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The plan

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"Hey Scott it's Vinny.
"Oh Hi. What's up?"
"Listen I need to ask you a big favor."
"Sure what is it."Scott Said.
"Ummm.... I was wondering if you could get Fall Out boy to play Tiffany's songs.
"Hmmmm...O.k. I'll have them start practicing right now."
"Oh my gosh! Thank you soooo much."
"No problem. Bye Vinny."
"Bye Scott." And Vinny hung up the phone.
'Now to call the studio.' Scott said to himself.
"Hello Patrick?"
"Yes. Scott is that you?"
"Yeah listen. I just made a deal with Vinny. You need to start practicing 5 of Tiffany Olszower's songs because you guys are going to be playing her songs for her at the concert."
"Sure. But we need the music sheets..."Patrick was cut off.
"The Guitar music sheets are in the top draw of Vinny's desk and the Drum parts are in the 2nd on."
"Okay... I found them which songs..." Patrick was cut off again.
"I need you to practice 'Too little Too Late', her 2 new ones which are 'Surviver' and 'Walk Away', 'Who Knew' and 'If it's lovin that you want'... Okay.?"
"yeah but i'm reading the lyrics to walk away and it sounds like she broke up with Alex Grobster that actor. Did she?" Patirck asked.
"(sigh) Yeah she did and she still is crying about it because he is still sbusing her sexually and mentally, that is the other reason why Vinny asked me if you guys can play fo rher because her ex is going to be there and Vinny is afraid that he going to really hurt her... so you guys need to keep an eye on her and protect her okay.?"
"Oh My God! Of course Scott we'll protect her. Okay we'll start wopking on these now. Okay bye."
Bye and thank you Patrick." and Scott hung up the phone.

"Who was that?"Andy asked.
"That was our manager and he asked if we could learn some of Tiffany Olszower's songs and i said sure. Here are the things that we have to learn."

"I love her songs. Wow! She is very emotional in these 2."Pete said kinda of worried.

"Which ones? oh 'Survivor' and Walk Away'? Yeah she just broke up with Alex Grobster that actor. That reminds me. Vinny, Tiffany's manager and Scott both want us to protect Tiffany because Alex will be there and he abuses her mentally and mostly sexually and she is scared to go near him so we have to protect her. Got It?"

"Yes of course." They all said.

"Good now let's start with survivor. Who knows how to play the violin?"

"I do"said joe who has been soo quiet.

"okay good. Tiffany will help you in the begining of the song then will drop her violin and start singing k?"

"Got it" Said Joe.
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