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Chapter 1 - To unexplain the unforgettable

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Gerard didn’t want to have any misunderstanding on stage anymore!

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“Frank, we need to talk.”

We were in the backstage. The show was going to start a few minutes later, therefore I started to go. But Gerard called me behind

“Sure. But we’re going on stage right now, can we talk later?” I gave him a quick replied.

“No, this is very important. You need to listen to me.” He looked serious.


“You know, I’m getting married and I don’t want to have any misunderstanding on stage anymore. You know what I mean?”

“I...absolutely understand. So, you’re asking me to hide that passion?” I gasped and dejected, but still wanted to make some joke to pretend I didn’t care.

“Ha, come on, you know that’s fake. We did it just because we wanted to get the fans pumped.” He laughed.

“Hell yeah...don’t worry, I won’t let your dignified fiancée to get mad on you.” I collided him slightly.

“Hey guys! Why are you two still standing here? The show is about to start!” yelled Ray.

“Alright! We’re coming!” Gerard answered, and then he ran on stage.

I was still shocking and didn’t want to move an inch. But since Mikey pushed me to go on, the show eventually started.

‘Go!! To unexplain the unforgettable...Drown all the blood and give the kids a show...’

I glanced at Gerard, but I knew I shouldn’t.

“You know that’s fake. We did it just because we wanted to get the fans pumped.”

The sentence constantly arises in my mind since the look. I wanted to punch myself, why did I look at him? That made me sad.

Is all the sort of things just for satisfying the audiences? He never feels like the same way as I do?

‘Honey, if you stay I’ll be forgiving...Nothing you can say could stop me going home!’

After the third song, Gerard came over. I was a bit delighted but also a bit scare, cause I know I was not in the mood.

“Frank, are you okay? You even play the note wrong.” Gerard whispered.

“Well, I’m alright...” I replied quietly.

“Are you sure? Do you need Matt for replacement and go get some rest?”

“No!” I glared at him cause I couldn’t stand for it any longer.

“I...” He gasped and looked down a bit.

“I’m sorry. Let the show goes on.” I answered without any emotion and then turned back to the audiences.

After the show, I went back to the resting room. I sat on the couch, hugged my knees against my chest and looked all frustrated. Because I couldn’t stop thinking about the words that Gerard has said. I tried to forget it, but his voice just recurs to my mind automatically. My head ached, and started to feel dizzy...
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