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If Insane is Wrong.......(FMA\Kimblee love story)Chpt 7 Restless.......

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There is a partial Intercourse moment so watch out if you dont like this kinda stuff luvs!!

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Continuing from last time.....

~Ed & Armstrong POV~
Ed:Get your hands off her you bastard! Armstrong stood there as we both stood in Arron's "now broken" doorway. My face became heated as I saw him gripping Arron to him, their shirts off........and.......WTF!!
Ed: Don't make me say it ag.....
Kimblee:Say another Damn word and I'll make sure to blow apart that damn brother of yours again. We both glared defensively in their direction as he picked her up and carried her toward the door.
Armstrong: Crimson it would be wise to leave her here and walk aw....
Kimblee:It would be Wise to move out of my way unless you want to be soaked in her blood....
That Bastard!! He sneered at us and gave a soft scoff then shouldered past the both of us and started down the wall. I couldnt take it....
Ed:Get the he..Armstrong let me go!!! He grabbed me from behind and held me up so I couldnt break free.
I just couldnt do it.......I couldnt stand seeing them both disappear down the hall more and more.
Armstrong:Edward calm yourself. We can...
Edward:And your OK with THIS?!
Armstrong:If we interfere any further than we could be putting her in major risk.
Ed:Ya But......
Armstrong:Lets go find alphonse.... then we'll discuss this all....... Suddenly a twinge of fear came from inside me and all I could do was agree. Alphonse- I glared down the hallway once more, teeth gritted and silently made my way back to find Al.

~Kimblee's POV~
I found my room no problem. I slammed the door behind me and placed her down, sliding my hand over her face again and seeing the tears escape her eyes silently. You escaped me again this time kid......I will find a way to claim you as mine. With that I layed my head on her breast and pulled her closer enjoying the way she was breathing. Wrapping my arms under the small of her back, I pulled our bodies closer and growled into her chest. I began to ache as I shifted so I didnt lay onto my erect member. Damn it all; I wanted to her when she was awake so I could gloat as I took her, and maybe just to see the little bit of fear and lust in her eyes. I gritted my teeth then stopped when she yelped in her sleep, realizing that I had dug my nails into her side. I unclenched my hand and pulled myself up above her, making sure to grind against her as I did. Can you blame me? She moaned softly and moved to where her legs laced over mine. I closed my eyes and returned back to laying on her, only this time she brought her hand up and rested it on my back. I heard her sigh out my name and I knew then I couldnt hold back any longer. My hands began to roam her body slowly, making her to move again in her sleep. I wanted her awake......Now. My thumb stroked her cheek hard as I caame down harshly on her neck. Her sweet metallic blood flowed smoothly over my tounge as she finally snapped open her eyes. I towered over her now and laughed when I saw the flushed look she had on her face, her eyes still hazed over from our encounter a few hours ago. She then looked at my door and coward away as if the damned thing was causing her pain, I could barely stop myself. I brought my hand up to trail her neck and nipped swiftly at her collar bone. She let out another soft moan, her eyes looking into my own again. Red eyes. I was so used to her hanging around me that I forgot she was an ishbalan. I imagined myself in the war then, soaked in blood and dust from the lives I took ...........and then
the young girl in a tattered dress.......her eyes wide and curious as she stared up at me. I was tempted to blow her up along with the others when she came out of the corner and walked idly up to me. She then ran and claspeed onto my waist and smiled up at me. I got down and pretended to be intrested as I readied myself to make another bomb when damn Mustang came out and struck at me. I was able to move away only to notice she was gone.....

I finally realized Arron was speaking to me as I came back from my thoughts.
_:Could you try not to be an ass for once Zolf.
Kimblee: Hm?
_: sigh I asked you what your doing? Her eyes told me she was angry, but they still contained that hungry look of curiousity from when she was younger. Arron. Did she even remember that day, or realize how close I came to killing her if Roy didnt suddenly appear?

Kimblee:What do you mean? I flashed a mischevious grin and I heard her heart stop for a second, her eyes now hidden as she broke away from my stare. I brought her face back so she could look at me, my other hand grouping her breast as she tried to escape again.
_:Kimblee, please.......not here. What if edw...? I growled again and brought my mouth over hers quickly. The last thing I wanted to here was his name. I was suprised as she opened her mouth and slid her tounge into my own; She wanted to play that way huh? I brought my own down on hers, completely dominating her and she glared up at me in defiance. She then flipped us both over so she was on top. I was so suprised that she won our little war, pulling away finally and looking down with a sense of pride in her smile.
_:Now where's the fun in that if I let you win. She slowly started to get off of me.
Kimblee: Where the hell do you think your going?
_:You owe me..... she was sitting now on the other side of the bed as she beckoned me over to her, her head resting against the wall. I smirked and pinned her against in as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
Kimblee: I owe you what?
_:For our incident in my room. You also owe me a new door.
Kimblee: Like hell I do!
She stared up at me and sighed softly, then slipped past me and headed toward my drawers. She pulled them open and rummaged through them as I made my way off the bed too, observing her smooth back and her slender neck....
I came up behind her and pulled her close as she fumbled with a few buttons on a cotton shirt she found.
I pulled her around and picked her up; the only things supporting her up was her legs around my waist and the dresser behind her. she gasped as I kissed her-harshly. She moaned in the kiss and ran her hand down my chest as I fumbled with her jean button. She pulled away and arched her back so to distract me ...... and it worked. Her mouth soon found my neck as she sucked gently there, my own nipping feircely at her collarbone. I started again on her pants and managed to pull them off hearing her gasp in suprise. Her thighs had a perfect curve to them and the small roundness of her but made me wild; I threw her against the bed and strddled her unclasping her bra in the process.
I was becoming impatient.
Kimblee:Hm? Her face became flushed again.
_:Does.....Will this hurt? Such a Innocent Question! I smirked down at her as i finished removing her bra and kissed her forehead.
Kimblee: Just keep up......

