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"Morning Vinny." Tiffany Olszower said to her manager as she walked into her recording on Saturday Morning.

"Morning Tiff. Listen, you are going to Naples Florida tomorrow. On tuesday there is a various artist concert. All the big hot bands and singers will be there. i just have to find a band that will play your songs."

"O.k." Tiffany answered. Whenever her manager sent her somewhere to do a concert he always forgot to get her a band that would play her songs.

'I think i'll call up scott and ask if Fall Out Boy will play for since they are going and tiff always wanted to meet them' Vinny thought to himself. Tiffany was signed onto island records and fueled by Ramen.
Tiffany started to tune her Violin which she brouhgt every where because she loved it and she started to lso tune her guitar that she also carried around with her. The guitar was signed by one of her favorite Guitarist.. Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy. She had won it from a contest at one of their first concerts and she never went any where without it.

"So... Tiff. I thought we would work on 'Too Little Too Late' today... Tiff?"Tiffany was too busy to answer. She was singing Fall Out Boy's 'Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued' That was her favorite song in their latest album.

"Tiff....Tiff...TIFFANY!!!" Yelled Vinny.

"Oh sorry. O.k. we'll work on "Too Little Too Late"
"Thank you. Now Let's get to work."
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