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And Baby Makes Five

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What on Earth can this title mean?

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For the journey to the next venue, Alicia, Lydia and I talked about, well, girl stuff. Lydia ran off half way through a sentence, and we could hear her throwing up from the other end of the bus. When she came back, we started the interrogation.

“Lydia, Alicia and I have been noticing you’re sick a lot lately. Have you told Jon?”

“Yeah, I’ve told him to be careful around me. I don’t want him getting sick.”

“Do you know what it might be?” Alicia asked, and both she and I knew what it was, but we needed to hear it from Lydia’s mouth.

“Yeah, I’m kind of pregnant,” she said, unable to contain the smile on her face.

“Are you going to tell Jon?”

“Of course! I mean, we are engaged.”

“You are?” Alicia asked.

“Last night he asked, and since we’ve been together for almost four years, I couldn’t refuse,” Lydia replied, before Jon came on board and stopped short of Lydia.

“I promised a ring today, so here it is,” he said, handing a little velvet box to Lydia. She sat back down with us, and opened it, revealing a beautiful emerald engagement ring: . Tears came to Lydia’s eyes, and she removed the ring and slipped it on.

“I have something to tell you honey,” she said, wringing her hands together.

“We’re here for you if you need us,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said, before standing and taking Jon’s hands in her own.

“Honey, we’ve been blessed with something more amazing than our love,” she said. See, Lydia is Christian, so she words a few things differently.

“You mean?” Jon asked, his face lighting up.

“We’re having a baby!” Jon jumped up and swept Lydia into his arms. They laughed and cried for a bit, and Alicia and I let a few tears escape. Soon, everyone else came on the bus and joined in the celebrations. When we arrived at the next venue, we had a mini party before going on stage.

The party lasted an hour or so, and Frank escorted me to the stage where Ben, Lydia and Jon were waiting. As I was climbing up onto the stage, I realized who did it, because the man whom was the cause of my nightmares was currently holding onto my wrist, stopping me from falling back into Frank.

Okay, now I know this chapter is short, but there are only two or three left in this story and a sequel is in progress.

I'm sorry for the length, but the final ones will be longer, as there is explanations and stuff to go through.

Don't stop reviewing, and I'd like to say thanks to my two faithful reviewers, AshamedToRiseAndBe and No_where_tourun

Thanks girls, and keep reading through to the end
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