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He's going home in the back of a dimmy-van

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Second to ast chapter guys

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Frank was helping me onto the stage, but I could feel myself slipping. Ben being the person he is caught me by the wrist so I would not crush Frank.

When he grabbed hold of my wrist, memories were flashing through my head.

“Get off me!” I screamed, letting myself fall into Frank. I started sobbing uncontrollably, and Frank tried to comfort me. Jon and Lydia came over, saw me losing my mind, and figured out what was happening. They were always good like that, being able to deduce what was wrong with me without asking what was wrong.

“Ben, how could you?” Lydia asked, on the verge of tears herself.

“Do you know what it feels like; dating a girl who’s from a famous family and is only just realizing she’s in love? Then when she finally trusts you, pushes you away because her brothers are coming for a visit. The perfect night you had planned for her for months has been ruined, and you never go back to that place because you have an argument. We may have become friends again, but we never got back to where we were, so I decided to take what was rightfully mine,” he said, looking at me the whole time.

“But that is no excuse to rape someone Ben. There was no excuse for violence, and how could you keep it all to yourself? There is no reason to have done that to Ava. We should have you arrested for that,” Jon said.

“Then do it. I really don’t care anymore. I’ve got my prize, and that’s the main thing,” Ben replied. Three security guards came rushing over and took Ben away, and I never moved from my spot in Frank’s arms.

“Honey, it’s okay, he’s gone now,” Frank said, and lifted my head away from his chest.

“I can’t believe my best friend would do that to me. I trusted him with my life,” I said, before Lydia jumped down and brought me into a hug.

“Since Ben’s gone, we can’t really continue. So Jon and I are going to leave, so we can raise this baby in a real home. We’ll leave you with your brothers, and you can continue making new friends,” she said.

“Okay, thank you Lydia. Good luck with the baby, and call every day,” I said, giving Jon a hug.

Once again, sorry it's so short. Only one more chapter guys! Thank you again to all the reviewers, and i hope you liked reading this story as much as I liked writing it.

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