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If Insane is Wrong.......(FMA\Kimblee love story)Chpt 6 When the hour strikes......

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This ones got a partial "lemon" (as we say on quizilla= lemon means sexual encounter) So if you dont like that stuff stop readin now. Thank you

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On with the story...........

Al: Brother, wait up!! Alphonse treaded behind Edward as they headed off to find Havoc. All the while Ed was lost in thought.
Ed:...... He spent the day with her after all........Damn. Maybe she mentioned something...... Poor Al finally decided to give up and silently glanced at his brothers heels.
~A few corners later~

Ed: Here you are. The two stood in the doorway of a small office filled with desks and books. There, inside, stood Havoc himself along with Armstrong; Havoc with a cigarette just freshly lit and armstrong giving some bizzare speech like he always does. (Armstrong: -_- Me: What O.O)
Havoc:What is it Ed, something troubling you? They both glanced over to the brothers with worry on their minds.
Ed:Actually ya there is. You spent the day with Arron Right?
Havoc another goofy expression: Ya what of it?
Ed: Did she mention anything to you yet? Havoc scratched his head and gave out a sarcastic sigh, his hand holding up his head.
Havoc: She hasn't mentioned anything to me about Crimson. How about you Armstrong?
Armstrongweird pose -sparkle, sparkleNo, Unfortunatley she has not. (Al in background having a wtf-good for you moment)
Ed: Damn it all! Just something......
At that moment, the General popped in, his face quite pale and shaking all over. He paced in and plopped into the nearest seat and murmered something quick under his breath.
Havoc:Hey Truesdale you alright?!
Ed:What happened?
Al:Edward............. After a good 25 mins the general looked up from the empty space in front of him to edward, His eyes growing wide.
Truesdale:I ran into.......Kimblee was there....Arron......tried to save me.....big mistake....
Armstrong:What has happened general?
Suddenly He just shouted towards Ed.
Truesdalesorrowful expression:Ed, please you need to help Arron.........I think he intends to do something with her tonight!
~Kimblee's POV~

I wonder how long I'm going to be able to get away with this. I had just killed another "civilian"- a woman this time. I found her in a bar I stopped by in to steal a quick drink. She was a whore, It was so obvious.....I watched her flirt and tease the other men and even some of the women until she turned her gaze on me. She winked and struted over, as if that was supposed to work on me. I turned my back on her and heard her pout and then come up behind me.
????:what's wrong there handsome, I'm not your type or something?
Kimblee:You don't intrest me. She leaned on the the edge of the bar, shifting her arms under her breast to show off what she had.
?????:Come on there must be something I can do........ I thought of fire at that moment as I stared at the empty glass in my hand. Sparks................
Kimblee:Actually I think there is something you could do for me....

I took her down easily. And I had to admit for trash she was a great bomb, all that smoke and powder and heat and fear. She was enough for now-I didn't want my need for fireworks to dissapear just yet. No, I'm saving that lust for Arron. Laughter rose from within me as I thought of what I had planned out for her, her words replaying in my head and reheating my desires. I wiped the little bit of blood away and headed back, knowing that after tonight she was going to hate me..........

~Back at HQ~

I found Arron's Room and decided to pick the lock with a small pocket knife I had with me. (Used mainly for things like this X3) I slipped in fast and shut the door tight. She wasn't in here-good. I looked around and began messing and searching through her stuff (Me:Curiousity) when a sound came out of damn hell no where. I turned around and saw a cat approach and rub up against my ankle.I got on my knees and picked it up, examining it then just ended up petting the fucking thing. It purred and curled up under my hand and I left it there to sleep then went to take a shower. I wanted to be ready for her anyways.....

