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Where are we going?

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Patrick Sump was sitting in the recording studio waiting for the rest of his band mates when he heard a knock on the door. He opened the door and the his managers assistent was standing there.

"Hey Mike. What is this?" Patrick said as Mike handed him the letter.

"It's from your manager. It says he wants you to go down to Florida for a summer cocert. The cocert will have other singers amd bands. He wants you down there by Tuesday. That gives you 3 days. Goodbye." and Mike left.

Patrick closed the door and called his band mates. none of them picked up their phones so he left a message saying that they were taking a little feild hour later Pete came running into the studio. He jumped over the couch that was blocking his way and sat down next to his Best Friend.

"Soo... where are we going?" asked Pete.

"I'll tell you when Andy and Joe get here."

15 minutes later Andy and Joe came walking in.

"So.. Where are we going?" They asked Patrick at the same time.

"A nice Hello would be nice but whatever. We are going to Naples Florida for a concert. It is a various artist concert so there will be others there. WE have to leave by tomorrow , Monday morning the latest."

"Fine with me." They all said at the same time.

"Good now I think we should sing our latest album 'From Under The Cork Tree' and we should sing....."
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