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Brook woke up and immediately regreted it. The alarm was going off behind her to signal that she had 1.5 hours to get ready for her ANBU testing.

She adored the way she was laying with him. Her head was on his chest and his arm wound around her waist. She shook his shoulder gently and his eyes opened lazily.

"Kakashi," She said, "Come on. We have to get up. I'm taking my test in ten minutes."

He shot up. "Ten minutes?!"

She laughed at him. "No. Hour and a half."

He glared at her but was smiling. "Don't do that. Why do I have to get up?" He whined.

"Because... I want everyone to know that you love me."


"Calm down. I'm kidding. I just don't want to walk around aimlessly in the village alone for an hour."

"So you want me to walk around with you?" He asked, slightly confused.

"I would much rather stay here and make out, but if you wanna go walk around that's you-"

Kakashi's lips cut off her words. She laughed under his embrace snd kissed him back, tangling her fingers in his messy hair she loved.

Kakashi's hands ran up and down her sides and rested on the scar on her side. He didn't remember that one and it wasn't exactly discreet.

He pulled away from her and ran his finger over it. "What's this from?" He asked, looking her in the face.

"You don't remember that?" He shook his head. "That was when Neji and I were fighting and he put that kunai all the way through here," She indicated the front and back of the scar, as it ran all the way around. "And out through here." She traced the scar outher side.

"Ow! How do I not remember that one?"

"I don't know... I thought you were there, but it could have been Asuma."

"How could you mistake Asuma for me?" He said, moving over her and pinning her to the bed in one swift move.

"You guys both have spiky hair." Her hand was out from undernath his and in his hair before he could register the jutsu she had used without hand signs.

"But I have much more spiky hair." He said, putting her hand back into hostage. He tickled her nose with his silver hair.

She wrinkled her nose up then laughed. "You know, I wasn't really thinking about who was there as I was lying on the ground, very close to death."

"Good point." He kissed her again and they kissed and whispered sweet nothings into each others ears for another 45 minutes, then Brook had to get ready for her testing.

She put on her actual, modified, uniform. Hers was much more fitting then the other Jounin in the village, and the pants were jeans. When told she wasn't allowed to wear jeans, all she had to do was point out that jeans were tighter and harder to grab when she was running from someone. Then she was left alone.

Kakashi was in his uniform by the time she had found the necesary equipment and clothes for hers. She had holsters on both sides, which was usual, and a sword that was seldom seen on her back. The sword had belonged to her mother. The sword had a hilt that was wrapped in pink ribbon and the blade was black and adorned with roses. A beatiful sword.

Kakashi and Brook made their way to ANBU headquarters, Brook almost going into covulsions from the nervousness. When they got to the building Kakashi led her around the back. She leaned against the wall and waited for Kakashi to kiss her.

"I need to say something first." He smoothed out her hair and adjusted the blade strap in front of her. "You need to calm down. You know this stuff. You are one of the smartest, strongest, and most merciless kunoichi I know. Sometimes it kind of worries me." She laughed him and hugged him around the waist, finally feeling secure about the upcoming task.

"You're going to do fine." He said as she reached for the black fabric on his face. His hand flashed up to grab her wrist, but she was on top of her game today. Her hand moved back and Kakashi grabbed nothing but air. She moved against the wall, sensing that he wanted to be in control here.

He put his hand on the left side of her head, then pulled his mask down with the other hand and kissed her good luck.

"I love you." He whispered.

"I love you more." She whispered back. Then she walked back around the building and into it.

"Brook Storm." She said to the receptionist after she asked her name.

She leaned on the desk as someone behind her said, "Well, if it isn't little Brooklyn."

She turned and when she saw the man, she yelled, "Genma!" She jumped into his waiting hug. Genma was Brook's second favorite mentor, and a brother to her.

"Hey kid." He said, releasing her. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I'm taking my tests today." She said very proudly.

Genma moved around her and asked the receptionist, "What's her number?"

The lady lookedd at the binder in front of her. "5870152674, Genma."

"Thanks, sweetie." He said winking.

"Say it again and I'll send Kiba after you."

"Sorry, Ms. Inuzuka."

She smiled sweetly at him and he turned back to Brook. He smiled devilishly.


"I'm your examiner." He laughed darkly. "Calm down." He said. "I have to test you in a professional-ish manner. Same as everyone else."

She sighed as he led her to the examination room.
~10 hours later~
Brook collapsed on the couch in the small house. Well, Kakashi dropped her on it but that was because she couldn't walk.

"Do me a favor?" She said quietly.

"What?" He called from the kitchen.

"Massage my legs." She said as he handed her a glass of water.


Kakashi spent ten minutes massaging Brook's legs, then she moved to the floor so he could rub her back.

Asuma walked in, without knocking and Kakashi just looked up at him.

"Whaaat?" Brook whined.

"Uhm... I was going to ask if you guys wanted to come to the bar..." He said, trying to hold back laughter. "But you seem busy so I'll go."

"Hey! I would go but I can't move." Brook said. "And Kakashi is really good at massaging my back."

"Oh. I have your results too." Asuma said.

Kakashi was thrown off of her as she moved to Asuma. "What? Tell me! NOW!" She shook his shoulders.

"Here!" He thrust papers at her. "Jeez!"

She opened the envelope carefully. Kakashi stood beside her scanning the paper.

Brook jumped up and screamed. "I MADE IT!" She jumped into KAkashi's waiting arms. "I made ANBU!" She said.

"So.. Yeah. We're all at the bar... Bye." Asuma left and gave them some privacy.

"I'm so happy." She said, her voice was much quieter now.

"I can tell. That smile is a dead giveaway." She laughed as she pulled down the mask and kissed him. Kakashi moved them to the couch, where they laid down.

Kakashi pulled away from her for breath and she was still smiling. "Want to make our way the bar? That's always an interesting time."

"Sure. You going to change?" Brook stood up and took off the vest on her way to the her seldom used bedroom.

She came back out in tight jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. Her neck was adorned with a necklace made of bottle caps. Kakashi had wondered where they kept disappearing to.

"You look good." He said as she walked into the bathroom they shared and the shirt she was wearing flew out the door.

She stepped out in her bra and jeans and asked, "Do you know where my Uchiha shirt is? I don't remember you washing it but I want to wear it."

"Uhm..." He stood up and walked into his room and threw the shirt to her. "Where did you get that, anyway?"

"It's Itachi's." She said, then seeing his shocked appearance added, "From when we were younger. Do You think a recent shirt of his would fit me now?"

"Good point." He walked to her and put his hands on her waist and pulled her close. "I don't ever want to hear that name come out of your mouth again." They laughed together.

"Agreed." The mask was already off and on an end table in the room, but Kakashi didn't kiss her.

She looked deep into his eyes and saw a kind of hesitation. "Waht's wrong?" She asked, barely brushing his lips with hers.

"Nothing. I'm just thinking about how Genma got back in today."

"I know! I saw him today."


"Yep. He was my examiner."

"Oh. That's cool." Kakashi pressed his lips hard against hers and she put her hands on his shoulders, pulling him closer and going on her tip-toes to kiss him better.

Kakashi pulled away from her and they rested their foreheads together. "We should probably get going."

"Probably." She grabbed his hand and interlocked their fingers. They walked out the door together and to the familiar bar where their numerous friends waited.
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