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Solitare and The Misfits

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The next time I looked at the clock, it was eight-thirty. I had already had four coolers and was on my fifth. I was lying on Gerard's bed, staring at the ceiling blankly. Ray and Tori were in a corner, sitting on a bean-bag-chair; Mikey and Pansy, who, I might add, had the least amount of alcohol, were on the floor talking; Frank and Jimmy were upstairs getting more booze and Gerard and Chris were playing cards at the table. I took a sip of my cooler as someone sat beside me on the bed. I looked over at Chris, who smiled.
"Why are you over here all alone?"
"I dunno. Cause I can be?"
He laughed.
"Good excuse, I guess."
He looked down at his hands, smirking.
"So what do you think of him?"
He gestured towards Gerard who was now playing some fucked-up version of solitaire.
"Him? He's okay."
"Do you like him?"
I shrugged.
"Well, yeah, he's cool."
"No, I mean, do you like him?"
"Oh," I stalled for a second and he smiled. "Well, kind of. Just a bit."
"Cool, that's great... because, you know, he likes you."
My eyes widened.
"He does?"
"Yeah, that's why he invited you guys over."
I looked back at the ceiling, my thoughts reeling.
"The night is young. Anything can happen. So, watch out, and, uh, don't drink too many of those."
I looked at the cooler in my hand and put it down on the dresser beside the bed as he stood and walked back over to the table. A second later, Jimmy and Frank came down the stairs with a case of beer.
"The beer's here." Frank sang, placing it on the table, on top of Gerard's solitaire game. The older boy glared up at him for a moment before smiling, reaching in the box and grabbing one of the cans.
"Turn the music up!" Jimmy yelled to Mikey. A second later, it was blasting out.
"I love this song." I mumbled to myself as 'Astro Zombies' by the Misfits started.
"So when do we go home?" I yelled to Gerard over the music.
"I told you, you can stay over night if you want."
"Oh." I hadn't thought him to be serious. I stood up, grabbing my drink, walking over to Jimmy and Frank, who were just settling in on the floor beside the stairs.
"Tammy!" Jimmy laughed as I sat.
"Want one?" Frank offered, holding up a beer from their pile of about six. I held up my cooler, shaking my head.
"I'm good." He nodded, placing the can back where it came from and taking a sip from his own.
"So, have you talked to Gerard?" Jimmy asked.
"Not really."
"Why not?"
"Because, he's busy right now." I procrastinated.
"Oh, well, you should soon."
Frank gave us both a questioning look and Jimmy laughed.
"She likes him." She explained shortly.
"Jimmy!" I yelled, "Shut the fuck up!"
"Was I not supposed to say that?" She asked, grinning cheekily.
"Wait, you like Gerard?"
We both gave Frank a blank stare.
"Are you daft?" I asked.
"What does that mean?!"
"Never mind."
"I'm gonna tell him."
He stood, but I pulled him back down by his belt.
"Why not? He likes you, too."
"I... I know, but please don't."
"Oh, fine." He reached out to grab his beer, but instead knocked my cooler onto me. I quickly stood.
"Shit, Frank!"
"I'm sorry!" He laughed.
"It's not funny! Where's the washroom?"
"All the way upstairs."
"Ugh," I rolled my eyes, "You're no help at all." I walked over to the table where
Chris and Gerard were playing cards again.
"Where is the washroom?"
They both looked up and Chris began laughing.
"Why didn't you ask before you pissed yourself?"
"Fuck you; Frank spilled my drink on me."
"Awe, I'm sorry, Hun."
I rolled my eyes and Gerard stood, sighing.
"I'll show you where the washroom is."
"Thank you."
"You might want to change those, actually." He commented, motioning to my pants. I shook my head.
"No, that's okay."
"I'm sure I have some pants that'll fit you." He walked over to the dresser beside his bed, opening the third drawer down. He rifled through it for a minute before pulling out a pair of black jeans and tossing them to me.
"Those should fit." he walked to the stairs, stopping to tell Frank to clean up the cooler he spilled, then continued up as I followed closely behind. He led me through the small living room and up another flight of stairs. At the top was the washroom.
"Uh, I'll wait here for you." He mumbled.
"Okay." I went inside, closing the door tightly behind me. The washroom was messy, with towels and clothing on the floor, but it smelled clean, like shampoo. I quickly shed my blue-jeans and slipped on the black ones. They were a bit baggy, but I figured they would be better when they were done up. I closed the button and pulled the zipper up, but it only went halfway. I tried again and again, but it refused to budge, up or down. After a few minutes, Gerard knocked on the door.
"Are you alright?" He asked through the splintered, white door.
"No." I whined.
"What's wrong?"
"Your pants won't zip up."
"Oh, yeah, come here."
"I forgot, those pants are fucked. I can get them up, you just gotta come here."
Hesitantly, I opened the door and stepped out. He came forward, reaching down and pulled the zipper back down to the bottom. I looked away, blushing as he fiddled with it.
"You have to... hold the thing... completely... straight."
It zipped up all the way and he stepped back, smiling.
"See, that wasn't so bad." He looked me up and sown, making me slightly self- conscious, then put his hand on my shoulder.
"They look good on you."
"No problem. You just go on downstairs now and I'll through your pants in with my laundry. Mom'll wash it later."
I nodded before heading down the stairs as he grabbed my pants. When I reached the bottom, I froze.
"Why hello, there. Who are you?"
I stared at the woman for a moment. She was kind of short, bleach blond, and looked just a tad bit pissed off.
"I'm Tamika."
She smiled a positively fake smile.
"It's nice to meet you, Tamika. I'm Gerard and Mikey's mother. Donna."
She reached out a pale, long-nailed hand and I shook it lightly.
"Are you a friend of theirs?"
"One of their girlfriends, maybe?"
"Mom," we both looked up at Gerard who was now standing a few stairs up, "Leave her alone."
"Well, I'm just trying to get to know at least one of them."
"One of what?" I asked.
"Never mind." Gerard replied gruffly, walking over to his mother.
They began whispering back and fourth. After a minute he stepped back, scowling.
"What ever," He snapped, "We're going downstairs."
"Are there other people down there?" Donna asked.
"Yes, mom. Are you deaf?"
"Gerard Way, don't you talk to me in that tone. I don't care how old you are, I am still your mother."
I looked up to see Gerard turn around, rolling his eyes.
"We're leaving."
He started pushing me towards the stairs lightly and I went without a fight, walking down them slowly, embarrassed and confused. Gerard closed the door behind us.
"Sometimes I swear that woman hates me."
I nodded slowly as I turned into the room and heard him sigh from behind me.
"Frank, I said clean up that fucking cooler."
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