~Arron Pov~
I couldn't stand this.....I was so tense I swear I jumped at every little thing that could mean Kimblee was awaiting me. It was already 11 at night and not once did I see him. He was planning something......I knew it. I headed towards my room, doing everything possible to avoid his own and was relieved when I finally walked in and locked the door behind me. I scanned my room and was about to plop down on the bed when suddenly I was grabbed from behind, my arms pinned down and my back against something wet. I turned and gasped, blushing violently as I saw It was Zolf, shirt off with small droplets of water clinging to his chest, hair down and his usual smirk.
_:Z--zolf........ He flipped me around so I was facing him, his hand still securing my own wrists and began tracing his finger down my jawliine. I whimpered helplessly as his finger slowly grazed over my bottom lip.
Kimblee: Shhhhhhh He pulled me closer and quickly ran his tounge down the shell of my ear and began nipping my neck so I cried out. He stopped quickly and grasped my face firmly.
Kimblee: Damn I love it when you fucking Blush like that. He Grinned and ran his tounge over his top teeth like a ravenous dog and I tried hard to look away. I was enjoying it all and I knew he knew it too, but If I give in for one second he'd have me entirely. I guess my struggling didnt help though cause the next thing I knew he had me on the bed and was kneading feriecly my abdomen and breast, scratching in small places.
_:please..........I .pr-r....
Kimblee:What's wrong Kid.You made me a promise if I remember right.
_:But I didn't want......didn't mean......this.... He stared down at me, his desire enshrouding us both, I wanted him, to be with him but not like this. He gazed down at my ripped shirt that layed open beneath him.Finally he spoke to me after a long pause, but It wasn't what I had expected to hear.
Kimblee:..........Damn you.......
_:What but I.....?
Kimblee: Your a pain you know that.Why I even bother with you.... His hand caressed my face and he finally let go of my wrists. I simply stared up at him.....imobolized. He ran a hand through his hair, closing his eyes and gave out a sigh of dissapiontment. Then he started to shift so I wasn't locked between him any longer and I decided to move at that instant; to bad I had fallen for his bait. He grabbed at my shoulders and thrust himself down on me-he was just trying to get situated. I could feel the old rage swell up within me but it left as soon as it came. asshol.... He had locked me in a kiss just then but it wasn't as harsh as it was before. He cupped my chin in his hand and slowly roamed my breast with his free hand. I moaned and drapped my arms around him, wanting him ........but at the same time...... He broke free and began to whisper in my ear. Just little torturous things and what he believed would be fun for the both of us, his hand now running up my back to my bra and a pale blush appearing on my cheeks.
Kimblee smirking: Don't worry kid......this wont hurt very long... I didn't know what he meant until the palm of his hand layed flat against my back and his alchemy ripped through me. Wouldn't hurt very long?! It hurt like frikin HELL! I don't even think I screamed out it hurt so bad. I didnt even realize that I had arched my back and that that was all he needed for an invite for soon I found he was lapping and sucking at the flesh above the top of my bra, purring softly against me. The pain left fast but I made sure to nail him in the shins for that stunt of his. He whimpered for a second then I felt him press harder against me (like boxing me in).
Kimblee: We cant have that now can we Arron?
_:Well then maybe next time you wont try that move.....I challanged him but he beat me none the less.
Kimblee:What? This? His hand pressed flat again but this time it was on my stomach and I think I almost cried. Im not entirely sure what happened then.....I think he played with my breast for a while longer and kissed me. I do recall his tounge licking away at a few tears I let escape. But what I remember clearly was when my door was nearly busted in aand the look of fustration on Zolf's face.....

Ed: WHERE'S HER ROOM! Ed ran down the dorm hallways pounding sharply against the doors. Behind Him followed Armstrong, his face all serious and shit. (^^)
Armstrong:Edward, did you heear something? Ed freezed and listned to hear a muffuled cry coming down the south hall. He made a quick turn and ran until he came across another door in the hall. This was it he knew it..... Without thinking he raised back his leg and smashed it into the door, nearly breaking it....
Damn it! Why was he here?! I gritted my teeth slightly and stared down at Arron, face flushed and shivering all over....eyes lost in the sudden heat. She looked almost as upset as I was angry ......Damn that edward..... I brought her up off the bed and brought her close wrapping the sheet to cover her up. Like hell I was going to let anyone else see her like this.........She is mine. Her eyes looked away from my own and to the door when It finally came down, revealing Armstrong to be with him. I knew she was pissed off at me, but somehow she managed to hide her face in my chest, like she was trying to smother herself away. Ed was a dead man now!
Ed:Get your hands off her you bastard! Armstrong stood there, almost as aggravated as the shrimp was. I just growled and pulled her completely on my lap.She was crying now........
Ed: Don't make me say it ag.....
Kimblee:Say another word and I'll make sure to blow apart that damn brother of yours again. They both stared at the two of us as I grabbed her in my arms and carried her out with me.He was angry but I didn't have the patience to deal with him so I merely walked on by as armstrong held him back away (me: He was having a spasm-who you callin short time then) She had fallen asleep and I simply dragged her down the hall (with some difficulties thanx to Ed and Armstrong) and found my room no problem. I slammed the door behind me and placed her down, sliding my hand over her face again and seeing the tears escape her eyes silently. You escaped me again this time kid......I will find a way to claim you as mine. With that I layed my head on her breast and pulled her closer enjoying the way she was breathing.......

~To Be Continued (Again)~
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