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A/N: I'm slightly surprised I haven't gottne more marysues... You like me, you really like me!!!
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Brook was woken by the blaring alarm at 6 AM that she had forgetten, for obvious reasons, to turn off. She hit it, and when it didn't turn off, she picked up the nearest hard object and beat it until it did turn off.

She snuggled in closer to Kakashi, who's chest was beautiful in the morning sunlight streaming through the blinds. She did not prove her love to Kakashi, as she had thought she was doing with Itachi, but had simply tried to express it. He pulled her tighter against his body and she stiffened for a moment, remembering the time when Kakashi had had to hold her to pull her from the way of Zazbuza Momochi.

She relaxed, but Kakashi had woken at her body going stiff. He shook awake, then moved away from her to look in her face. Both of their eyes were tired but happy.

He pushed a strand of brown hair out from in front of her bright blue eyes. "What is it?" He asked her softly.

"Nothing," She said. He was holding her gaze to the point where looking away was both foolish and impossible. Her white teeth showed in a grin that she couldn't surpress. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." He kissed her nose, her forehead. "Honey, you couldn't possibly know."

"I might have an idea," She smiled and kissed him. His tongue didn't enter her mouth, but their lips simply moved gently against each other.

His hands ran up and down her sides, the callouses gently scraping against her soft, but scarred, skin. She could hear the noise and feel the friction.

Brook jumped when someone knocked hard on the door. She took a deep breath then slid her naked self out of bed. In a puff of smoke, she was in sweat pants and a sports bra.

When the person on the other side yelled, she walked slightly faster. She opened and yelled, "Genma, what do you-" She stopped short at the sight of Itachi Uchiha standing behind Genma with a large bruise on his forehead. She started to close the door in their faces, but Genma stuck his for in the door.

"I swear I will break your foot, Genma," She growled, "You know I will."

He grimaced at the increasing pressure. "Itachi just wants to say something! I didn't even want to come!" He pulled his foot out of the door and Brook opened it.

She looked at Itachi. "What?" She snapped.

"I need a place to stay," He said nonchalantly, as if they were long lost friends.

"There's this great place FAR AWAY FROM ME." She smiled sweetly, and could feel the angry eyes burn into her. She wasn't quite sure who was glaring.

Kakashi's footsteps emanated from the bedroom and Kakashi yelled, "Who is it?"

She smiled a devil's grin. "Just come see."

Itachi's eyes stayed calm, while Genma looked like his were about to bug out of his skull.

Kakashi saw Brook's back, but couldn't see the people at the door. He walked up and almost put his arm around Brook, but he froze for about a millisecond when he saw Itachi.

Then it all happened very fast.

Kakashi was in front of Brook in Itachi's spot before Brook could blink. Itachi was across the street, skidding to a halt on his back.

Brook didn't even think about restraining Kakashi, the idea of him beating Itachi to a bloody pulp was very attracting to her right now.

Kakashi was above Itachi and grabbing his collar when Brook blinked again. He held him above his head and pulled his other hand back to hit him.

Brook's small hand touched his shoulder, and he calmed immediately. He could feel her very blue-feeling chakra running from her hand to his body.

He didn't drop him right away, and Brook's hand held his free one. He dropped Itachi to the ground. He tumbled over and fell on his back, gasping for breath.

Kakashi was looking at the ground, ashamed of his outburst.

"Come on, Kakashi." Brook said quietly, tugging on his hand in the direction of the house. "Let's just go inside."

Kakashi's vision went in and out of focus, and he began to sway. "Kakashi?" Brook asked, concerned.

"I'm...I-" Kakashi tried to say, but he collapsed on the ground. The last thing she heard was Brook yelling his name.
Brook sat on Kakashi's bed and listened to the steady beep of the heart monitor. Tsunade still didn't know what had happened, but he was okay, and she had other patients to attend to.

After two hours of Kakashi being unconscicous, Brook started to get worried. She would whisper in his ear that she needed him to wake up, she needed him now.

After what seemed like and eternity, Kakashi opened his eyes slowly. The first thing he registered was Brook's weight on the bed next to him.

Brook heard the slight speed up in the beep and looked down at her love. His eyes were cracked open.

"Kakashi!" She exclaimed. She cautiously fell onto his chest, and was happy when his arms fell around her.

"What happened?" He said, alarmed at how quiet his voice was. He cleared his throat and continued in a stronger voice. "All I remember was you saying my name before I hit almost hit Itachi again."

"Why I did that I will never know..." She smiled at him. When Brook leaned down to kiss him, Kakashi noticed the air freely touching his face. He kissed her, but when she pulled away he reached for the mask on the bedstand.

Brook scowled at the black fabric that inhibited their kissing as Kakashi tied it around his face. In any case, she adjusted it so it sat in place and looked into his eyes. His headband sat on the bedstand too, but he didn't reach for it. She was glad. No matter what, his eyes were a comfort to her.

The door opened and Brook didn't need to look to know that Tsunade and Itachi had walked into the room. They both had very distinctive chakra.

"Before anything else," Tsunade said as Brook turned to look at her, "If I find any new bruises on the boy, I will think of you two first and suspend you." She pointed her pen at Brook, who was rolling her eyes. "Understood?"

"Understood," The two said together as Kakashi's hand found Brook's and squeezed it gently.

"Oh gag me." Itachi mumbled.

"I remember a time not too long ago when you would never let me go without a kiss goodbye," Brook said, smirking at him.

Itachi flashed in front of her, but Brook didn't flinch, or even blink.

