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After a very rude phone call with Shizune, where she was told to go to Tsunade's office immediately, Brook left the very hungover Kakashi and left to the buliding, buying two apples on the way.

Tsunade walked into the office and Brook was sitting in one of the two chairs in front of her desk, feet placed on the desk. Tsunade pushed her feet off the desk and said, "I need your help."

"Ask away." She said, tossing her other apple in the air and catching it again, having already eaten one. there was another person in the room, but Brook didn't really care.

"Well, there is this man who left the village and became a missing-nin."

"And?" Brook said, losing her patience.

"He wants back in."

The man in the room stepped forward, but all Brook saw was the black shirt with the Uchiha mark on the back. She gripped the apple tighter.

"No." Brook said. The man sat in the chair next to her. The familiar black hair didn't hide his black eye and healed-over split lip. His arm was in a sling, and his leg was wrapped from his ankle to his knee.

"With all due respect, Lady Hokage," Itachi said.

"Suck up." Brook muttered under her breath.

"I think that it would be more appropriate if someone who didn't despise me would help you make this decision."

"No. Brook is one of my most trusted ninja and I want her to know that the universe does not revolve around her. This decision is being made for the good of the village."

"I don't trust him." Brook said.

"I don't expect you to." Tsunade said calmly. "But think of what Itachi's presence on our ninja force would do for the safety of the village. Of course, until proved trustworthy, he will not go on missions alone and ANBU will follow him everywhere."

Brook sighed. "I don't care do what you want." She stood up to leave.

"You're the deciding vote." Itachi's velvet voice said to her.

Brook turned and looked into his onyx eyes. "Oh really?"

She threw the apple at Itachi's head. Itachi, being wounded, wasn't quick enough to move or deflect it, so it hit him full on in the forehead, knocking him unconsious.

She looked at the knocked out man slumped over his chair and said, "Sure. Keep him." She left the room and returned to her Kakashi.

She ran back to the house, using more energy than necessary to get there quickly. She stormed into the house, slamming the door and resting her head on the wall. Then she hit her head on the wall hard enough to make her fall to the ground holding her head.

She Sat there for a moment, then stood up when Kakashi's footsteps started to emanate from the bedroom.

"What's wrong?" He asked as his eyes travled to the red part on her forehead.

"Oh, nothing," She placed her hand on the wall that seperated the entryway from the living room. Her hand slid down the wall and rested there. "You know, The house would seem more open without this wall." She punched a hole in it on the last word.

"Brook!" Kakashi stepped in front of her and grabbed her wrist as she went back for a second punch. She looked at the floor as he spoke. "What happened?" He said quietly.

She put her head on his chest and he was still holding her wrists, careful so he wouldn't have to fix two big holes.

"He coming back. Tsunade's letting him come back." She spoke into his chest.


She mumbled incoherently into his chest. "What?" He asked, pulling away from her so he could hear. Her face was impassive.

"Itachi." She almost whispered.

His grip on her wrists tightened without him noticing. She grimaced but his eyes were closed, so he didn't notice.

"Kakashi..." She tried to say, but it was less than a whisper. "Kakashi you're hurting me."

He released her wrists quickly. "Sorry."

"I know it's not so great, but why is it making you so mad?"

"You punched a hole in the wall!"

"I have good reason."

"So do I. He hurt you." He took her face in his hands, that reminded her of him for the first time in a long time. "That's reason enough."

He kissed her through the cloth on his face, but her lips didn't respond. He pulled away from her (Brook really hating the fact that there wasn't smacking noise) to see her pouting. They laughed together and she pulled the mask down, kissing him.

She kissed him without the slightest indication in her body that she should breath. Then she collapsed on the floor.

"Brook?" Kakashi's voice was urgent, but she was already laughing.

"I'm okay."

"What happened?"

"I think I forgot to breath."

Kakashi laughed, then said, "Maybe we should move to the bed?"

"Good idea."

Kakashi's arm swept under her knees and behind her back, Brook's arms linking behind his neck. He walked to the bedroom and layed her on the bed, hovering above her. She was smiling, but Kakashi knew her too well to think she was happy.

"Don't think about him." He whispered, kissing her on the neck.

"It's not like your making it easy."

"It's not like you're making it hard."

"Than make me forget about him." Her hand stroked the headband over his eye.

"Brook. I won't do that to you."

"Please Kakashi. I want to forget all about him. I want it to be you and just you." Her eyes closed and she turned her chin up, giving him access to her neck, which he took without hesitation.

He moved up to her lips, sensing the want that he didn't want there. He wanted now more than ever, but would only have her if she wanted to have him.

"Kakashi," She breathed.

"Hm?" His lips were on her neck.

"Look at me." He looked up at the fire in her eyes.

"I'm ready."

"You mean you want to have sex?" He said, his tone calm and collected, his blood boiling under his skin.

"No." Kakashi's face became confused. "I want you to make love to me. I want to be your's."

A grin spread across his face. "What?" She asked quietly.

"I've never made love to someone before. I've only had sex."

"I love you, Brook."

"Kakashi, you have no idea." He kissed her.

~*~Morning Glories.
Kakashi's bare abdomen rubbed across her equally bare back. She loved the feeling of his skin touching her skin.
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