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I saw god cry in the reflection of my enemies

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Tiffany woke up Sunday morning to the sound of her phone.

"Hello?" Tiffany said wearily.
"Tiffany... Where are you? Your supposed to be at the airport by 5:00!!" Tiffany's manager said.
"What time is it now?" Tiffany looked over at her clock. It read 4:30.
"Crap!!! It's 4:30!!! I'll see you there Vinny. Bye" And she hung up the phone. She was already packed and ready to go. She got out of bed. Got undressed and went into the shower. She got out of the shower and ran to her room. She looked in her closet. She took out a pair of sexy jeans and a tee shirt that tightly hugged her curves. The tee shirt read 'Brunettes have more fun.' and then on the back in a smaller writing it said 'brunettes kick ass!'. Tiffany quickly blow dried her hair and brushed it.
By the time she was done it was 4:50. Just enough time to get to the airport. She got in her car and drove to the airport.

"It's about time you got here! Come on we have to get to our plane. We are in first class." Vinny said.
They quickly ran to the boarding ramp and took their seats.


"Pete!!! Where did you put my cell phone?!" Andy yelled at Pete who was sitting right next to him on the plane.
"oh shit!! Sorry Andy i forgot to pack it. You can use mine for the 2 weeks we are there. I won't need it." Pete said and gave Andy his cell phone along with his puppy dog eyes.
"It's okay. Thanks" Andy said taking Pete's cell phone.
"guys...guys...look it's Tiffany Olszower. wow is she looking good. I love how her tee shirt tightly hugs her curves and i love those sexy jeans and... her shoes are fabulous!!!" Joe said. Patrick stared at Joe.
"Joe.. when did you start talking like that?" Patrick asked.
"I don't know she's just really hot." Joe said with his mouth hanging open.
"yeah she is." said Pete and Andy joining in with Joe.
"Then why don't you guys go talk to her?" Patrick asked.
"No way!!" They all yelled.
"Well fine then I will" Patrick got up and headed over to Tiffany.
"He's doomed." Andy said.
They were watching Patrick the whole time. He quickly tapped her on the shoulder and introduced himself. She introduced herself and they shook hands.
"She offered him to sit down. I don't believe this." Joe said.
"Patrick isn't one of those people that go up to a very hot girl and say 'Hi' , and when they do the girl usually just snickers at him and says 'Buzz Off' or something like that." Joe explained trying to get a better view of the two of them.
" I know. What has gotten into him?" Asked Andy.
"I have no idea." Pete said being proud of his best friend.
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