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To agonize.

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Before anything else, I'm sorry about how the last chapter was all one gigantic paragraph. I don't want to go back and fix it because it's time consuming and I don't want to.
Story follows. Also, I may start swearing more. FAIR WARNING.
Brook layed down in the wet grass as her body gave out again after the sixth time of trying her new attack. Kakashi stood over her and shook his head, his hair dripping water on her.

"Brook. This isn't going to work." He said, offering her a hand that she refused. "Those two attacks are not meant to be combined."

"I can do it! I'm getting close I can feel it!"

She repeated the hand signs she would now never forget and brought chakra to her hand. The chakra swirled into a familiar swirling ball, the Rasengan.

Then, closing her eyes, she brought more chakra to her hand, the bird noises coming from her hand.

"Ahh!!" She yelled as an explosion erupted from her hand, spending her flying backwards and into the frass again.

"Brook! This is not going to work!" Jaraiya yelled from the other side of the clearing. "The Rasengan and the Chidori are not meant to be mixed! You're going to kill yourself trying."

Brook sat up then moved back to lean against a tree. She coughed into her hand and pulled it away to see the black soot from the explosion on it. She tried to hide it from Kakashi, but he grabbed her hand and held it to his face. The blood he saw made him pull her up over his shoulder. She didn't even struggle.

"Just take me home." She said into his back. He jumped over rooftops to get home quicker.

He laid her on the couch then brought her a towel. She ran it through her hair roughly as he watched her.

"Why are you training so hard? Brook, you're killing yourself."

She wiped various spots of dried blood off her arms then sighed. "I'm not strong enough. I want to make ANBU and I'm not going to get that position without trying." She looked up at him expectantly, only to see him shaking with quiet laughter.

"Hey! What the heck do you think you're laughing at?" She said standing up and smacking him with the towel.

He dodged it swiftly, then turned and put and hand on her shoulder. Since the night she had decided he didn't want her, which was completely wrong, he wasn't allowed to kiss her or put his hands on her waist or any of the other things a normal dating couple would do. So, being a good person, he kept his distance.

"Brook. The exams won't require you to show your own move. It's basic tests of skill and intelligence, and you take the cake on both."

"I'm taking my test tomorrow." She said quietly, looking at the floor.

"Then you need to get some sleep tonight. It's already nine o' clock. Shower and go to bed." He smiled at her, and she could hear it more than she saw it.


Brook let the hot, not warm, water run over her body as she just stood in the shower, her hands shaking slightly as she gripped her head. Itachi had used his Tsukuyomi on her once, while they had been sparring, and he was using the lingering effects of the Sharingan's genjutsu on her now.

She sat in the shower, the water running over her head and putting hair in her face, taking deep breaths to try to steady herself.

"Get out..." She said, knowing very well that he could hear her every thought.

Dear Brook, His voice said in her head, I'm going to come for you soon. I'll miss you.

And just like that, the pain vanished, every remnant of his presence gone. She stood back up and finished her shower. When she came back out, Kakashi was sitting on the couch, reading a small orange book. She hadn't seen any of those off the shelf in awhile.

"Kakashi?" She almost whispered, the house was quiet, so she was heard.

He looked up from his book, his eye interested. The obsidian there always made her smile, but she fought it.

"Will you lay with me tonight?" She put emphasis on with, because they always slept in the same bed, but never together.

She could see his smile as he threw the book across the room and stood up to stretch. He walked to her and placed a hand aound her shoulders, and she laid her head on his shoulder.

As Brook crawled under the covers, she wore a sport bra and sweat pants, and he took of his shirt and laid next to her. She asked him with her eyes to lay on his back, which he did. She put her head on his chest and his arm wound around her waist.

The intimacy she hadn't had for so long felt amazing to her. Kakashi's hand made her want to kiss him passionately, and she knew he wanted to kiss her as well.

Brook's feeling won out over her reason as she pressed her lips to his chest. Her red painted fingernails, a gift from Sakura and Ino three days ago, gently moved up his chest, moving over the muscles.

Kakashi's hand left her waist, and it, along with the other one, found Brook's face. He held her head lightly, gently stroking her cheek with his thumb. When she opened her eyes, they were happy (Which Kakashi was delighted to see), and despaired.

"Don't leave me." She pleaded. She looked down as a tear ran swiftly down her cheek and splashed on his chest.

"I would never dream of leaving you. Not ever again." He said. Her hands flashed up to pull down his mask, barely touching his face. She moved her lips to his quickyl, but when her soft, warm lips met his, no one would have said she had just moved that fast.

Kakashi didn't try anything beyond the phenomonal kiss they were having, and neither did she. Her hands moved only to keep him close and his stayed wrapped around her waist.

He broke their kiss to say precious words to her.

"I love you Brook."

"I love you too." Her eyes searched his for anything, but all she found was a lovesick longing.

They both meant it.
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