~Arron's POV~
I nodded silently, unsure of what I should really do. I love Him-I hate him-I cant live without him- I didnt want soon. His mouth trailed down and over my breast his tounge running against my nipple and his other hand kneading against my other breast. I arched and moaned again, my hands clasping to his back for support. I sighed his name as his hands grasped my hips suddenly and slid my last article of clothing down and away from us.
_:Its cold in here?! I whispered it in his ear and bit my lip as I felt his left hand against my warmth.
Kimblee:I'll fix that. I just smiled shyly and kissed him as passionatley as I could, running my hand through his hair. I felt his fingers slide in quickly after we broke apart: one, two......three It frikin hurt but in another way it was.... pleasing. He pumped them in slowly as he stared down at me, a wild grin on his face. I tried to bring him closer....wanting to explore with my hands.... to make him moan too, but as I reached up and nipped slowly at his chest he pulled up off of me and pulled off his pants. I didnt know If I should of looked away, but curiously I stared at him completely naked as he was the first night I met him. My eyes went wide as I glimpsed his member- how the hell was he supposed to fit?
Kimblee: Like what you see?
_: blush Your an ass Zolf
Kimblee: Uhuh... He readied himself at my entrance.
Kimblee:Ready Kid?
_:Hell No....... with that he slammed himself in and attempted to muffle my cries with another kiss. I felt the tears well inside me as he pumped slowly in and out in and out in and out again. I realized losing your virginity really sucked but then the next thing I knew: pain was pleasure and ......pleasure became pain. Zolf picked up a faster pace as I slowly rocked against him, my nails digging into my shoulders.
_:I love you.....
Kimblee: pant I know
_:blush- moan Zolf.....
kimblee: Again. His pace became harder, faster and I felt a pressure swell inside of me.
_: Wh-at?
Kimblee:My name- I want to hear you say it. He bit down on my neck again for his own support and I felt my body shiver.
Kimblee:muffled again...
Th pressure was becoming tense....
_:Z-Zolf He grasped my hips again and moved my legs around him so he could go farther into me. I couldnt take it anymore..
_:ZOLF! I released it and suddenly the world became a haze and I couldnt see straight. My entire body was quivering and I finally felt Kimblee give a last few pumps and I could feel a searing heat enter in me. Pleasure and pain and love and lust and exahaustion.....He layed against me and nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck.
Kimblee: Not bad....for a virgin..
_:What the pant hell was that?
Kimblee:sure whatever.... He glanced up at me and licked his lips, smirking as always.
Kimblee:I see you enjoyed it as much as I did. He laped at my bottom lip and bit it as he threw the covers over us both. I returned his kiss, to dazed to fight back as our tounges met and as he pulled out of me slowly so he could bring us closer to each other.
_:Dont expect this every time Kimblee
Kimblee: Yeah sure kid whatever....
_:Zolf......Do you love me?
Kimblee: No answer
_:sigh I do love you Zolf
Kimblee: So you remind me
_:Shut up and sleep you bastard
Kimblee: There we go We both laughed a little as he buried his face in my chest, his arms wrapped softly around my waist.

~Kimblee's POV~
I wore myself out to soon. Being dead for so long and then being revived again as a Humucli.....I still was having problems getting my life back together it seemed. I glanced up at Arron and was pleased to see her eyes glazed over and that
sweet smile of hers on her face. She was tired too and I decided to kiss her once more before I let her sleep. She returned it, allowing me to dominate her completely. I then moved away and covered us both as she began to talk again.
_:Dont expect this every time Kimblee
Kimblee: Yeah sure kid whatever....
_:Zolf......Do you love me?
Kimblee: No answer
_:sigh I do love you Zolf
Kimblee: So you remind me
_:Shut up and sleep you bastard
Kimblee: There we go she laughed and I noticed she could barely keep her eyes open any longer. I rested my head on her chest, My face buried away in her softness and firmness and wrapped my arms to her waist possesively. She brought her arms around my neck and shifted the blanket so we were covered by warmth, her hand caressing me against her bosom. Sleep well kid, your gonna need it tomorrow.......

Hope it came out alright luvs my peeps :D :3
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