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Getting Ready.

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Getting ready for skewl

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Monday crept up on us. It was the first day of school.
The summer/winter (in australia) had been... interesting. But one of the best all together.
Things had been going really great with Mikey and I. Its so awesome we don't have to hide it anymore. Everyone was really happy for us. I was Mikey's first girlfriend which was interesting because he was too sweet for words. In a way you could say that Mikey was my first too. The first that wouldn't hurt me. Well exept for one that I had when I was like twelve but it was nothing serious.
So me and Mikey got up at 6:30am to get ready for the first day of 10th grade. I was already half way through 10th grade when I moved but I had to repeat since I didn't finish it.
Mikey came into the bathroom where I was starting to put on my make-up and kissed me on the head.

"Sleep well?" he asked trying to get the knots out of his hair.
I nodded as I piled on a ton of foundation to try and hide the scar on my temple. I didn't have to wear a bandage on it. The stitches had dissolved in the skin.
I winced every time I touched it. It still hurt. Physically and mentally.
It was pretty much un noticable after I used like half of my bottle of foundation.
I smeared on some red eye shadow on my eye lids and eye liner and mascarra.
Mikey was taking a shower to my left.
I couldn't help but to take a few peaks all though it was fogged and I couldn't see anything.
I heard the water turn off and the shower door open. I bent down the the small little cupboard and closed my eyes to stop my eyes from wondering where they shouldn't. I opened the cupboard and pulled out my straightener and placed it up next to the sink. I plugged it in and waited it to beep signifying it was ready. It did so after about 15 seconds. I picked it up and started work on my hair.
Mikey came into view in the mirror with his towel wrapped across his waist.
He kissed my cheek and smiled.

"You look gorgeous today." He said quietly before walking out of the bathroom. Those words played over and over in my mind until I was finished with my hair. I smiled at my work and left the bathroom.
Mikey was in his room slipping on a pair of black skinny leg jeans and his favourite 'misfits' shirt.
I smiled as he zipped up his fly. I don't know why but it just made me smile.

"Hi gorgeous!" he smiled and hugged me.
Gorgeous was a much better petname than fucker, flubber or fat ass.

"you ready for today?" he asked.

"Yeah. You?" I asked.

"Yup! Thank God we're in every single class together." He smiled.
I was in most classes with Casey and Frank too and only 3 with Gerard and Ray. Gerard and Ray were on 11th grade but 10th and 11th had a few classes together.

"What do we have first?" I asked.
He pulled out a scrunched up piece of paper from a small black back pack and studied it carefully.

"English then chemistry." He said.
I nodded and he walked into the bathroom. I followed him in. He took off his glasses and gently put them down. He lightly smeared on some eye liner and straightened his fringe.
Before we knew it, it was 8:00 and we left for english.


Okay its random and nothing happens but I'm tired as shit so I'll write abother tomoz!
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