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Some unexpected News

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We walked over to Casey's room.
Mikey bit his lip and slowly knocked on the door.
I took his hand because he seemed nervous.
Casey happily answered the door.

"Hey guy's!" she said not noticing our hands. We smiled. "Come in!"
We stepped into her spacious room.

"What brings you guys here?" she said brightly.
Mikey and I were sitting on the couch, our hands ontop if Mikey's right knee but she still didn't notice it.

"Well... uh... " Mikey started.
Casey looked into his eyes with a goofy smile.
I chuckled.

"What?" she asked with the same smile on her face. She looked like a robot. Her eyes were on Mikey's and then on mine but never on our hands.

"Umm. Me and Mikey have decided that we want to be a couple." I said. I wasn't nervous about Casey. She knew about me and Mikey. Just not the togetherness part.

Her smile grew larger and soon became a laugh.
I looked at Mikey who wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Thanks Casey." I smiled.

"No. Its just. How dumb do you think I am. I noticed your hands! Nah really. I'm happy for you both of you." She smiled.

"Thanks." Mikey smiled.

"Have you told anyone else?" she asked.

"No not yet. Your the first. But we should go and tell the others." Mikey said.

"Okay. Let me know how they take it." She said and we exited the room.

"Not too bad?" I asked Mikey and kissed him on the cheek.
He shook his head and we knocked on Franks door.
He opened it and being his hyper self jumped on me.

"AMY!!!!!l" he squeeked in a baby voice.

"FWANKIE!" I giggled carrying him into his room amd dropping him on the bed.

"Whoah. Your strong!" he said as Mikey and I sat on the couch.
I giggled.

"So what brings the two of you here?" he asked playing with his big toe.

"Well umm... me and Mikey..." I started.

"We're together." He finnished my sentence.
Franks eyes widened.

"Really?!" he squeeled!

"Awh! That's so cute! Mikey's First girlfriend!" she giggled.
I looked at Mikey who was blushing like mad. I smiled and took his hand.

"You guys are so fucking cute!" he squeeked. He squeeked a few more thing until we left to tell Ray and Gerard.
I knocked on their door slowly. I think I was more nervous than Mikey this time. I don't know why.

Ray answered the door and let us in. We sat on the bad while Ray and Gerard were on the couch.

"So umm... we just wanted to tell you that umm... me and Amy. We're sorta going out now." Mikey said nervously. We watched Ray and Gerard's jaw drop.

Gerards POV

They're what?!
Ray giggled and I forced out a fake smile.

"That's so great!" Ray smiled.
I nodded. So great. So great! So mother fucking great!!!
My own brother!
Ray nudged me interupting my thoughts.

"That's amazing. Your Mikey's first." I said kind of softer then Ray.
Mikey blushed and eyed me. He probably wanted her to think he was 'expeirienced.'

"Oh... sorry." I giggled softly.

"Since when?" Ray asked.

"Yesterday." Amy smiled.
Her hand was in Mikey's which made me really jelous.
I squeezed my nails into my knee to keep my mind off my aching heart. (Awh!)

"Well we're happy for you guys. Right Gee?" Ray asked and nudged me again.

No fucking way I was happy for my brother?! Fuck no!
"Yeah!" I smiled again, I peirced my nails into my knee.
They stayed for a couple more minutes and until they left I was silent.

"Dude. Are you okay?" Ray asked once they were gone.

"No I'm not ok! Mikey's such a fuck! How could he go out with Amy?" I screamed.

"Did Mikey know you liked her?" he asked.

" but!" I screamed waving my hands in the air.

"But nothing! Its not his fault! He didn't know. Dude, can't you just be happy for him. I it's his first girlfriend Gee! He's almost 17! It's about time! You've had loads of girlfriends. Can't you let him take this one? I mean its not like they're married or anything!?" Ray said trying to calm me down but it wasn't.. It was making it worse.

"Its Amy... " I stated.

"And Mikey. Your younger brother. Help him out... just this once. They're happy!" Ray said.
I shrugged

"I guess."
As much as I didn't want to do it. As much as wanted to kill Mikey right now. I had to pretend I was happy for them.

Amy's POV

That wasn't too bad aye?" I asked Mikey.

"I guess. Well the only thing now is that I can do this in public." He started and pulled me into a kiss in the middle of the hall.
I wasn't embarrassed at all. I absoloutly loved it. Well until the same mrs. Finch interupted us once more.

"2nd time Mr. Way and Miss. Bell. I'm happy you two love each other but no one wants to see you guys playing tonsle hokey in the middle of a hallway.

"Sorry mrs. Finch." Mikey held in a giggle.
She eyed us and walked away as the two of us made our way back to Mikey's room.


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