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Turn up the music

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Gerard and I walked out of the school after the bell had gone.
"I have to find Jimmy and Pansy." I told him.
"Okay, well here." He reached into his bag, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen and quickly wrote something down, before folding the paper up and handing it to me.
"Okay, so, I'll see you tomorrow."
"Tomorrow is Saturday."
He smiled.
"I know."
I stared as he began to walk backwards.
"Bye, Tammy."
He turned and started to the parking lot where I could see his brother waiting. I walked back into the school, opening the note to see it was his number. I gazed at it curiously for a second before stuffing it in my pocket. It had turned out to be the most fucked up day ever.

A while later, Pansy, Jimmy and I walked to our house as I explained what had happened after I left them at lunch.
"Woah, that's weird," Said Jimmy, "So he just, gave you the number?"
"And you didn't ask?"
"Fucked up. Are you gonna call him?"
I thought about it for a second, then shook my head.
"I don't know."
"Well, if you don't, give it to Panz. She'll put it to use."
Pansy blushed and I laughed.
"Yeah, I can see a conversation between her and Mikey. Hi followed by about ten minutes of silence."
"Shut up." She mumbled.
"I'm just kidding, Panz."

The next day around three-thirty, we all sat in my room quietly as I stared at the phone.
"Well, do it." Jimmy urged.
"I don't know if I want to."
"He gave you his number for a reason, so phone him and find out what that reason is."
I sighed and glanced over at the number.
"I suppose I should." I dialed in the number and waited nervously as it rang.
"Hello?" Answered a woman.
"Um, hi, is Gerard there?"
"Yes, just one minute."
I looked over at Pansy, who was laughing silently and flipped her off.
"Hi, Gerard?"
"Yeah, who's this?"
"It's Tammy." I answered a bit unsurely.
"Oh, hey! What's up?"
"Nothing... uh, what did you want?"
"You gave me your number. Why?"
"Oh, yeah. Do you guys want to come hang out today? I mean, I know you said no yesterday, but I thought you might have changed your mind."
"Oh, I dunno, Gerard..."
"Come on, please? Frank and Matt are here, Mikey's here, and we have a few other friends coming, too."
"What would we do?"
"Just hang out, get acquainted, you know?"
"Hold on." I turned to the girls, covering the mouth piece, "Gerard wants us to go over there. Do you want to?"
"Yes." They both answered in unison. I uncovered the phone, sighing.
"We'll come."
"Where's your house?"
He laughed.
"Yeah, that's the problem; we live kinda far away from the school. I'll have to come and pick you all up."
"How do you know I live close to the school?"
"I've seen you guys walking."
"Yeah, so, your address, please?"
An hour later, Pansy, Jimmy and I were waiting in our kitchen when we heard a honk from outside. We all stood, walking out the front door, and started over to his car.
It was a small, silver car, and was a little beat-up, but still useful. I opened the back door to see a guy with poofy, ginger-colored hair and a girl with black, shoulder-length hair with pink streaks.
"One of you is going to have to sit in the front," Gerard started, "and the other two will have to cram in with Toro and his girlfriend."
Jimmy pulled me away from the door and got in, Pansy right behind her, and I sighed, knowing that mean I had to sit in the front. I closed the back door after Pansy and got in the front where Gerard was sitting, grinning.
"Hi." He greeted.
"Okay, so I guess I should introduce you all. Jimmy, Pansy, Tammy, this is Ray and Tori."
We all said hello to each other as Gerard put the car in reverse and pulled out of the driveway.
"So, are you guys hungry? We're going to pick up some pizza and some booze."
I looked over at Gerard skeptically.
"Gerard, I don't know if we should have any alcohol. We're underage..."
"I know, we all are. No one cares. Plus, if you pass out, just tell your parents you fell asleep."
"Your parents won't mind?"
"Nah, Frank, Chris, Ray and Tori sleep over like, every night."
"Alright." I replied, still skeptical. But, hey, it was Saturday. Time to let loose.
By the time we got to Gerard's house, it was five.
"You can leave your shoes on." He told us as we stepped in. He walked a few feet forward and opened what looked to be a closet, but was revealed to be a small staircase. We followed him down and Ray closed the door behind us. I looked around once at the bottom.
The room was big, a single bed in the middle with a fifteen inch television sat on top of one of two dressers, with another table, covered in stains and cigarette ashes, and with a few chairs around it. Mikey, Frank and a blond, very flamboyant looking boy were all lying around with a stereo playing lightly from the far corner of the room.
"Finally!" Frank said, standing, as Gerard set the pizza on the table, "I'm starved."
"Sure you are. Girls, this is my room." Gerard told us.
"Oh, right, hey guys." Frank laughed before taking a huge bite of pizza. I looked away, cringing.
"Hey, guys." Mikey greeted from the bed.
"Hey." The other boy greeted. He stood and walked over, shaking each of our hands.
"I'm Chris. You guys must be Pansy, Jimmy and Tammy."
"Nice to meet you all."
"Like wise." Said Jimmy.
"So," said Gerard, smiling deviously, "We've got pizza, we've got booze, turn up the fuckin' music. Kid's we're gonna party."
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