone, to call Bubbles, though, there was a flash of light and a pale green creature was standing in the table.

"Hi! No need to point things! Or pull things! I'm harmless." He waved his four fingered hands in a placating gesture.

"Is hologram, Pleakley," a voice that, Jack thought, sounded vaguely Russian spoke from out of range. "They cannot be shooting you."

"Oh! That's right! Uh, hi. I-"

"Where are you?" Landry interrupted, putting the phone down, "and where is the ship you stole?" The alien winced, and looked very nervous.

"Um, not stole. Borrowed. The commander will get it back. We just need it a little bit longer to get our friends back. Where are Stitch and the girls?"

"Why don't you come down here so we can talk about it face to face?" Landry suggested.

"Hah! Fat chance! I've seen those TV shows and the newspapers!" Landry, O'Neill, and Thor listened, both astonished and annoyed by the odd intruder's in-depth knowledge of tabloid publications and FOX network programming. It only stopped when a large, four-fingered hand entered their view and slapped him on the back of the head.

"Focus, Pleakley," the heavily accented voice commanded.

"Okay!" the skinny green alien answered. "We just want Stitch and the girls back. We tried scanning for them to beam them up, but genius here can't figure out the scanners." He received another knock on the head for this. "Anyway. We just want them returned, safe and sound. Then we'll be on our way. No hard feelings."

"You haven't really thought this through, have you?" O'Neill asked. Pleakley looked nervous and didn't answer. "I'm sure we can come to an agreement," the head of Homeworld Security offered in his best placating tone, "but a face-to-face meeting would be preferable. You have my word you won't be harmed. This is a bit distracting."


"Your standing in the middle of the table," Landry pointed out.

One big eye was directed downward and its owner let out astartled squawk when he saw that his body seemed to end at the tabletop. "Oh. Yeah, I see. OK, maybe-"

"That will not be necessary," Thor interrupted, fiddling with one of his crystals. He vanished in a flash of light. The alien in the table also vanished, and a moment later Thor returned.

"Everything under control?"

"Yes. The three aliens have been placed in one of your holding cells."

"Let's go talk to 'em," O'Neill stood.


Jumba, Pleakley, and the odd creature that accompanied them watched their captors warily. Thor had quickly finished his assessment of the ship and returned after ensuring that the two thieves had done no damage. While the ship was intact, he did have questions for them.

He wasn't the only one. While SG1 had dispersed to their own tasks, Landry and O'Neill were present along with a contingent of guards. "Where did you go?" Landry was asking when he arrived.

"Went to Turo to retrieve some things from my old lab. Thought might be needing them to save family."

"They never needed saving," Landry snapped. "We have to take precautions, though, to ensure that none of you are even an unintentional threat."

"You show up with big guns to do this? Where are they?"

"They've already left for home," O'Neill answered. "You don't need to worry about them."

"Worry about yourselves instead. I doubt the Asgard will take kindly to the theft of one of their ships."

"Perhaps, I can be making it worth little gray friend's time," Jumba turned to address Thor. "Have many experiments, some of which Asgard might find useful."

"Is that what was in the container you left aboard my vessel?"

Jumba frowned. "Beamed container down to house."

"No. You only transported the contents."

Jumba sighed. "Nani will not like that. Dehydrated experiment pods everywhere. I will be sweeping floor for days."

"That will not be a concern." He showed interface he carried to Jumba. "That was not your only miscalculation."

Jumba scanned the information before him. "Oops."

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