"Yes?" She asked, tilting her head to one side.

"This is gonna be a long day," Tsunade sighed as she set Kakashi's chart on the end of the bed.

"Day?" Brook, Itachi, and Kakashi said together.

"Oh yes, you are going on a small mission. Three days, starting tomorrow."

"What?! You cannot be serious!" Brook roared, standing up from the bed.

"I won't stand for this," Kakashi said. His tone reminded Brook of when he used to train her.

"You aren't going." Tsunade replied.

Brook's eyes widened. "What?"

"It's just you and Itachi, Brook. Kakashi can't go." She said.

"I won't do it. I refuse to go anywhere alone with him."

"I refuse to let him go anywhere with her!" Kakashi said. Brook sat by him, again taking his hand.

"We don't trust him, for very obvious reasons." Brook's hand found her stomach, although she barely noticed.

"You don't have to trust him. This is an order from your Hokage." she looked up at them, "Do you plan to refuse me and risk your headbands?"

"I don't even wear my headband!" Brook said, tapping her forehead, which was bare.

"Anyway, Itachi shouldn't be going on missions at all yet. None the less with a new ANBU, who also should not be going on missions, because she needs to be trained and assigned to a squad."

"Don't try to run my village Kakashi. It will not work in your favor."

"I'm not going unless Itachi doesn't," She paused and her eyes changed from blue to red, "Or if Kakashi comes. You move, Lady Hokage."

"I'm fine Tsunade," Kakashi dtepped out of bed and did look fit as a fiddle. "The mission will go fine, even better if I'm there."

"I'll think about it," She said. "Until then, all three of you are to report to ANBU headquarters and wait there."

"Together?" Brook said, looking doubtfully in Itachi's direction.

"No, Genma will escort Itachi." They heard Genma's groan from the other room.

"Dismissed." Tsunade said, walking out the door with Itachi on her heel.

Brook spun and pushed her forehead into Kakashi's chest, screaming into him. Kakashi's arms fell around her waist and she took a deep breath to steady herself.

"I really don't want to do this." She sighed into his chest.

He laughed quietly, "Neither do I. But think about it," She looked up at him, interested. "We get a tent all to ourselves." She could see the smile under his mask.

"Tempting." She said, reaching for his mask.

His hand caught hers. "Not here." His clothed lips touched her forehead, then quickly touched her lips. "Let's go."

"Yeah... Back to the house?" She smiled and laughed with him.

"Later. I promise." She walked out of the room with Kakashi behind her to see Sakura and Sasuke were the only people out there.

Sakura was holding a fuming Sasuke against the wall, trying to get him to calm down.

Sasuke saw Brook, and she could see the fury in his eyes. He quickly moved out of Sakura's grasp, then was holding Brook against the wall by her neck, but she could breath easily. Her feet weren't on the ground.

Her hands closed around his wrist quickly, but couldn't move his hand.

"Sasuke," She said through gritted teeth, "What're you doing? Put me down."

"You brought him back!" He screamed at her. Her sensitive ears were hurt. "You brought my brother back to this place! To MY HOME!" He brought his fist back and hit her in the left eye, nearly hard enough to break the bone.

He still didn't release her. "I didn't want him to-" She tried, but Sasuke hit her again in the mouth, knocking on of her teeth lose and making her bleed.

"Liar! You fucked him then brought his ass back here!" He hit her in the stomach and Brook could barely hear Kakashi yelling at him. Her eyes were getting blurry. "Because you love him, Brook! You love the man who killed my whole family!" Her eyes went black, when her eyes cleared, she could see the tear running down his cheek. "Your whole family!" His fist connected with her jaw, and then she dropped to the floor.

He started walking away, but before Brook fell unconscious, Brook yelled after him. "Sasuke!" He turned, "You couldn't understand the way I hate him. Nowhere near it. He betrayed and hurt me in a way you will never know."

The intensity of her stare was enough to break his anger.

"Get out of my sight." She said, And he did.

Kakashi kneeled down next to Brook as Sakura followed Sasuke out of the building.

Sakura pushed him against the wall. "What the hell was that?!" She yelled. He was looking at the ground and wouldn't look at her. She didn't care. "Answer me, dammit!"

"I don't know!" He looked into her face, and she was surprised to see that a few tears had streamed down his cheeks. "Okay? I don't know! I was just mad and she was the first one to blame! She was the one who asked for him to come back! And was going to have his baby! She LOVED him! How the hell would you react after knowing the the guy who killed your whole family showed up and you couldn't lay a hand on him!? Huh?!"

He slipped under her arms and was gone. Probably back to his home, where he really did belong.

She stepped back inside to see Brook standing up, with Kakashi's help. Her face was swollen, and blood was running from her mouth is a thin stream.She quickly walked up and helped her stand too.

"Are you okay?" She asked Brook, who was blinking in an attempt to clear her vision.

"I'm fine." She sighed, looking up and smiling at her. Her teeth were pink. Her eye was already bruising. Sakura could even make out Sasuke's knuckles on her face.

"Can you walk?" Kakashi asked her, his eyes soft.

She stepped away from them and walked a few wobbly steps, then balanced herself. "Yep. Let's go to the headquarters."

He eyed her warily. "Okay, but if you fall, we're coming back here." He wagged a finger in her face.

"But I'm a klutz." She pointed out with a pink-toothed grin. "I'll probably fall anyway."

"I'll be able to tell."

They walked out of the hospital and to headquarters, Kakashi's arm out and ready to catch her if she should fall.
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