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Hmm... Jelous Much?!

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First day of schewl!!! Frank's a bit sadd (( reviews loved! _

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Shkruffle... I always like to start my chapters with a completley random worrd!

Haha so sorry the last chapter was so shhit... but I realised I made a mistake... Amy, Mikey and Frank are in 11th grade and the rest in 12th

U nawkay... here it is!


Amy's POV right?

Mikey and I met up with Frank and we made our way to english on the third floor. Frank, being himself was bouncing off the walls.

"And he hasn't had any Red Bull yet." Mikey whispered in my ear. I giggled and we walked on.
We passed Ray and Gerard who were on their way to their first lesson.

"Hheeyyy gguuyy''ss!!!!" Frank screamed.
Mikey and I giggled.
"Hey Frank-enstein!" Ray waved.
Gerard just half heartedly smiled and walked on.

"What's with that guy?" Frank asked calming down a bit.
Mikey shrugged.

"I haven't seen him since we told him about me and Mikey." I said.

"I didn't say anything wrong did I?" Mikey asked.
I shook my head.

"No. I don't know."

Frank suddenly bursted out with a giggling fit.
Mikey and I looked at him confused.

"Isn't it obvious? Gerard likes you Amy.don't worry. He'll get over it." Frank told me.
Gerard... like me? He couldn't! Why didn't he tell me? So I came up with the soloution. He didn't and couldn't. But he did? Argh!

Mikey was silent for the rest of the walk to the classroom. I think he was still in thought over Gerard. We found 3 empty seats in the back row and sat there. Frank, Mikey and then me.
I looked behind Mikey who was sitting silently.

'Never mind.' Frank mouthed.
I couldn't help but to still 'mind.' I wrapped my arm around Mikey's.

"I love you." I said quietly so only he and max Frank could hear.

"Thank you." He smiled. There was a bit of a paused as he hugged me. "I love you too." He whispered.
Our little moment was inturupted by the bell ringing followed by the teacher walking in.
Mrs. Finch. This would have been the third time she ruined a moment for us. She was tall and skinny with long dark blonde hair. She had little black glasses and was always rushed.

"Good morning everyone!" she said cheerfully as she slammed her folders and books on her desk.

"I'm Mrs. Finch for those who don't know me. I've met some of the new students before," she said looking at me.
I tried hard to hold back my laughter.
"And others I'm looking forward to getting to know." She said.
After turning away Mikey and I turned to each other and giggled.

"Okay. So its the first day so I thought we'd do something a bit fun... a little test." She smiled and in return receiving groans from half of the class.

Frank's POV

I watched Amy and Mikey giggle to each other. They made me wish I had someone like that. To be so in love that you don't care more about anything other than each other.
I quietly sighed and played with my belt buckle again.

Mrs. Finch came around the class room handing everyone a 4 page booklet.

"Little!" I scoffed.
She rolled her eyes and went on to the rest of the room.
I opened the booklet and bagan the test. It took the rest of the period to finish it but Amy seemed to glide through it and finished within the first 15 minutes.
We were finally dissmised and made our way to chemistry on the next level.
I walked into the class room and sat next to Ray who was playing with a chronical flask. This guy could be amused by a grain of sand!

"Hi." I sighed slamming my backpack next to me.

"Hey!" he gasped, dropping the flask.
"You okay?"

"Yeah! Coarse. Why wouldn't I be?" I said watching Mikey and Amy sit down on the bench infront of us.
He looked over at where I was looking.

"Oh no. Not you too! You like her don't you?!" he laughed.

"No! I mean she's a really nice girl but she belongs with Mikey. They're perfect together." I said.

"Uh huh... then what?" he asked.

"Well... not of them being together. but of them being... together?" I said kinda confused.
Ray laughed.

"I knew it."

"No... I'm happy for them but the way they're always together... how in love they are. Makes me wish I had a girl too. You know?" I explained.

"Yeah dude... same here but you just forget about girls and all that shit once you pick up a guitar. Its every guys frea, to be like Mikes and Amy but our time will come man. Don't worry." He told me placing his hand on my shoulder.
I didn't want to wait.
I nodded.

The period passed so did the rest of the day. By 3:15 I was so fucking exausted.

"Schools a bitch!" I whined as Casey, Amy,Mikey, Ray and I sat under our tree.

"Tell me about it. Where's Gee?" Casey asked.

"Room." Ray answered. Where else?
Casey rolled her eyes.

"So how's you two goin?" Ray asked Mikey and Amy.

"Perfect!" Mikey said putting his arm around her waist.
I looked down at my own arm wishing it had a body to hold too.

"You guys are so cute!" Casey squeeked.
We all laughed.
Casey's face dropped when she spotted Bob and Amelia with all his popular friends over the other side of the grounds.
She sighed.
Ray put his hand on hers and smiled. Ray knew how to comfort anyone. It was amazing how he did it. He was just so nice.

"I'm so tired. I think I'll head up to my room." I announced.
Everyone agreed and made their way up too.



Now I got that outa the clear I will be introducing Emmi in the next few chapters. She's my longest reviewer and put me in her story, Pro Rev. So go emmi!!! Woo!

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